The 3 MMOs To Play In Beta & Pre-Order Before Summer [MUO Gaming]

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The world of PC gaming hasn’t been so bad to us as of late. We’ve been given Portal 2, Skyrim, the official release of Minecraft, StarCraft 2, Crysis, and other games recently, and the promise of more continues to keep our wheels turning.

This year is really looking like it’s going to be a huge one for MMO. Some big promises have been made and with the indie crowd growing and services like Kickstarter popping up all over the place, it seems like game development is moving at the speed of light now. There are three games that you absolutely need to have a beta key for, and many others are recommended.

Diablo 3

This one is about as no-brainer as it gets. Anything that Blizzard drops is going to spread like wildfire, and I expect the same attention will eventually come to their new project, Titan. Diablo is a huge part of Blizzard’s trio of games with a cult-like following, alongside Warcraft and StarCraft.

If you played Diablo 2, D3 is supposed to be an enormous step up, with new features such as an advanced questing system and random levels and encounters. You’ll still get that amazing, familiar Diablo gameplay, but you’re going to see numerous improvements. How about being able to pick up gold just by touching it? The feature list is packed with improvements, big and small, that will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Hardcore mode will still be around. There will be an auction house. The PvP will be intense. You’ll get to play as one of five familiar classes. It will be awesome. Beta keys have been given out and I hope you enjoyed your open beta weekend recently.

The Diablo series is one that makes gamers shiver upon mention. Even if it doesn’t manage to live up to all of the hype surrounding it, it’ll still be one of the best games released this year. Look out for it on May 15th.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2, like the original, is coming at you in the purest form of MMORPG. This game is known for the amazing concept art, and the new ArenaNet engine that you’ll see in GW2 is going to complement and play off that art very nicely.

The level cap has been increased from 20, in the original installment, to 80. There are now five races and eight professions to play though. GW2’s PvE and PvP combat systems are being described as “purely skill-based” and world PvP (the best kind of PvP) is going to be a focal point of the game.

The sidekick system is GW2’s way of combating “the grind” and developers for the game have mentioned on several occasions that they’re working through every obstacle to keep the game fresh, flowing, and free of repetitive level-me-up combat.

Beta keys were already given out for GW2. Did you get lucky? Maybe there will be a round two. If not, there are some definite perks for pre-ordering the game. Those who pre-order will be given a slew of benefits, like a pet you can summon in combat, five days of portable banking, a one-time consumable to earn more Glory, and more.

TERA Online

TERA Online reminds me of the first time I looked at Aion. The game looks very, very beautiful and might make you a little uncomfortable if you don’t have one of the highest-end video cards.

TERA’s gameplay features speak for themselves:

  • 8 classes and 7 races to choose from.
  • 80 zones and more than 1,700 quests.
  • Intense visuals powered by Unreal Engine 3.
  • Rule a province through battle or diplomacy.
  • Combat based on skill, not stats.

TERA is coming to us on May 1st and you can slot it as one of the must-play MMORPGs of the year. It’s something new and no one really knows exactly what to expect. I’ve read into the game and watched a lot of videos, and while it doesn’t seem like TERA is bringing anything very new to the table, it looks as if this game is very polished and is practicing every element of the MMORPG perfectly.

Pre-ordering will allow you to reserve a username and get in early for beta access. You’ll also get a vanity mount (a white stallion) and two items that will increase your attack, defense, and max HP and MP.

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Though there are obviously other games out there that we’re going to want to play (Dota 2 anyone?), I think these three are the heavyweights of the class. I want know which games you guys are looking forward to the most in the comments. This article stands as just a brief introduction to each game, so let’s get to talking about it.

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Comments (11)
  • Jonathan Farrugia

    Diablo 3 shouldn’t be on this list. Yes it’s an always online game like MMO but it isn’t. Also with all due respect to the author of the article, Blizzard used the Diablo name to build up hype for their “sequel” which failed to deliver, now they’re covering their a$$es to try and keep the game interesting, It doesn’t even deserve to be on this list. D2 lasted more than 10 years, D3 isn’t even out for 10 months and I read comments such as “bored players”, “nothing else to do”.

    I’m one of the “I didn’t buy D3 cause of DRM” guys. I don’t give my money to thieves. The whole D2 cheating stuff is because they allow characters from offline to online. Deny that feature by building a better working system providing offline and online fun at the same time and the game would have more customers.

  • Democrat4Life

    What does Diablo 3 have to do with MMOs? This article is a joke.

    • Craig Snyder

      Blizzard went to lengths to try and make D3 a little more “interactive” than the last two installments of the game. Read into some articles that go into how D3’s PvP will eventually look and, while there isn’t a free-roaming world to explore “massively,” elements like a more globalized auction house and arena-esque PvP bring the series one step closer to being as multiplayer as we can imagine it.

      Whether one calls it an “MMO” or a “multiplayer online game with elements that will allow players to interact competitively with others on a more massive scale than we’ve seen in Diablo 2″ shouldn’t matter all too much.

  • m0

    hi i have a question,
    is diablo 3 a online game and i cant play it offline?
    why is released a online game and not same diablo2?

    • Craig Snyder

      You won’t be able to play D3 offline. It’s an issue with DRM and forcing players to play in an online state helps them combat piracy (which was an issue with D2).

  • Geannie

    Diablo III is not an MMO. Yes, you can play in a party with other people, but the main way for people to play is as an individual. The Diablo games have never been MMO and it clearly isn’t now. At best it’s an “online roleplaying game,” but the only reason we’ll absolutely have to be connected is, as another person has already said, for Blizzard to do a better job of combating piracy and the like.

  • Garey Boone

    Upcoming game releases look pretty good, definitely interested in the big changes to the Diablo game

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.