3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

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blitzcrank   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & GuidesAs an avid League of Legends player for the past year, I’d be a complete liar to say I haven’t learned my fair share about the game purely from copying the strategies of others. That’s fine though, because the League of Legends community seems incredibly generous in sharing their builds and other ideas. The nature of eSports, with all the streaming and tournaments, practically embraces this copycat play style. The actions and habits of the pro scene are eventually adopted as the new meta.

With any competitive game, and especially the most popular game in the world, community sites begin to form and a wealth of knowledge is brought to our attention. The League of Legends community has done a wonderful job of picking the game apart to its most finest details, and it is much appreciated by players who are eagerly trying to improve themselves.


MOBAFire is definitely the go-to solution when you’re looking for a competitive edge in League of Legends.

mobafire1   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

This website features such a ridiculous set of information, and outlines everything from champions, abilities, runes, masteries, and more. However, the main attraction here is definitely their guides.

The main page of the website features guides from recent eSports games, and then guides that were officially submitted to MOBAFire that you can quickly eyeball by their rising popularity, by submitter elo ranking, and more.

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mobafire2   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

These guides are more full-featured than any you’ll find on the web. Each guide effectively sections out runes, item builds, ability sequences, masteries, and then offers the rest of the page to the author where they’re able to completely outline any additional information that they deem relevant to the guide (including summoner spells, jungle routes, gameplay videos, and more).

mobafire3   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

All guides are regulated by the community as you’re able to vote on the quality of each. When sorting guides by champions, the highest-rated guides will be shown first.

MOBAFire does an amazing job of presenting guides and builds to the League of Legends community, and its great reputation is credit to just that.

LoL Pro

LoL Pro is one of the newer League of Legends build sites, but already one of the best. As part of Curse’s network of competitive gaming websites, it’s really not a secret why.

lolpro1   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

The main page of LoL Pro’s website seems a little bare compared to what you’d see on MOBAFire, but the League of Legends guide are incredibly easy to find under the Guides heading in the top menu. One thing to immediately note about LoL Pro is that a majority of the guides featured on this website are written by professional players, and more specifically members of Curse’s LoL team: Voyboy, Nyjacky, Saint, Cop, and Rhux.

lolpro2   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

Where many similar websites offer only champion-specific guides, LoL Pro has a great section that offers guides for general gameplay. This includes last hitting, how to play each role, pushing and freezing your lane, and more. Many will tell you that these guides are infinitely more important than simply learning the mechanics and specifics of any single champion.

However, the champion and build League of Legends guide always seem to be the most popular.

lolpro3   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

LoL Pro guides are broken down into sections, including abilities, runes, masteries, summoner spells, and items. While they are easy to navigate and read through, I feel as if MOBAFire offers better organizational tools for guide authors to work with. Even so, it’s really hard to find difficulty in reading through and understanding any guide I’ve come across on LoL Pro.

LoL Pro features an assortment of really quality guides, and it’s always good to know you’re reading information from a player who plays this game at a professional level.


Like Curse has done with LoL Pro, Team SoloMid has their very own League of Legends website where their professional team shares their in-game knowledge with the community.

solomid1   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

TSM players like Reginald, Xpecial, and Dyrus regularly contribute content to SoloMid’s website. SoloMid’s guides are a bit more strict and monitored than some alternatives’, as they screen guides for approval and even have a section for featured guides.

solomid2   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

Though the design and layout of the guides on SoloMid are a bit more plain than others, it actually manages to get the information across really well. Guide pages don’t seem as messy and cluttered and guides actually all fit on a single page, so you’re able to easily review information without navigating back and forth. Every League of Legends guide includes runes, masteries, abilities, items, and more.

solomid3   3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides

SoloMid owns an entire network of League-related sites, others having to do with League of Legends counterpicks (which are very important in competitive play). TSM has been around forever and is definitely the favorite LoL eSports team in North America, so advice given by these guys is definitely something to be taken seriously.

Which of these three websites do you find most effective? Are there any alternatives out there that are worth giving a look? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sam Nicko

Awesome! Thanks!


Chris Collins

Would recommend looking over mobafire it has more quality guides and u can see the stats of any summoner u want to know more about.



I personally use builds from more pro lol players that you can find on youtube.
Athene is one of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RJf5w1PMuU


David Moreira

What about LoLKing?

Also, gotta love these LoL articles. Thanks!



i would rank lolking ahead of mobafire because of simple user/web interface and guides by plat/diamond tiers and even pros. mobafire is really for newbies that are not even lvl 20 yet.



Nice! Thanks




Kim Oberoi

I never used mobafire.com its sound wired but really i also check league of legends guide on elohell.net

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