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skype appsSkype is a free video and audio chat client that is available for many different platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Google Android. One reason Skype has been so successful is that besides high quality online audio and video chat, it offers cheap rates for calling phones and mobiles around the world. What most people don’t know is that Skype also supports apps.

This article will introduce you to three useful apps that allow you to record your audio calls, manage your chat history, and share an online whiteboard with your contacts during a Skype meeting.

What Are Skype Apps?

Skype apps are small applications that plug into your Skype client to enrich it with extra features. The Skype App Directory presently counts 38 apps in ten categories, ranging from business to translators. Most apps are available for Windows, some also plug into the Mac client, and one is designed to work with Google Android and iOS. Unfortunately, Linux users cannot take advantage of Skype apps.

How Do I Install Or Uninstall A Skype App?

Skype apps are installed independent of Skype and you don’t have to close Skype during the process. Once the installation is completed, you need to give the application access to Skype. If you accidentally deny access, you can always go to > Tools > Options > Advanced within Skype, and > Manage other programs’ access to Skype (bottom right).

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In Windows, you can remove Skype apps like any other installed software via the Add/Remove Program menu. Skype apps are listed as independent programs. Uninstalling them does not affect your Skype installation.



Callnote allows you to record your Skype conversations and automatically forward them to Evernote. This app only records audio of up to eight lines at once. Names of participants as well as duration of the call are saved automatically. You can set it up to start recording when a call starts. Callnote is available for Windows and Mac.

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If you do not use Evernote and would prefer to save your recorded calls on your computer, try G-Recorder Basic. This app also offers the option to back up your chat history and export calls and history to your GMail account in chronological order. G-Recorder Basic is available for Windows only.


SkyHistory is a chat history manager for Skype. The layout reminds a bit of Windows Explorer. You can browse your chat history by user or calendar, search for keywords, and bookmark selected IMs for later reference.

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History from conversations that took place before you installed SkyHistory can be imported via the Options menu. However, this only works for history that Skype saved to your computer.

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It’s a great app if you often need to browse old conversations, search for information, or refer back to it later.


IDroo is an interactive multi-user whiteboard application that allows you to share a drawing board with your Skype contacts. You can draw and write on the whiteboard, add images, and open several different pages. This app is perfect for visually sharing ideas during an online meeting.

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You can save the whiteboard pages as IDroo files or export as an image file and you can open saved sessions to share them again. IDroo is available for Windows only. To participate, your contacts must have the app installed.


Skype apps are tools that co-operate with Skype and add useful features. Even though some work across platforms, most are limited to Windows users. Moreover, the selection of official apps is fairly small and most apps have limited features or only offer a trial version. Nevertheless, you can find some very useful add-ons among the few completely free apps.

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