22Frames: Indexes Captioned Videos From All Over The Web

22Frames indexes captioned videos from all over the Internet. A lot of people need captions on their videos. Captions are when the words for the video are being displayed on the bottom of the video. People that are hearing impaired need this service but I need it as well. When I am busy during the day I can watch a video on my screen but I sure as hell cannot listen to the audio. I am usually on 3 phone calls and have people coming and going from my office. Captions allow me to watch a video and know what is going on without any audio. 22frames.com helps me find videos that fit this bill!

22a   22Frames: Indexes Captioned Videos From All Over The Web

22b   22Frames: Indexes Captioned Videos From All Over The Web


  • Indexes videos from all over the web.
  • Easily deactivate the captions.
  • Watch featured or random videos.
  • Submit your own captioned videos to them.
  • There are 18 categories to choose from.
  • Similar tools: Subyo, KickLight, TubePopper and CaptionTube.

Check out 22Frames @ www.22frames.com

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I find this great for EFL – english as a foreign language. Read here for more info on how I learned this: http://esljunction.com/eslfeed/esl-blogs/teachers-blogs-misc/22-frames-for-captioned-videos-2.html