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We here at MakeUseOf have technology oozing from our pores. We eat, sleep, and breathe tech to the point that our lives are somewhat consumed by this vast subject and all its various intersecting strands.

We’re only here to entertain and inform you, the MakeUseOf readership, without whom this website would be absolutely pointless. So we asked you to tell us what instills passion in your hearts – the answer to which follows this overlong lede.

20 Shades Of Geek

We asked you, What Tech Topics Are You Passionate About? The response was tepid, with only a handful of comments being submitted. Which suggests that divulging which tech topics you’re passionate about isn’t something you’re particularly passionate about doing. Ironic.

Still, despite the low number of comments received, those who did deem us worthy of their time and attention delivered above and beyond the call of duty. Which means we have been able to compile a list of tech topics at least some members of the MakeUseOf readership find extremely interesting.


Here is that list of tech topics presented for your delight in no particular order.

  • Linux
  • VPNs
  • WordPress
  • Torrents
  • Website Building
  • Bitcoin
  • Online Privacy
  • Staying Anonymous
  • Programming
  • Affordable Gadgets
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Productivity
  • Automation
  • Free Stuff
  • Accessibility Issues
  • Legacy Products
  • Scientific Discoveries
  • Cloud Computing
  • MOOCs
  • Podcasting

It’s good to see that many of the tech topics you are passionate about are those already covered here at MakeUseOf. Linux, WordPress and Web development, and affordable gadgets all get extensive coverage. And more niche subject matters such as Bitcoin, VPNs, MOOCs Where To Study: Navigating The Free Online Education World Where To Study: Navigating The Free Online Education World Now that online learning is commonplace, it also is bit of a nightmare to choose which learning systems to use. We make it easier by giving you an overview of the best options out there. Read More , and podcasting Starting A Podcast: The Best Recording Equipment & Platforms You Should Use Starting A Podcast: The Best Recording Equipment & Platforms You Should Use So you want to start a podcast? Well, hold up there. There's a few things you need to consider first, and though the technical capabilities of modern computers should make this kind of stuff super-easy,... Read More have all been lavished with a little attention over the years.

There are other suggestions within that list that haven’t, as of yet, come under our radar. But now that we know someone out there is interested in reading about these subject matters they may well do so in the future. Which was the whole point of the exercise.

Comment Of The Week

We received a lot of great comments, including those from Shawn, KT, and Von Adam M. Comment Of The Week goes to David O, who wins a T-shirt for this comment What Tech Topics Are You Passionate About? [We Ask You] What Tech Topics Are You Passionate About? [We Ask You] We want you to tell us which subjects you enjoy reading about online these days. Read More :

As a disabled computer user (so yes, I imagine I am somewhat biased, lol) I often find that l have tech questions relating to disability. Of course the web is a treasure trove of information and with searching, answers can usually be discovered somewhere . It would be wonderful if articles presented here, could, where appropriate, have a few lines that touched on the topic’s possible use or application to those in the disabled community.
I am not talking about a site devoted exclusively to the disabled, there are many of these already. I am merely suggesting that people with all sorts of disabilities are finding computers are portals to a large and exciting world.
So for example, an article expounding on the virtues of a new gadget or technique, could have some information on how accessible it is (or isn’t) for a blind person or mobility impaired. I suppose I am talking more about increased awareness within topics, rather than dedicated topics.
Just some food for thought.

We chose this comment because it’s the only one which exhibited the passion for a tech topic we were hoping to see. It also raises an important subject matter — that of accessibility for disabled computer users — that sadly doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

We Ask You is a weekly column in which you have your say about a particular subject. We ask you a question each week, with the results compiled and compressed into a follow-up article the following week. This column is nothing without your input, all of which is valued.

Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

  1. dragonmouth
    March 26, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    "Which suggests that divulging which tech topics you’re passionate about isn’t something you’re particularly passionate about doing."
    Not necessarily. It is also possible that readers are interested in all of Technology, no matter what the topic.

    I noticed that in the past there have been a few We Ask You questions with a rather underwhelming response. These questions have been vague, open-ended, non-specific. For example, providing a list of "20 tech topics" from among thousands that are possible, is kind of hard for a true techie. That is like those questions on high school History final exams asking the student to summarize the effects of the Roman Empire on Western Civilization. It can be either be done in 100 words or it will require 10,000.

    You might want to go back and review which We Ask You questions generated the most responses and use them as a pattern for future questions.

    • Dave P
      March 26, 2014 at 1:52 pm

      That's fair comment. However, we do know what works and what doesn't to a certain extent. Making a controversial statement always generates responses. As does asking a very simple Yes/No question. The problem is a) generating the kind of responses that can then be turned into a useful follow-up post, and b) questions that aren't open-ended are used in the poll conducted by Yaara. We Ask You was always designed to generate a discussion rather than to prompt people to tick a box.

    • dragonmouth
      March 26, 2014 at 2:30 pm

      O/S vs O/S will always generate a lot of emotional responses. :-)

      I like reading about all kinds of technology, both esoteric and mundane.. I could not narrow down my interests to 20 topics.

  2. Shawn
    March 26, 2014 at 4:18 am

    I'm not disabled, but I think the proliferation of technology does need a forum for this. It seems to be a population segment that could benefit most from related Tips, Tricks & hacks!

    • Dave P
      March 26, 2014 at 1:49 pm

      I agree this is an area of technology that doesn't get the coverage it deserves. Someone, somewhere, should probably start a MakeUseOf-style site designed with disabled users in mind.

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