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The developers of the cross-platform mobile application, Fetchnotes, recently added another way to back up and secure your notes created in its mobile app, this time to the cloud storage service, If you’re not currently a Box user, you can sign up and get a whopping 25GB of storage space to upload any files you like to your account. This offer appears to be only for new Box registrants.

While the text-based notes you create in Fetchnotes may never get above 25mb, the 25 gigs of space offered by Box is very generous, and could be useful for backing up and/or sharing photos, song files, a large collection of PDFs, and other documents. Box has its own mobile and web browser apps which means you can access the content in your account from anywhere with internet access.

Fetchnotes explains the process of connecting its app with your Box account–that is, after you register on Box. One part of the instructions that might not be clear is that you must make the connection between your Fetchnotes and Box account via your online Fetchnotes account, not through the mobile app.

When you sign into Fetchnotes, you need to click on your username and select Settings, which will display a connection window. From there, you select the “upload to box” window. Note you can also connect to your Evernote account, as well as send notes via SMS and email.

Fetchnotes also says that you can get an additional 25GB of space when invite a friend to register with Box Sync.


Source: Fetchnotes

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