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Gaming is awesome: but sharing that with the world is even better. To do that, you’ll need some way of recording your antics How to Live Stream Your Gaming Sessions How to Live Stream Your Gaming Sessions As we enter our month of gaming giveaways, it seems only appropriate that we look at the delicate art of live streaming PC and console games. Although it's difficult to understand why anyone would want... Read More . In today’s video, I’ll show the best way to record from a PC, a console, and even from an iPad.

The three software packages I talk about in the video are:

My personal choice goes to XSplit. They can get away with premium pricing because no other software rivals it in terms of features or ease of use. For recording just PC games on a shoestring budget though, there’s certainly nothing wrong with OBS.

What’s your favourite game capture solution? Do you record your console gaming with a hardware device, or just upload clips using the new generation of social features? Let us know in the comments!

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