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This winter I have got heavily into skiing. In fact, I have even written some cool articles about skiing applications on the iPhone Ski Tracks - The Skiing & Snowboarding App That Will Make You Say....Holy Crap! [iPhone] Ski Tracks - The Skiing & Snowboarding App That Will Make You Say....Holy Crap! [iPhone] Every now and then you come across an application that blows you away. Recently, I wrote an article about applications for skiers and snowboarders, and this one flew under my radar. Recently, I decided to... Read More . That was great when I was just getting into the sport, but after a while I needed to dig deeper. I needed to get with other skiers and find out information about tricks, gear and other skiing essentials. I needed a full featured skiing website that could keep me up to date with the latest happenings and show me awesome videos of other skiers in action.

Thankfully, after digging around the Internet, I found two websites that offer this. Newschoolers and Epicski are two of the most fully featured skiing websites there is. They give everything a budding skier needs to hit the slopes with skill and style. Newschoolers is mostly about skiing in the terrain park and doing tricks, and Epicski is all about general skiing. Depending on what kind of skier you are, one or both of these sites will give you everything you need.


Newschoolers rivals Reddit and MakeUseOf in terms of how much time I spend each day on there. Their content is focused more on park skiing, so if you are not into grinding rails, hitting huge kickers and buttering onto a box, this site might not be for you. If you are, then Newschoolers will be an incredible treat.

Their message board is their bread and butter. It is incredibly active, with hundreds of members logged in at any given time. They have forums for general ski talk, gear talk, buying and selling and more. The buy and sell forum is a great place to get some deals. They have member feedback so you can check a member out before you buy. If you want to group up with people who are looking for the same thing, you can join one of the cults and post in the forum for that cult.


I spend a lot of my time on Newschoolers in the video section. There are many new videos posted each day. It is a great way to kill some time, and watch people who are better than you do awesome stuff on their skis. They also have a place for users to post awesome pictures of themselves. All videos and pictures are rated on a ten star system, so it is easy to find the ones that the community considers the best.

In addition to regular user videos, they also have Newschoolers TV (NSTV), which is a place for regular video series to be posted. Many of them are done by the major ski brands. My personal favorite is Line’s Traveling Circus. I ski on Line, so perhaps I am biased, but it is an incredibly entertaining show.

Newschoolers even has a place for users to leave reviews on gear. If you are unsure of whether you should buy something, do a search on the Newschoolers gear reviews section, and you may be able to get some opinions from the community.

In the end, Newschoolers is awesome. If you are any kind of freestyle skier, you need to check it out. Just make sure you keep your posts in the forum steezy.


What Newschoolers is for park skiing; Epicski is for the rest of the mountain. Just like Newschoolers, they have an incredibly active forum featuring all kinds of topics such as general ski chat, trip reports, ski gear discussion and so much more. They also have a gear swap forum, where members can buy and sell equipment to other members. They even have a small section of the forum for snowboarders. If you want to chat about skiing that does not involve freestyle, or even if it does, Epicski is a great choice.

Epicski also has some great member reviews for gear. You can find out some great information about products, and even leave a review if you have a strong opinion about a piece of your gear. Users can even leave reviews on skiing books and videos. If there is something that relates to skiing, you can probably find a review on Epicski.

They also have a great resort section. They have terrain maps and reviews of many popular ski areas around the world. They break down the vertical drops, longest trails and all kinds of information about a mountain. That stuff is all useful, but being able to read firsthand accounts and reviews from others is incredibly valuable. Stats are great, but the opinion of fellow skiers is most important, and Epicski has that.

Epicski also has all kinds of news and articles to help you expand your skiing knowledge. They have articles about the latest happenings of the ski world, and how-to articles to help you improve your skiing skills. Some of the articles are very interesting, so if you are looking for some entertainment, you should check out the article section on Epicski.


Both of these websites are awesome depending on what kind of skier you are. Personally, I spend most of my time on Newschoolers just because I love park skiing. I still check out Epicski at least once a day, and as I said before, for people who have no interest in freestyle, Epicski will be the site for you.

What are your favorite websites for skiing? Let us know in the comments!

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