3 Hipstamatic-Equivalent Android Apps For Retro Photo Effects

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android retro photo appAndroid users often bemoan the fact that they have to wait longer than iPhone users to get some of the cool apps – or that these applications never make it to the Android. But sometimes this sort of wait inspires many competitors to jump in with their own Android apps doing similar things – often for free!

A current complaint is that Hipstamatic and Instagram, both excellent iPhone retro photo manipulators, still aren’t available on Android. So, what is a good Hipstamatic alternative for Android? Well, a number of apps fit the bill. Meanwhile, look over here if you’re looking for free Hipstamatic alternatives for iPhone.


Retroid is a free Android retro photo app which seems to have a good collection of retro effects to slap on your photos. When you take a photo with Retroid, the original is saved in your normal photo collection, while the doctored version is kept in Retroid’s data.

android retro photo app

While Retroid is fun to play with, it does take up a lot of room. It’s 5.5MB which can’t be moved to the SD card! Also, sometimes when you take photos for manipulation via the “snap” function it does strange things to them before applying the effects. If you take the photo with your normal camera and then search for the photo you want to manipulate, it can fix this problem.

android retro photo

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Vignette is available as a free demo or a paid version, but the demo version comes as a surprise because it’s so packed with features. The demo limits the size of the photos you take to 2MB per photo and that seems to be the only limitation. All photo manipulation effects are fully functional in the demo as are handy features to make better use of the application. When you have found a combination of effect and frame that you like, you can save it as a favourite and you can add a link to your homepage for fast access to that effect.

android retro effect photo

The Vignette Demo is a tiny 400KB and can be moved to the SD card. Manipulated photos are saved to the SD card in Vignette’s own directory within your photo collection – the original photos aren’t kept. However, you can take the photo using your normal camera and simply import into Vignette for manipulation if you wish.

android retro photo

Don’t forget that the photos will be of a lower quality while using the demo application – at least you get to fully test all the effects before you make the decision to buy.


FxCamera has plenty of interesting effects ready to use, such as the Polaroid effect and the Toy Camera effect. It’s easy to change your settings to ensure you approve of where the photos are being saved. FxCamera offers fewer photo effect options than Vignette, but it’s simple to use and results in good shots.

retro effects photos

FxCamera is nearly 2MB, but can be moved to the SD card.

android retro photo app

More Great Android Apps

If you’re satisfied with the camera application on your phone, but now want to explore some more fun Android apps, check out these apps to make life easier and time-killing apps for the moderately bored. There should be something in there for you!

Which is your favourite Android camera application? Which Android retro photo app do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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rejected =/

Very interesting. This was one of the 5 article ideas I listed when I applied to write for MUO…

Angela Alcorn

Oh, sorry to hear it. I hope you’ve gone on to write for somewhere equally awesome. :)

As for the story, I was originally just going to write about Retroid, but I liked the other two apps too. It kind of evolved.



I use Retro Camera. It has 5 different “cameras” that you take the photo with and it has a widget. https://market.android.com/details?id=org.urbian.android.tools.vintagecam My favorite is the Little Orange Box camera.

Angela Alcorn

Thanks for sharing – That looks like a great app!



I use Retro Camera. It has 5 different “cameras” that you take the photo with and it has a widget. https://market.android.com/det… My favorite is the Little Orange Box camera.


Paul Ballardin

Vignette totally rocks my world. The free App is awesome, but I purchased the paid app to ensure we continue to see development.

The number of effects is mind blowing!



im echoing the Retro Camera app. The 5 cameras they offer ate fabulous, both in black &white and color, the picture quality is awesome, and the pics come out beautifully. I love the Orange box, fudge, and barbl cameras.



Retroid is no longer available on the Android market :( instead is a space invaders style game called retroid

Angela Alcorn

Wow. That’s a shame! Retroid was excellent.

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