The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

utorrent logo   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited ToWith Napster, WinMX, LimeWire, and Kazaa mostly in their graves (SoulSeek is still around, I guess), the world of filesharing has made a swift transition to torrents. Just like the good old Napster days though, public torrent sites and trackers are riddled with trojans and other garbage. The best way to enjoy your filesharing experience is getting an invite to one of the many (but few illustrious) private trackers.

While invite-only web is becoming a slight trend, I’m here to share three niche-specific and very reliable private sites that I use to get my complete media fix. Let’s get started.


PTP has been around for quite a while, and through a legacy of staff drama and domain name changes, it still stands today as the best private torrent site for movies.

passthepopcorn   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

High-quality rips are added to PTP faster than almost anywhere else on the net, and speeds are generally top notch. PTP is at around 23,000 (of 25,000) users with a daily activity rate that hangs around 40%. Monthly, it’s at more than 90%. PTP is hanging right under the 100,000 total torrents mark. They’ve got over 53,000 individual movies, more than 80,000 subtitles, 533,000+ user ratings, 3.5 million total snatches, and a seeder/leecher ratio of 85.49. That’s impressive. The site is very smooth and easy to navigate, also.

ptp   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

As a little added bonus, PTP has some of the most active forums I’ve seen across private trackers. The community is very involved. This is where I go when I want movies. If you’re fortunate enough to be an active, invited member than you can tag along with me. My username there is Craig.


What.CD is the premiere private tracker for music. Even their splash page is mysterious and makes you want to join up. Like PTP, What.CD has been going strong forever. The site has not changed much over the years, and that’s a good thing. It’s here to stay.

whatcd   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

Here are the current stats that What.CD boasts:

  • Maximum Users: 200,000
  • Enabled Users: 147,441
  • Users active today: 31,864 (21.61%)
  • Users active this week: 75,651 (51.31%)
  • Users active this month: 120,045 (81.42%)
  • Torrents: 1,274,496
  • Releases: 588,517
  • Artists: 442,475
  • “Perfect” FLACs: 298,750
  • Requests: 158,012 (70.30% filled)
  • Snatches: 66,631,197
  • Peers: 8,836,049
  • Seeders: 8,687,317
  • Leechers: 148,732
  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 58.40

Those numbers are completely insane! If you’re an audiophile and love your FLACs, this is the place to be. I’ve never gone to What.CD and left without finding what I wanted. I’m CSS over at that tracker.


TvT is the up-and-comer of this list. It’s much different from PTP and What.CD. It doesn’t run on Project Gazelle like those two, the tracker software that What.CD made famous. The invitation and credits system is completely different also.

tvtorrents   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

Again, just like the others, this is absolutely at the top of its class. Sometimes shows are uploaded as briefly as 15 minutes after their live airing. They’ve even got sections of the website that shows recently aired episodes of the most popular TV series’, complete with the matching user-contributed torrents (if there).

tvt   The Best 3 Private Torrent Trackers That You Should Be Invited To

These guys are really doing it right, and their approach is definitely changing the way a lot of people watch “TV”. No more sitting and waiting, you don’t even have to set the TiVo. has everything you want, from Dexter to the most obscure foreign sitcoms. I’m over there too, self-named.

Now how do you get an invite to these awesome trackers? That’s on you. Just know that they are out there and hold all of your cravings and desires! In the event that you do get invited, you’ll want one of these clients to speed up your downloads. Might also want to check this article out too, it could save you some worry.

Don’t Forget: The Free A-Z Torent Guide

If you know any other quality sites, get at me in the comments. No begging for invites, either!

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Joel Lee

I’ve pretty much given up on invite-only torrent sites. I don’t know any people who are members, thus invites remain elusive. Oh well.


Can you please send me an invite to tvtorrents,com. I’m a missionary serving in South America and downloading shows is the only way I can watch TV. My email address is Thank you!!!


hey missionary.

Have you heard of the 8th commandment?
Why dont you just come back home and be a hyprocrite instead of going to other countries and spreading lies.


“that I use to get my complete media fix”

You mean that you use to get your complete illegal downloading fix, of course. 

Craig Snyder

Sometimes I even skip looking both ways before I cross the street.

James Bruce

You are a terrible person!


Seeing as I don’t care for Movies, TVs, or Music, what are your top torrent site list for everything else. No games either.

Craig Snyder

What else is left after we leave out movies, TV, music, and games? Applications? I wouldn’t trust a single torrent site that harbors cracked apps, not even a TorrentLeech.


I think he’s trying to subtly ask for pr0n


how can u forget HD-Torrents ? THE BEST I have seen till date


If invites are hard to come by, why even bother posting this info?

Andreas Beer

private trackers wouldn’t work, if it was to easy to be invited. quality over quantity is necessary not only for the torrents, but also for the people.

Craig Snyder

Knowing that they’re out there is the first step towards getting invited.


these torrent websites are helpful in downloading videos , movies , songs , television shows and the list goes on . this is really marvelous.

Andreas Beer

for serious moviefans (no hollywood), there’s always karagarga. best sharing community I’ve ever seen.

Mohamed Tair

Thanks man,
But What about Torrentleeech ^^
thanks again :D

James Bruce

Yeh, I’m pretty sure all these listed site just pale in comaprison to the size of torrentleech. And what about pornbay?!?!? Seriously, everyone knows the internet is for p0rn!

EarthLink Test

Hello, please send invite code.  Thank you very much!

William Maynard

Enjoyed your column. Always like reading make use of. Would it be possible for me to get a pass from you for pass the popcorn. Love movies, would greatly appreciate it.


could you send me an invite?


Sure, just need your email address.


can you please invite me too. BTW im not a leecher. just a seeder looking for a place to be in


Please people these private torrent websites are the most high quality sites you can be a member of, there is _NO WAY_ you will get an invite by just posting your email here, the only thing that will result in is your inbox getting spam! 


If anyone can send me invitation for passThePopcorn or TvSeries i’d be very happy :) email

Craig Snyder

Couple things:
I won’t be giving any invites away here (as mentioned in the article).
If I did, both you and I would be banned. We’d be contributing to a lower-quality community at the tracker as a whole, anyway.
I really do not recommend posting your email in these comments, as bots crawl the web ruthlessly with the evil intentions of spamming you.


can anybody send me invitations on

Dave LeClair

I use if you are an MMA fan you need to find a way to get an invite. 


Luv the way you dangle a carrot. It’s supposed to make the donkey move?
Waste of time reading your articles. 

Craig Snyder

Hmm. I understand the carrot analogy, but not so much the whole part about the donkey.
I promise I didn’t bait you into reading this, the title most certain includes the word “private!”

Mohamad Mova Al Afghani

Would any1 care to invite me please movanet(at)gmail(dot)com

Nikko Duhaylungsod

You didn’t read the article up to the last part, didn’t you? It said NO BEGGING FOR INVITES.


Please invite me please please pleaaaaase… :) Now, that’s begging…

James Bruce

do NOT turn this into a demonoid invation thread please. I will delete any further offers or requests for demonoid invites. If you can offer invites, please do so on the answers part of this site. 


My apologies…

Mysteriously Unnamed

Thank you.

James Bruce

I repeat, do NOT beg for invites in this comment thread. I will ferociously delete, and BAN anyone who does so despite explicit instructions not to do so. 


just found a great private music site called they got open signup atm but not sure how long for so get in while you can

Matthew Borst

Smokey99, you’d be my hero! 

tracker guy

 Craig Snyder, TvT is a great site but BTN aka BroadcasTheNet is far superior. Great pretimes, ratioless, and tons of tv shows


 I would LOVE!!! a invite if you can please =D


You can get all the same releases as these private invite-only sites at sites like Bitsoup, Torrentleech, TorrentDay, Demonoid. Anyone who desires to join these three listed in the article for any other reason than getting the same files is a moron.


Isn’t Demonoid invite-only, to? We have had loooong comment threads on Answers requesting for invites to Demonoid. It seems like it’s tough to get in there.


Yes but some of us actually enjoy not getting emails from our isp informing us to stop downloading copyrighted material.


Do you have a suggestion for a good tracker for ebooks, particularly for textbooks?

Craig Snyder

There are a few sites with categories for eBooks, but none that I know of that are specific to them. I’d recommend using MUO Answers, you’d get more replies:


bibliotik is good, but invites are not easy to come by, unless you’re a pu+ on respectable trackers.


i want invite


Digitalabyss is a new private tracker with a twist.
No ratio or seeding rules. They just ask that you seed for as long as you can.

Great custom browse page, which shows tv,movies and games in great detail.
Come check them out


so if one don’t know anyone on these websites, how does one get invited? good article by the way. I just received a warning from my service provider.


Join a tracker which is open and make friends, some also have sections in the forums, where people can give and receive invites. There is also some forums dedicated to invites for torrent sites. Beware though, do not trade or buy/sell invites as this is very frowned upon by trackers.

Also. If you have received a warning from your ISP about downloading copyright material, you should really think about investing in a seedbox.

This way, your IP is never in a swarm and you can get your stuff from the seedbox using an encrypted connection, then your ISP can not even see the data.



My Anonamouse [sic] is an excellent private tracker for books and literature.

And Underground Gamer is great for all things gaming, though if you want recent games, they can’t help you. Great for emulators and video game music/magazines/etc. They also have stuff for Tabletop gaming.


What about sites for applications (windows/mac)? I have demonoid, but sometimes you cannot get newer software, unless it is popular.

Craig Snyder

TorrentLeech is best for that, but it’s very touch to come across an invite.


Please …anyone please send me all invites!!!


i am interested!!!!


I am interested!!


Please somebody send me all the invites!! Please!! esp. PTP and

Alexxya is my favorite, it’s been around for 4 years and it’s fast. and I love the verified torrents.Try it and enjoy it:)


FFS people you need to stop begging for poor quality tracker invites her and get yourselves over to and you will find the answers to all your wildest bit torrent dreams.
Yes you will need to register but its free and they have all the invites to pretty much all the trackers – FTN, CHD, HDC, B2S, Torrent Leech, PTP, BTN, SCC,, Waffles, etc.
Its a no trading, no selling of invites policy site. Only giving for free allowed.

Be cool my children.


Can someone send us an invite please to “gruffta at” Thanks


Here are some invites for Demonoid I’ve generated just to be nice. Enjoy!

The invitation code has been created and sent to you by emailTo invite someone to the site, give him/her one of the following invitation codes, and the account registration address:







thanx !!! it really worked!!


yeah none of them work anymore. at all.


Hey does anyone have an invitation code for PTP? I really want to check this one out, thanks.

Craig Snyder

Again guys, this is not the place to ask for invites.


i believe should also be present in that list. its a private torrent tracker for Ebooks.


how do you get an invite to these sites?

Craig Snyder

If the network has an IRC chat, that would probably be the best place to go looking.


Im new to using torrents and am curious about what sort of criteria individuals look for before they send an invite to their private trackers? Do they require an extensive collection that you can ‘bring to the table’ or mostly do they not want a jerk in their tracker?


Could you pls send me an invite for passthepopcorn and tvtorrents , im a member of leecherslair but the they dont have alot of torrents, so would be really grateful if you can send me an invite thanks

Jessica C

Hi, i’m interested in an invite to Pass the Popcorn
mind if you send an invite? Thanks in advance =)


Can you please send me an invite for PassThePopcorn
thank you


Any tips for how to get an invite, how can we prove ourselves deserving the invites? How did you get it yourself?

Craig Snyder

Go into their respective IRC chats. Prove yourself trustworthy and knowledgeable. I obtained mine all from friends.


Ill give someone an invite to tvtorrents if you can send me one to pass the pop corn


I will trade a demonoid invite for a invite to any of the sites listed on this page.


I will trade a demonoid invite for an invite to any of the sites listed on this page.

swing sound

Fellow film-folk… If anyone can send me (email below) an invite to KaraGarga or Surrealmoviez or PassThePopcorn… then as a fellow movie-geek I can and WILL reply with an invite to Demoniod. Many thanks.


Attempting to trade invites basicly disqualifies you for any private tracker. And offering demonoid is as good as offering nothing. Everyone can join demonoid, they open up daily.


Nanashi no one asked for your 2 cents, and for you info demonoid is not open every day for people to join. Take you comment along with your slanted eyed ass on back to your country and eat some rice.


lol, u mad?

Sorry, you demonoid users are of couse totally l33t. And demonoid is of course absolutely exclusive. Now excuse me I need to download some music & movies ;)


I would like an invite if you have ons Sir!


can give me some tips for downloading torrents mainly games?

Craig Snyder

Are you requesting a site where you can download games, or asking how to get started downloading torrents altogether?


yep i want ….
thanks in advance


If anyone would be so kind to share an invite to pass the popcorn, iptorrents or what cd i would be so thankful. Thanks again for just taking the time to read my post i know its a long shot, but it is possible. Their was a time i tried for so long to become a member of demonoid and a good samaritan reached out and sent me a code one day out of the blue. if anyone is willing my email is thanks again.

Hossam Khattab

thanks for the info