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YouTube videos can do everything from cheering you up to teaching you how to pronounce confusing brand names 5 Tech Brand Names That You’re Probably Saying Wrong 5 Tech Brand Names That You’re Probably Saying Wrong Just because a brand is popular doesn't mean people know how to pronounce them correctly. Read More . What’s important is that as long as you mind the gray areas concerning copyright, you’re free to use those videos elsewhere in the digital space. Here are a couple of ways in which to do that:

1. Share video clippings as GIFs: You can turn any portion of a YouTube video into a GIF just by turning the URL’s “” into “”, which takes you to a third-party service that lets you specify the starting point, the length of the resulting GIF, and a caption.

Once you have specified these parameters, hit the Create GIF button to get the converted GIF.


2. Embed videos: Found something funny or otherwise interesting in a YouTube video? Share the video on your website or blog by clicking on the Share link below the video and copying the code given under the Embed tab.

You can even share a specific portion of the clipping with this extra bit of code in the URL: ?start=ss&end=ss where “ss” represents custom start and stop times in seconds.

For example, let’s say that you want to embed this sample video on your website, starting at 5 seconds and going up to 40 seconds. Here’s what you’ll need to add to the original embed code:


How do you take YouTube videos beyond YouTube? Share your favorite tricks with us in the comments.

Image Credit: hand touch youtube by phoenixman via Shutterstock

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