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Before you can copy or cut text, you need to highlight it — but if you’re highlighting text one character at a time, you’re doing it wrong. Here are a few handy tricks that’ll make your life easier and boost your productivity.

Highlighting Word-by-Word

Have you ever highlighted a section of text only to realize that you missed the first or last letters? It’s not the end of the world when it happens, but it sure is annoying, isn’t it?


Double-click on a word before you start highlighting. You’ll notice that your cursor will highlight on a per-word basis rather than the usual per-character basis. Doing this, you’ll never cut letters off words ever again.

Highlighting Big Chunks of Text

Another huge pain is when you have to highlight long passages of text. For example, let’s say you want to copy a web article that’s 2,000 words long. Or maybe you want to highlight the first 10 pages of a Word document. Here’s an easy trick to use.



Click once where you want to start highlighting, hold the Shift key, then click once where you want to end highlighting. Boom! Everything between the first click and second click ends up being highlighted.

Highlighting Nonsequential Text

What if you want to highlight the first and last sentence of a paragraph, skipping over all of the irrelevant text in between?


Hold the Ctrl key to keep highlighting all kinds of text from anywhere. When this kind of highlighted text is copied and pasted, each selection gets pasted on a separate line.

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Did you find these helpful? Know of any other cool productivity tricks? Share with us in the comments below!

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