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alternatives to deliciousDo you use Delicious to keep track of all of your bookmarks? If you do, you may have noticed the service mentioned in the news in recent months, with talks of Yahoo shutting Delicious down or selling it in the near future. This presents a cause for concern to some, especially if you’re a long-time user who’s afraid of possibly losing all of their hard-earned, well-placed bookmarks.

Or perhaps you aren’t concerned at all. Maybe you just dread the idea of switching services, or maybe you’ve been looking to switch but aren’t quite sure how to. What you need is a list of good alternatives. With the services listed below, you will be able to migrate your bookmarks over from Delicious, allowing you to rest easy knowing they’re alright.

1. Delicious To Google Bookmarks

Let’s start with the most recent method that’s out there. Just a few days ago, Google launched a new tool that allows you to import your Delicious bookmarks into Google Bookmarks. How timely of them.

alternatives to delicious

Like everything Google makes, the importer is very basic and straight forward to use. You can log in using your Delicious credentials or click the OAuth link to import all your bookmarks, labels and tags included.


2. Springpad

Springpad is another really good alternative to Delicious. You can use Springpad as a place to save things you want to remember, but if you’re a Delicious user they also support importing your bookmarks.

delicous alternatives

To do this, you’ll need to log into your Delicious account, then go to Settings>Export/Backup Bookmarks. Springpad will import your tags and notes. Then you log into your Springpad account and follow the simple instructions for uploading your Delicious bookmarks.

One Springpad Bookmark will be created for each of your Delicious Bookmarks, with all of the original titles and privacy settings left intact. A new notebook called ‘delicious’ will be created to house all of them.

3. Diigo

alternatives to delicious

Next up on the list is Diigo. With Diigo, you can easily import your Delicious bookmarks. Like Springpad, you’ll need to export your bookmarks from Delicious first. Then, log into Diigo, click on Tools at the top-right of the page. Select the Import Bookmarks link and locate the file that Delicious helped you export and you’re all done. Like the other services I’ve mentioned, all of your tags will transfer over too.


I’ve also seen that Evernote can handle the importing of Delicious bookmarks, so if you prefer to use Evernote over the other services I mentioned you might want to explore that option as well, although it does take a bit more work.

So there you have it, three solid ways to preserve your Delicious bookmarks, should you feel the need to either back them up somewhere or switch services altogether. There are other methods out there, sure, but as far as I can tell these are your best available options. I’ll leave the decision up to you, but I’ve listed them in the order in which I would go about the move.

Do you still use Delicious to keep track of all your online bookmarks? Which of these services would you most like to switch to? Leave a comment below so we can get a good discussion going!

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