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twitter hashtagsTwitter hashtags can be used HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags Read More for various purposes: you can leverage them to file and organize your tweets, record your weight 2 Interesting Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Using Twitter 2 Interesting Ways to Track Your Weight Loss Using Twitter Read More , contribute to relevant discussion, participate in Twitter initiatives (like, for example #FollowFriday one), etc.

The one thing I have found Twitter hashtags to be particularly useful is tracking conferences and participating in Twitter chats.

Today’s tool overview will help you connect to those who uses a Twitter hashtag. Here are three awesome tools that allow to extract the user list by a particular hashtag.

1. Summarizr

Summarizr is by far the coolest way to analyze any Twitter conversation by a username. It summarizes the following search types: a hashtag, keyword or Twitter account name.

For any hashtag you submit, you will see the following statistics:

  • Top 10 Twitter users;
  • Twitter user distribution;
  • Top 10 @ reply recipients;
  • Recipient distribution;
  • Top 10 conversations;
  • Top 10 tweeted hashtags
  • Top 10 Tweeted URLs;
  • Tweeted word cloud:

twitter hashtags

I especially like the “Top 10 conversations” part that lets you see who’s discussing the hashtag:

display twitter hashtag feed on your website

2. The Archivist

The Archivist is a nice desktop application (Windows-only) that lets you run any search within Twitter database and lets you export the results to Excel. You can then use Excel columns to:

  • Search within the list of Twitter users,
  • Grab the column listing all the Twitter users and create the list via Tweepl (to follow all of them with one click and let others follow them as well), etc
  • Filter the file by the “username” column, etc, etc

display twitter hashtag feed on your website

The tool is very easy to use. Just get it installed, run the search and Save the file to further update it with latest Tweets.

After you search for any hashtag using the tool, you can use the View menus to see the pie chart visualizing the Tweeting users:

display twitter hashtag feed on your website

3. What the Hashtag?

What the Hashtag? is the best-known of all; yet the most basic in terms of extracting Twitter users who Tweet a hashtag. It can only be used for popular hashtags; the great option of it is the ability to see “trending” hashtags: those that have got hot recently.

For any hashtag you search, you can see the list of “Top contributors” (by the number of updates they tweeted containing that hashtag).

twitter hashtag

Bonus: Follow Those Who Tweet the Hashtag

So if you are interested in learning who actually uses the Twitter hashtag, chances are you may want to follow all of them. This may come particularly in handy if you’ve, for example, been to a conference (or participated in chat) and now want to follow everyone involved in it.

BlastFollow enables you to follow Twitter users who share your interests en masse. To use it, simply enter your hashtag. Then, click the “Get Users!” button. After a few seconds, you will see the number of users who tweeted with that hashtag recently.

Mind that the tool doesn’t use the twitter OAuth and requires you to provide your Twitter login data, so mind your privacy! Also, be sure NOT to mass-follow popular hashtag users: if you follow too many people in bulk, your account may be suspended.

Better use the tool to follow people who tweet tiny, internal hashtags which represent events, campaigns, family members, etc

twitter hashtags

Do you use Twitter hashtags? Please share your tools!

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