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diy video makingSo in the past, I told you how to find some pretty cool stuff for your media creation Various Little Known Quality Resources for Your Next Multimedia Project Various Little Known Quality Resources for Your Next Multimedia Project Even in a world where Creative Commons exists, it always seems like there is not enough quality royalty-free material for us in the multimedia field. Thankfully, there are several places out on the Internet that... Read More , and I also helped you find ways to get your production started Greenlight Your Indie Flick With These 3 Sites Greenlight Your Indie Flick With These 3 Sites Are you a wannabe camera toting film-maker? You don't have to go at it alone anymore. Here are three websites that will help you with the general steps of the movie-making process. With a little... Read More . However, in my classes this semester, I have been learning a few things too. Since I’m a production student, I get a lot of stuff thrown at me video-wise.

Fortunately, I’ve found three websites for you to get tips on all things film and video! Well… maybe I didn’t find them – my instructor did, though. Good thing I paid attention in class, right?

The Substream

diy video making

Personally, I think The Substream’s “Film Lab” has some of the best video-making tips out on the Internet. One of the highlights of this show with a lovable cocky attitude is that it is very practical with its instructions. However, the focus seems to be not so much on DIY equipment but on technique and style – something that you probably need to learn if you intend on making videos at all.

However, one of the cool things that The Substream has to offer is its easy-to-understand tutorials on some of the more well-known equipment that exists out there. Furthermore, they also will instruct you on how to do everything on low budgets. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Film Riot

diy video maker


I don’t know why every indie filmmaker isn’t watching Film Riot. This series is a good little online film school bent on helping you gain DIY video-making knowledge and discovering techniques to make some amazing stuff. From special effects to technical rigs, there’s a little something for everyone with Film Riot.

This video series is just as entertaining as it is informative, so if even if you don’t intend on taking any of these video tips into action, it’s still worth watching. However, if you don’t mind making a few trips to the Home Depot and possibly losing a few fingers, I have a feeling that you’ll absolutely love this YouTube channel.

Majestic Micro Movies

diy video making

Majestic Micro Movies, a sophisticated, film-oriented series found on Vimeo, is just a little different compared to the ones shown above. The focus of the entire series is on film technique, but it presents each video in an incredibly dramatic way, enticing viewers to watch each of the short films with an attentive mind. However, I must be honest with you – there aren’t many videos with tips on MMM.

Actually, there are only 15 videos in this Vimeo series, and I’d say that about half of those are devoted to instruction. But in all reality, these videos contain some of the best information that I have seen on the Internet. I’m not even quite sure if you can call these “tips”, to be honest. They are just a little classier than that.


So there you are, MakeUseOf filmmakers – three more video series that you can add to your self-learning repertoire. With a plethora of episodes to choose from, you’ll get all the video know-how you need without even having to apply for film school. (However, if you do make it to film school, I want to express my envy congratulations to you.)

What other video series do you use to get video-making tips? Got any DIY tips for us right here on MakeUseOf? Let’s hear your input in the comments.

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