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free-virtual-worldsVirtual Worlds are computated replica’s of the real world. They’re extensive multi-user experiences, in which one can meet new people, or pursue forgotten dreams.

What’s so great about these Virtual Worlds, is that they allow people to get a taste of alternative realities.

People can put on other people’s skins; the shy clerk can become an impulsive casanova. The bad guys get a lick of benevolence, and vice versa. These virtual world systems can be immense multiplayer role playing games. Release yourselves on these other worlds, and play your part in the alternative realities.

Not that there aren’t any people who remain themselves in these games. Besides the role playing aspect, these virtual worlds make for great social grounds. Meet new people, or hold a rendez-vous of friends. Have fun in a blown-up instant messaging universe, with tons of social activities.

Today we’ll take a look at the different available virtual world systems. Some are very popular, others you might hear of for the first time. One of them should certainly fit you.

Second Life

Second Life is without any doubt the most wide-spread Virtual World, and chances you’ve heard from it are close to 1.

It’s a huge free virtual experience, with tons of user-created worlds and environments. Go to the park, a pub, or even to a dancing on a colonised asteroid, the possibilities are endless.

online virtual worlds

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Last year, Tina also wrote a post on another side of Second Life, addressing the educational aspect and support groups. You can check it out here.


Unlike Second Life, Kaneva has a more specific array of activities, primarily focussing on virtual shopping (for which you’ll need to spend real-life money, sadly) and entertainment. The game primarily covers dancings and other social meeting places.

free virtual worlds

Kaneva also tries blending the real world in the game, by implementing picture albums and youtube videos. It’s not as big as Second Life, but still covers for a more than reasonable userbase, with over a million registered members and tons of communities.


There, your friends are here. A great virtual world to escape real life and chat real-time with friends from all over the world. The game has a great chat system, but also enables you to participate in other activities, like scavenger hunts, hoverboard racing, and island exploring.


You can also put your own hand to There, by decorating your virtual home, or even designing new items.

And these are just some of the available online Virtual Worlds. There are tons of these, both realistic as absurd. A lot of them are alike for the biggest part, but there are small nuances that make the difference and determine their fan base.

Which do you like, and why? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Guys I thought you should know your website is loading significantly slower for me. Every since that black banner appeared things run EXTREMELY slow.

I live in Bolivia, if you need that information for diagnostics.

All the best.

Simon Slangen

Yes, MakeUseOf has been running real slow these past few days. MakeUseOf’s technical guys are currently addressing the problem, and we hope it to get the site up and running at normal speed again as soon as possible.


yo sup



You should’ve also mentioned Entropia Universe (previously Project Entropia) ;)

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip, looks really on first glance.

Check it out here.



I’m in love with There.com, it took some time for me to get used to the cartoony features, but riding a hoverboard did the trick and I got hooked. The physics of the avatar are just wonderful!
Within a few weeks I started decorating my own place, and enjoy meeting with friends from all over the world (I got to know in the late Uru Live MMO).
It has a lot to offer for various kinds of ppl of all ages.

I occasionally enter Second Life to meet with friends to visit their new builds or join to listen at a bookclub, but it is not a Virtual World I spend a lot of time in.

Kaneva was a 1 time visit, didn’t like it that much, the avatars looked creepy to me, and I didn’t like the catching gold/money thing on the welcome walkway.



The first 2 don’t appeal to me because of the cost.

I like the look of Look.com, I just tried registering and it says I’ve registered before, haha. I don’t think I got round to actually trying it though. It’s installing at the moment. Hover board sounds fun!

Btw, you should include a link: http://www.there.com


Chris Lyons

Also check out Whyville.net.



There.com is where its at, paintball, buggy, even dance the night away at a party, it has it all
downsides are: no blood, pg 13 game
but other then that… very addicting been on it 2+ yrs



I am a 2nd time member of SecondLife, and while it’s a great place to socialize, it uses up most of my CPU, even while using GameBooster. (GameBooster stops unnecessary programs so you can use more CPU for a game).
But i would definitely recommend it to any Virtual World seeker.



Hi ppls!


juicy mama**

this game is so great i feel like im in the game seriously who ever is readinding this commet im asm telling the truth register now :]:}



Dun like virtual world, prefer real world and online games



it locks fun



I can’t wait for weopia.com !!!!

Link: weopia.com



I’m having a problem. I’v never been able to enter Second Life.Every time while it’s loading the world, it crashes. I’v tried to uninstall then reinstall but it still crashes. Does anyone have any answers?



Girlsence.com is great also try it today it is free!!

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