200 Ways To Make Money Online

If you’ve decided you have what it takes to be a freelancer, and are willing to take the plunge, this infograph is for you. Designed by SurveySpencer.com, it’s lists over 200 ways to make money online: from blogging to affiliate marketing — all of the usual suspects. Sure, there may be a couple of errors in the infograph but the author’s knowledge on the subject matter more than makes up for it.

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Ahsan Sher

intresting, well done. (Y).

make money

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Gregori G

Great Infographic!! I’ll try out those about Selling Art and other stuff with my cousin who is an Artist all the way :))

Thank you


Eric J

that really is an infographic, very informative.



What about online poker and mining bitcoins?!


Will bitcoins really make profit? just doubt about that….



Great list and nicely organised …Possible to have it in pdf or be able to print for reference?


Muhammad Asim

Good Information


Anandu B

My Points Got Lost


Jackie Paper

Good list – though the Site Flipping’ and Blogging entries seem to have content missing. Maybe just a word or two left off the paragraphs.



Good work..!


Anoop Sudhakaran

This was an awesome Infographic. Would be useful for many looking to make money online.


Gary Molina

This is very well organized and appears to be extremely useful. How can I email it to my friends?



Thanks for taking the time to do this infographic. Ialways trust your content.



Great article, I think that paid surveys are the easiest and fastest way to make money online.Some of them are scams, but I can tell you how to avoid that from my personal experience.

– Never pay for surveys.There are many legit surveys that are 100% free.

– Never share your credit card information and your SSN.Many scamers may request that information.

– Join many sites because legit surveys have a limited numbers o offers.By joining with more surveys, you’ll be making more money.

– To find legit surveys, you can go to Google and type something like: “How to find legitimate surveys for money”, for exampleIt will be better than using main keywords like surveys.

If you are serious about paid surveys, check this video :


It is an advanced guide on how to find legitimate surveys.This video has helped me to find what I wanted and now I make about $300-1000/month with surveys.It’s just different.

The last thing I will tell you is don’t think that you will become rich.The good things about paid surveys are that it is free and you can start making money immediately without any skills and obligations, but you won’t become a millionaire.Hey just start doing it, you’ll be thankful.


Ronik S

i like this article very much
all the information is well covered in this image
love it…


Alec B

Nice article Chung, I’m definitely going to check out the surveys.



Is network marketing not included?



That’s a really nice list of ways to make money online. I’ve had pretty good luck with paid surveys. I haven’t made a ton of money, but a couple hundred each month pays a bill or two. I noticed your post briefly mentioned surveys and listed a few programs without going into great detail. For anyone interested in paid surveys, here’s a link to my site with more details about the programs I use and free video guides to show how to maximize earnings with paid surveys: http://legitpaidsurvey.com/



Very informative, to bad you lost a lot of meta and SEO juice info by making it graphic.


Deb T

I would like a way to copy and print this complete info article with all the details so I can check them out individually



Sorry for double posting, but the paragraphs ended up horribly. Don’t know how to delete the last one though.

I didn’t see any PTC (Paid to click) sites, which is a decent way to make some money, if you’ve got the patience for it. On these sites you get paid to watch ads. Just doing that wont make you much money, so what you do is get referrals, direct referrals by posting your link so people will join under your name, or rented referrals (those who didn’t join by link can be rented). Each time one of your referrals watches an ad, you also get paid. Once you have a few hundred (or thousand) referrals, you start making some decent coin by clicking a few adds a day and letting everyone else click the rest for you. By the way, clicking the fixed adds (the orange ones) is the way to do it once you’ve got referrals. These, and the longer exposure ones are the ones that count to your daily clicks. Once you get started you’ll get it :D

Here’s my link: http://www.neobux.com/

Another way to make money online is by playing games. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online games that can yield profit. Once again it takes a while to get started so don’t expect to become a millionaire anytime soon, but it’s a fun way to earn, and if you play it right, you can make a fair bit of cash.

In games like these, referrals also help you, as they will pay taxes on what they earn.

Here are two games that I play that generate money:



If/once you join any of these games, send me a message in-game for help on how to get started.

Just so you all know, these are all referral links, I want more referrals to make more money in the games and Neobux. If you don’t support this, simply load the pages without all the extra stuff that’s after “.com”.

Thanks for your time and good luck everyone making money online, whichever way you choose!



Maybe trying my free CPA Guide? http://wpamaster.tk



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Ejike okoli

hmmm am from nigeria survey dont work here.


Ejike okoli

i need to legitmately make money online am setious i habe been betting online but is a waste of money tell mem what to do?



Lots of great tips here. Thanks for sharing :)



Making money online is not easy.
Discover over 400 other ways you can use to make more money online:




E-mail Marketing it´s the key to make money .. Start a blog, publish helpful and informative content to yours readers and start colecting e-mails using a professional tool ( e.g. aweber.com ). Just an opinion.

Remember, it takes time so go easy.


André Maximiano

Great tips I really liked all these ideas. If you want to play a game and still want to earn money I play a game which is called MarketGlory. You need to be a little patient in order to earn money, but if you are it’s going to be worthed. Anyway, I leave here the link of the game: http://www.marketglory.com/strategygame/Maximi_Shank



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PS. It is really nice text…



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This is one of the best guides on the web. Period!

When looking for full or part time job from home there are two things to keep in mind:
1. What kind of job is most suitable for you!
2. What is the time/pay ratio!

To get it right you will need to research and research which can be also time consuming. For every legitimate website there are dozens that are scam.

I would also recommend visiting http://mmfh.net/ it’s a small site that doesn’t sell anything, and it features great list and links to legitimate websites that offer home employment.


Thnx for the link Lilly,
I visited http://mmfh.net/ and it’s really useful, the whole site is like infographic.


SMO Services

Great Blog! Blogging about products you actually use is good way of making money online!I do appreciate the posts that you put up



I just checked it, great news SurveySpencer.com is back online!

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