2epub: Easily Convert Documents To ePub Format

The ePub file format is supported by all modern eBooks. Normally owners of such devices need to convert their eBooks or other document file formats to ePub before they can be read on their devices. Here to provide you with such a file format conversion service is a website called 2epub.

Uploadfiles   2epub: Easily Convert Documents To ePub Format

2epub is an free to use website that will be useful for anybody who owns an eBook reading device. The site lets you convert popular document file formats to the ePub format. You can provide the site with the URL of your documents or upload them straight from your hard drive – up to 5 files can be provided to the site in a single conversion.

File   2epub: Easily Convert Documents To ePub Format

Once your files have been uploaded, you can convert them into ePub, FB2, LIT, LRF, and MOBI file formats. The results can be downloaded directly or as a compressed ZIP archive.

Zip   2epub: Easily Convert Documents To ePub Format


Check out 2epub @ www.2epub.com

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Nice BUT, Calibre 
calibre-ebook.com/ is also free, converts any format to anynother format you might need, and will convert a lot more than 5 files at a time. If you have a slow internet connection, Calibre, because it sits on your HD is going to be a lot faster also, since all you have to do is download once, AND you still have the original file to play with.