3 Things You Can Do With Old Computer Monitors

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what to do with old computer monitorsDo you have old computer monitors lying around, taking up space?  Maybe you have finally graduated from one of those old bulky monitors taking up all that space and electricity to a slimmer flat screen variety?  Maybe you have bought a newer computer system that came with its own monitor so the LCD from the last computer is still around with no use.

Sure, you could have used it as a second monitor (check out this series of articles all about that) but maybe you didn’t see the need.  The question now is what to do with that old computer monitor.  Here are a few ideas that should help you figure out what to do with that old monitor you’ve got.

Keep It & Put It To A Different Use

You can turn your old computer monitor into a television. These days people seem to have a television in every room in their homes.  Depending on the size of monitor you have lying around, you can stick them in almost any place.

In order to turn your monitor into a television, all you’ll need is a converter box which you can find pretty cheaply on eBay (find instructions at cnet.com).

what to do with old computer monitors

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As mentioned in Tina’s article, Top 10 Cool Uses For Old Computers And Laptops, you can also make an old LCD monitor into a digital photo frame, assuming you also have an old laptop lying around.  It may take a little work but it should be a lot cheaper than the digital photo frames found in the stores these days (instructables article).

If you want to try a project that is a bit useless but still fun, you can turn your old monitor into a fish tank.  Follow these instructions and you too can have a fish named “Packard”.

used computer monitors

Have Someone Else Put It To Use

Why don’t you do the same thing that you would do with any other piece of inventory you’ve got no use for but still works.  You can sell it.  You’ve always got the ability to sell it in a garage sale, but what about a more techie solution like eBay or Craigslist?  Either way, list some place that people might go to look for something like an old monitor.  These days, people don’t like paying full price and a working second hand option could make someone’s day.

Along those same lines, you can always give it away.  It’s easy to find a local thrift store willing to take it off your hands and sell it to help their cause.  There’s also FreeCycle that helps connect you to your local FreeCycle Yahoo group.

used computer monitors

FreeCycle groups are groups of people who like to share stuff for free.  Also check out the free section on Craigslist and post a listing there.  Someone, somewhere will want a free monitor.

Properly Dispose Of It

what to do with old computer monitors

If you really truly don’t want to mess with any of the before-mentioned ideas, you really should properly dispose of your monitor.  You can run a Google search for “computer recycling” or “electronic recycling” and add your area in the search parameters.  Also check your local phone book.  In my area there are some computer repair shops that can help you dispose of old computer parts.  That would be worth a try.

Do you have any more ideas of what to do with old computer monitors that are taking up space?  If so, please share in the comments.

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