3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

TVHEad   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The InternetI love to watch TV, I always have and always will. But as I get older, time becomes a bigger problem. In the early part of 2000 I snatched up a TiVo to help me watch all my prime time shows when I got around to it. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12pm ““ 2am.

Since the baby came around, that time is either for sleeping or trying to get the baby to sleep. So I take what I can get and maybe hit up my Sling player from my Windows Mobile device. But more likely than not, I am at a computer without access to anything other than a web browser.

Now I bring you my 3 favorite web sites for watching full television episodes online. Sadly as of now these links will only work via a computer from the United States or by using a US Proxy or VPN service. You will find a link to one such service further down.

First up is my long time favorite Hulu. Hulu came to my attention when I found full versions of South Park episodes online here years ago. Now you can access their full television shows using this link. (NOTE HULU IS US ONLY SORRY INTERNATIONAL USERS!) But you can check out this post on Hotspot Shield which will enable Hulu for people outside the United States.

This will show you shows that were put out there today. But you can use the menu along the top to select All Time, Today, This Week. I grabbed the latest and greatest episode of The Simpsons (my all time favorite show FYI)

tv1   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

You will want to make sure you have TV Full Episodes selected in the Video Type drop down”¦

tvMenu   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

Find your favorite show and enjoy! They seem to have the best selection here including very new episodes ““ go Hulu! But they are only open to United States users for now.

h1   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

Next up is YouTube’s shows which you can find here. ( I believe this is also US Only!)

YouTube has some eclectic shows to say the least. They have a lot of National Geographic shows and classic TV shows like Doctor Who. They do have a great search engine and everything is categorized. A short while back, Mark O’Neill wrote about watching full length old school Star Trek episodes here.

tv3   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

I came upon the Doctor Who page by selecting it on the above menu. From here you will want to have Full Episodes selected and then you can go through the seasons and click on the episode you want to watch! Sweet.

tv5   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

The episode will play in the normal YouTube interface. How awesome is that?

tv6   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

As an added bonus here is a Doctor Who video courtesy of YouTube.

Youtube, is also an ideal place for watching standups online.

And last but certainly not least is NBC’s online library located here. NBC realizes it has to compete with these other sites and not to mention torrent tracking engines pushing out the latest and greatest episodes like it was crack”¦.wonderfully free crack”¦ err umm….wonderfully free TV shows!

So NBC lets us watch selected shows online in their entirety. (Again this is US Only!)

You can browse through all the videos by aired date or by show. I suggest selecting the show you want first from the left hand side menu. I chose The Office.

tv7   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

Now on the Office screen there are options up at the top. Choose Full Episodes and you will only see what you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, you might want to watch out-takes or what not.

tv10   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

Select your video and you are on your way to spitting milk through your nose.

tv9   3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet

How do you watch TV online for free? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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Seems like you did not do much research as ALL of your sites are USA only

Here are some that really work internationally:

If you are interested in international readers, do not forget to offer stuff that is of help to the 94% of us not residing stateside

Karl L. Gechlik

I live in the United States thus my sites happen to be US only . I stated that in the article 4 times and gave a solution for viewing them from outside the US – I believe I did do my research.

http://my-free-guide.com/tv-se did not work for me at all as well as some other sites that said they were available internationally the last thing i wanted to do was recommend bogus sites. I told you the readers about the sites I USE!

but as always your comments are highly welcomed and we all learn from them. Why so negative?



cant beat tvshack.net



I have to mention fancast.com which has a similar function as hulu but it includes more networks such as CBS. Also OVGuide.com has links to seemingly everything ever posted on the internet. With ovguide, you really don’t need any other site.


Fancast is owned by Comcast and they can kiss my A**.



thanks for the site Brian!!



I like to see Tv on net,everywhere i can see anything.



If anyone knows how I can download videos off of Hulu, please reply to this comment


Wasn’t it someone on here that posted a link to a workaround to beat Megavideo’s time limit? I tried a Firefox extension but it does not work.

Could you point me to it again, please?


Thank you Kaly:)


Thank you Richard:)


I’ve already read the review, the download for that app is no longer available

Also, reviewers claim that Hulu Video Downloader doesn’t work



blows hulu out of the water. Who cares if it’s unoficial. If these media companies are to fucktarded to make their online offerings world wide, then don’t use them. IMO



BBC Iplayer and 4od for UK viewers.
Hulu sucks. As does youtube.



Hulu is the best!



US only… Lucky people you lot are!!



Thanks Brian & Noah for the non-US links. Having recently moved to the UK, I had already found the BBC iPlayer.



add US Only in the title, Interweb is not US only

Karl L. Gechlik

I would do a post on sites for outside the US – lets hear your favorites guys!



Guys forget hulu and all these other US-centric sites, which made the Internet an Intranet rather than an open global Internet. Neither is ovguide any good search database — with this site it’s kind of a ‘hit-or-miss’ operation. Go to this site instead and you can find all the major movies you want: http://www.nosubscriptionrequired.net/



Another free desktop program is TUV Player. You can watch TV worldwide for free…. go to http://www.tvunetworks.com



try stagevu.com


ray ingling

Here’s another TV website to try





thanks for the many sites, here is another excellent one to add to your list and try out today

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