How to Tie a Tie Instructions and Videos
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If you’re a P.G. Wodehouse fan, then you know the value of wearing a tie. After all, didn’t Jeeves teach us about that piece of silk cloth with this simple statement…

“What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this?”

“There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter.”

Bertie Wooster became a gentleman’s style icon because he had Man Friday to help him out. Most of us only have the mirror. But if you can’t tie a tie, don’t worry! It’s an easy-to-acquire skill that only requires patience and a few minutes.

With a website like Tie-A-Tie, you can learn these four life skills:

  1. Tie a necktie.
  2. Tie a bow tie.
  3. Tie a Men’s Scarf.
  4. Fold a Pocket Square.

Look in the Mirror to Tie-A-Tie

Most of us use one knot throughout our lives. But how many ways are there to tie a tie? So far, I’ve found 30. The actual number is probably more. But you only need to know the major ones, and for that, this site has you covered.

At Tie-A-Tie, you will come across the everyday Windsor knot on one hand and the exotic Murrell or Eldredge on the other.


The step-by-step illustrated instructions and the video how-tos should help to make even the most impossible knots less frustrating. I prefer the illustrations, but the video instructions can help you learn how your fingers can pirouette around your neck.

Here’s a common-sense tip: play the YouTube videos at slower-than-normal speed to understand the twists and turns of the techniques.

Keep Going Until You Master the Tie

Tie-A-Tie wants you to make a style statement, so take advantage of its other guides that teach you the subtle art of manly elegance:

  • Start with general tie-wearing tips, like how to find the right length for a tie and how to untie a tie correctly.
  • The tie length calculator could be a wardrobe accessory if you are a regular tie wearer. Bookmark it right away.
  • Buy your neckties online at the right places. and are recommended.
  • Extra points for dress guides on necktie accessories, black tie, white tie, interview dress, and make your own DIY bow tie.

In the end, I would also suggest that you read through the Tie-A-Tie blog for some interesting posts. For the right impression at the next party, quickly catch the Top 20 Menswear Faux Pas to Avoid in 2017.

Tie-A-Tie does a great job with the instructions, but it’s not the only site that teaches you how to tie a knot. Also, remember that wearing a tie is only cosmetic. It’s more important to carry the right attitude along with it.

How many tie knots have you mastered so far? Which is your preferred style?

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