3 Greasemonkey Scripts To Jump From Google Results To Other Search Engines

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google greasemonkey scriptGoogle is an awesome search engine and more often than not we turn to it when we need to find information on something. However Google is not the only search engine we need and use.

Very often we need more specific and targeted resources: we turn to Flickr when we need to search for creative photos, we turn to YouTube for user-created videos, we turn to reference sources to find some quick brief information on an event or word. All of these and other niche search engines won’t ever be substituted by the mighty Google.

Even Google knows that. Do you remember that when Google was being launched, it had those “quick search” links taking you to the current search results on other search engines? This post is about bringing this old and forgotten Google feature back using Greasemonkey scripts.

1. Try This Search On

Download the script here.

Where are the links displayed? Links to the available alternative search engines are displayed in the bar which you can choose to display at the bottom or the top of the page.

This script creates links to search results provided by the following search engines (by default):

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  • Amazon (US, Canada and United Kingdom);
  • Ask (general, image search and news search);
  • Google (general, image search, video search and news search);
  • Bing (general, image search, video search and news search);
  • Yahoo (general, image search, video search and news search);
  • YouTube;
  • Wikipedia

google greasemonkey script

You can easily modify the list of search engines by going to the script options (click “?” in the script panel – see the screenshot above) and viewing the list of available search engine IDs:

greasemonkey google results

From the options page you can also set the bar position. You can easily hide the panel by clicking the x sign.


Download the script here.

Where are the links displayed? Links to the available alternative search engines are displayed below the search results right under Google’s paging.

The script by a Google employee reviving an old Google search feature displays links to the following search engines by default:

  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Wikipedia
  • Digg (doesn’t seem to work)
  • Flickr
  • Imbd

greasemonkey google results

If you click + sign following the list, you’ll be able to choose the order of the search engines displayed. You’ll also be able to choose from the huge variety of databases to try your search in (there are 42 different search sites to choose from):

greasemonkey google results

Note: the tool is quite old and I am not sure if it was ever updated, so you may find some of the search engines not working. I for one couldn’t get Digg search to work there. However you should be able to modify the script’s source code to get the one (which is really important for you) to work properly.


Download the script here.

Where are the links displayed? Links to the available alternative search engines are displayed in the sidebar to the right of search results.

Alternative search engines include:

  • Ask;
  • Bing;
  • Dmoz;
  • DeepDyve;
  • WolframAlpha;
  • Scour

greasemonkey scripts google

I wasn’t able to find a way to edit the list of available search engines.

If you like this one, you may want to check out its minimal version – with it, only favicons of search sites are displayed.

google greasemonkey script

Do you find the option to try your searches on different search engines useful? Please share your thoughts!

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