3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

messydesk e1325177568130   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The InternetThe internet can be a dirty place. No, I am not referring to the adult websites that are all over the place; I am referring to the fact that many websites are covered with junk that you do not want to see. If you go to a website to read an article, it would be convenient to be able to see the article. If you go to YouTube to watch a video, it would be amazing to watch it without a million suggested videos and comments detracting from your enjoyment.

Thanks to these three Chrome extensions, you can now have the clean web browsing experience you wanted all along. All your favorite articles and videos can be as clean as you always dreamt them to be.

The three extensions that I am going to highlight today will remove all the garbage from websites and leave you with a clean and shiny viewing experience. If you have a hard time concentrating and dealing with distractions, these extensions are tailor-made for you.


Clea.nr is a simple extension. It cleans up YouTube and Amazon, and makes them much more pleasant places to be. It seems like YouTube keeps adding more and more stuff, making it less about the video you are watching now, and more about the video you need to watch next. Clea.nr solves that by removing everything but the video you are watching, and a search bar.

cleanr1 e1325106390161   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

If that is not enough, you can also click the “Dim Lights” link right below the video to have the background fade. This way, it is even easier to lock in on the video and forget about everything that is going on around it.

cleanramazon e1325106439234   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

The program works the same way for Amazon. It clears out all the extras Amazon shows you around the side of the screen, and simply shows the search results. This makes Amazon easier to navigate. It also prevents Amazon from up selling you to something you do not need.


We have covered TidyRead before, but it has made many improvements with this new extension. TidyRead is designed to clean up the websites you read. It removes all the extras and only shows you the article you are reading. I have to say, please support the websites you love by not blocking the ads completely, but instead use a program like this to hide them just while you are actively reading an article.

tidyreadafter e1325106475934   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

Tidy is packed with features. You can set it on automatic, so as soon as you click on an article it cleans it. You can choose to set it to manual, so it only cleans up an article when you click the icon next to the address bar.

tidyreadsettings e1325106517888   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

Once you are looking at an article, there are all kinds of options. You can change the font size, color, background and so much more. The settings appear at the top of the article, and are easy to access and change.

tidyreadsettings2   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

If you are looking to make more changes, you can right-click the extension’s icon and go to options. From here, you can fine-tune the program even more. In the settings screen you can choose whether you want TidyRead to be automatic or manual.

Clearly by Evernote

For Evernote users, this should be your go to program. It does not offer as much customization as TidyRead, but it does allow you to tweak the color palette for the article. It cleans up the article and shows you only the important parts. To clean up an article, simply click the extension’s icon next to the address bar.

clearly1 e1325106575854   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

The thing that makes Clearly so great is the ability to quickly clip the article to your Evernote account for later reading. When you are viewing a cleaned up article, simply click on the Evernote logo on the right side of the screen, and it will automatically be saved to your Evernote account. This is awesome if you are in the middle of reading something and you have to stop for one reason or another.

clearlysettings   3 Chrome Extensions That Clean Up The Internet

Another nice feature of Clearly is the ability to print an article quickly. On the right side there is a little printer icon. Click that and Clearly will print the cleaned up version of the article.


With these three extensions, you will be ready to visit a clutter free internet. Just remember, websites rely on ads to give you free content, so support them and at least check out the ads before you clean everything up!

Did these extensions make browsing the web more pleasant? Let us know in the comments.

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chrome extensions are of great use .i will definitely try them for a clearer view of the sites.

James Bruce

So this thing takes away the useful sidebar in Amazon that lets me narrow search results to prime eligible and by category? That… sucks. Yet another extension to selectively disable. Why can’t people just appreciate the internet how it was designed to be appreciated! 


A lot of distraction appears on the websites which is really pathetic . thanks for giving the solution to this problem.


Turn off the lights also works good for Youtube…