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search google languageA couple of months ago, Google added a notable feature to their browser: support for the HTML speech input API which enabled developers to allow web applications to transcribe users’ voice to text. This basically means that the site owners can now add voice recognition features to their websites (which will only be available to Google Chrome users, obviously). When a webpage has this feature, the users can speak into their computer’s microphone and the recorded audio is then sent to speech servers for transcription, and then the text is typed out.

The 2Lingual developers have incorporated the new browser feature into their multilingual search tools and have now provided us with Google Multilingual Voice Search and Twitter Multilingual Voice Search. Both the tools support 51 Speech-to-Text Languages including various regional variations. For example, for English, there’s American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English, Indian English and South African English.

Obviously, both tools work only in Google Chrome. In other browsers you simply won’t see the microphone icon to speak. Voice Search requires a Speech-to-Text capable browser like Google Chrome version 11.0.696. You’ll also obviously need a headset and microphone to speak into.

1. Search Google By Voice

  • To search, click the tiny microphone icon in the search field and say out loud what you want to search for:

search google language

  • If the tool couldn’t hear you, you will be offered the option to check your microphone settings:

search google language tools

  • If what you said wasn’t clear enough, the tool will suggest other possible phrases you were probably going to search for:

search google language tools


If you don’t select any of the suggested alternative search queries, they will disappear in a few seconds.

  • If you want to speak any other language, just select it from the drop-down:

search google language tools

  • And keep searching:

Voice search

The tool works surprisingly fast fetching results almost instantly. It does look like a huge time-saver for multi-lingual search engine users.

2. Search Twitter By Voice

Twitter multilingual voice search is a later addition to the tool that lets you search Twitter by voice. Similarly, just click a microphone icon in the search field and speak your search term:

search google language

Other Voice Search & Speech Recognition Tools:

The tools look both fun and useful and they may come in handy for heavy search users. What do you think of them?

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