20+ Apps To Bring Favorite Websites To Your Mac Desktop

mac web desktop shortcutThere are certain websites you access on almost a daily basis, and you can often find yourself with dozens of tabs open, and have to check each tab in your browser to find your favorites. Due to their popularity, some websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube can be accessed using third party desktop applications. These applications, more often than not, are developed by avid fans of these services themselves, and so you find them hitting on all the key features that you need.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps available for Mac users, some of which have already been reviewed extensively on MakeUseOf, while also highlighting some new apps you may not have heard of yet.


MailTab for Gmail gives you quick access to your primary Gmail account from the comfort of your status bar.
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What’s cool about MailTab it goes much further than just being a notifier to let you know when you have new messages, or an easy way to read those new messages. You can also reply to emails, compose new emails, delete, archive, add labels, and more. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to quickly pull up the app whenever you need to access your email.
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For a more complete Gmail experience on your desktop, Sparrow is the best option available for Gmail users.


Facebox Pro for Facebook is similar to MailTab for Gmail in that puts pretty much every Facebook feature within easy reach in your status bar. You can view friends’ profiles, update your status, check your Facebook inbox and even get on Facebook chat. One of the few things that you can’t do using Facebox Pro is upload photos to your Facebook profile.
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Tubbler is a sleek little desktop app for watching YouTube videos on your Mac. The feature list isn’t very long, but if all you’re looking for is an app to watch a playlist of YouTube videos on – Tubbler is sufficient.
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The main drawback is not being able to search for videos on Tubbler itself, but rather having to search for them on YouTube, after which you can drag the URL of the YouTube video to Tubbler to add it to the queue.
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If you’re looking for an app to convert YouTube videos to MP3s, the aptly named YouTube to MP3 will do just that. Copy the YouTube URL and hit Add from Clipboard in the app and the video will be automatically queued up. You can download several MP3s simultaneously as well as pause and resume downloads. Downloads are automatically placed inside your Music folder, in a folder named Downloaded by MediaHuman.
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If you’re looking for a way to both watch and download YouTube videos on your Mac, the desktop app, MacTubes has you covered. 
MiniTube is another solid option for Mac users who want to watch and download YouTube videos from the comfort of their desktop.


The list of free Twitter apps for Mac users is pretty much endless. With the official Twitter App definitely winning as far as popularity is concerned, there is a whole slew of other apps that have been reviewed by MakeUseOf before including Echofon, YoruFukurou and much, much, more.
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If you’re looking for a convenient app to upload images to Flickr, Flickr Uploadr is the best option. If you want to browse Flickr on your desktop, download Flickroom. Also be sure to check out this list of 5 Mac apps that you can use with Flickr.

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What Mac desktop apps do you use for your favorite websites? Let us know in the comments.

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