3 Battery-Saving iOS 9 Features to Start Using Right Now

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Apple’s claim of better battery life on iOS 9 looks good on paper, but it might not hold up well in reality. Thankfully, you can conserve your iPhone’s battery with simple changes like the three we’ll see next.

1. Keep your phone face down. When you do this, the phone won’t light up for every incoming notification, which means less strain on the battery.

2. Switch to the Low Power Mode. You can do this via Settings > Battery. This mode cuts down on battery consumption by either reducing or turning off some visual effects and background processes temporarily — quite convenient when you don’t have a charger at hand.


You’ll automatically get a prompt to turn on the low power mode when the charge drops below 20%, but we recommend turning it on manually without waiting for that prompt.

3. Pinpoint the apps that are choking the battery. iOS 9 gives you an overview of the impact (in percentages) that each app has on your phone’s battery. You can view it under Battery Usage in Settings > Battery and close the guilty, resource-hogging apps based on it. Of course, killing apps often is a bad iPhone habit, so use this tip sparingly.

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Till the battery drain problems on iOS 9 get fixed at the source, you’ll have to do your bit to tackle them. If you’re ready for a bigger step than the ones listed here, take a deep breath and…uninstall Facebook and other battery-draining apps from your iPhone.

Have you experienced significant battery drain issues since upgrading your phone to iOS 9? Share any fixes that have worked for you.

Image Credit: iPhone lying on a desk by Bloomua via Shutterstock, Low power mode on an iPhone by ymgerman via Shutterstock

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