My 3 Favorite Video Game Endings Of All Time [MUO Gaming]

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One of the best parts about playing a video game is the ending. You spend hours upon hours digging through the content of the game and you get to the huge payoff at the end. The story comes to a head, everyone who needs to die meets their end and you get to wrap everything up. Compared to movies, the ending of a game is so much more satisfying because of the length of a game and the interactive nature of gaming.

Of course, some endings are terrible, but who cares about those, because today we are going to talk about my 3 favorite endings of all time. When a game truly nails an ending, it is one of the most entertaining things in the world. These 3 games wrap everything up perfectly, but still leave you wanting more, and that is exactly why they are my favorite.

I feel like I do not really need to say this, but this article will contain massive spoilers for the endings of God of War, Red Dead Redemption and Streets of Rage, so if you have not played them, please skip that part of the article.

God Of War

The first God of War has the most epic ending ever. It is amazing. First Kratos fights Ares, the God of war himself, and destroys half the city. It’s one of the most amazing fights you will witness, and the fact that you are participating in it just makes it all the more amazing.

After an epic battle, Kratos finally gains favor with the Gods, and is plucked from the sea and brought to the mountains of Olympus. He is chosen to replace Ares as the new God of war. After all of the struggle, pain, torture and anguish that Kratos was forced to endure during the game, it was so satisfying to see him become a God, and finally appear almost happy.

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The only problem with the ending of God of War is that it is a little predictable. You kind of assume that is how it is going to play out, but that does not make it any less satisfying when it actually goes down.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best video games to hit the market in the last couple of years and it had one of the best endings in the history of video games. The game appears to end when John and his family are hanging out on the farm, getting their life back in order. You actually play this part of the game, so you have to go around and tend to the farm and live John Marston’s life.

Just when everything seems great, the bad guys show up. John gets his family to flee, and attempts to take out as many of them as possible before being gunned down. Taking out your main character takes gigantic balls, and I have so much respect for Rockstar for being willing to do this.

After the death of John, you take control of his son, and you get to continue playing around in the world. You are tasked with avenging your father’s death. This is such a smart way to keep the game going, while still being able to carry out the act of killing your main character.

Streets of Rage

Sure, the ending of Streets of Rage can’t necessarily keep up with the high-end visuals of some of today’s modern games, but the creativity in the way it ends is truly something to behold. The best ending only occurs if you are playing the game on 2-player mode. At the end, the players are given the option of working for the boss. If one player chooses to work for the boss and the other doesn’t, you are forced to square off against each other.

It’s an ending that is way ahead of its time. Choices have become such an integral part of video games, and to see such a huge choice at this time was way ahead of itself. They took video game endings to another level, and even in its old age, it is still worth going back and checking out.


Video game endings are so important, after all the hours you invest in a game, having a great payoff at the end makes it all worthwhile. There are plenty of games out there with awesome endings, but these three are my absolute favorites. If you are looking for a game that wraps everything up neatly with awesome story elements, these are the games you need to play.

What are your favorite video game endings? Let us know in the comments!

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