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fake idBe it for whatever purpose, I bet you’ve used some form of a fake ID or throwaway account online. It’s natural to want to have a bit of anonymity in certain behaviors and there’s nothing wrong with queuing up your own fake Internet persona (as long as you’re not stealing the identity of anyone else).

When it comes to filling out such long and exhausting forms and playing a personality that isn’t even your own, things can get a little troublesome and tedious. Most classy signup forms today will require that you match a city and ZIP code between each other, as well as other relevant information. No one likes alternate accounts, and you’ve got to do everything possible to make them look as authentic as the real thing.

To help assist you along the way, there are two websites that I know of that offer the best help when it comes to filling your head with such information.

Fake Name Generator

fake id

Fake Name Generator automatically generates literally every single account registration field value that you can probably think of. This includes phone, website, email, username, password, account security questions, fake CC and SS numbers, occupation, company, physical traits, and more.

This website really goes to an extent to provide you with deep information. Here’s a sample:


The 2 Best Sites For Coming Up With A Fake ID On The Internet fng2

The information here is very extensive and you’re allowed to tailor it however you want it to turn out:

The 2 Best Sites For Coming Up With A Fake ID On The Internet fng3

One of the coolest features on the side is the ability to bulk create identities. Doing so will allow you to queue up to three “orders” at a time of up to 50,000 bulk identities. Files can be output as a spreadsheet, HTML table, SQLite file, and more.

This entire website is a really great resource that takes all of the creative difficulty out of getting your new fake ID.

Name Generator in

fake id cards

NGI is a service very similar to Fake Name Generator, although this one deals in a more visual space as it generates “business cards.” These are generated uniquely, on a state-by-state basis.

fake id cards

After you select a state, a card is automatically generated for you.

fake id cards

Nearly a dozen different card styles will be generated for you, and you can scroll left or right through them. Each card comes complete with business name, real name, position, address, email, and phone number. Though Fake Name Generator offers a huge chunk of additional information, it doesn’t present it to you in such a visual and pleasing way.

fake id

NGI’s design and detail is to be appreciated.

Both of these sites are a great source of instant and practically infinite information when you’re itching to set up that throwaway email address or other account for a fake ID. Don’t scramble on Google or rack your brain to come up with information that these two can just as usually generate for you in a single click of a button. Or, 50,000 results in a single click of a button.

Let me know what you think of these two name generator websites in the comments section.

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