2 Lesser-Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

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Broom icon.svg4  300x300   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]If your argument is that CCleaner is the best resource to cleaning out Windows’ junk and temporary files, then I won’t be the guy to argue with you. I’ve even made a post in the past complimenting and appreciating all of the Piriform applications, as I believe they are some of the best on the entire web. That being said, there are those of you out there who have no interest in using CCleaner.

There are plenty of applications out there that will help you in automating the process of cleaning up your hard drive. Today, I’ve got two of my favorite free alternatives CCleaner that I’d like to share with you. Like CCleaner, they offer portable versions.


The Xleaner site is natively in German, though Google translate helps us in instantly translating that to English. The page may look like a bit of a mess, but downloading the archive that includes the Xleaner files is as simple as clicking the Download button in the screenshot below.

xleaner1   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

The main interface of Xleaner looks a bit like a dumbed-down version of CCleaner. It isn’t quite as pretty, but just as effective and simple to navigate.

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xleaner2   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

As it ships, Xleaner cleans out most of the expected areas of Windows, such as your recent documents, temporary files, and Internet Explorer history and cache. Clicking the Manage Cleaning Jobs option to the left will allow you to specify exactly what you should have cleaned when you run Xleaner. It is very extensive.

xleaner3   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

Here, you’re able to see all of the available Windows tasks that can be cleaned with Xleaner.

xleaner4   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

In the options tab, you’ll see, like CCleaner, Xleaner breaks down options separately for each of the most popular browsers. It’s good to be able to not clear the history of all browsers at once, and instead only for a certain browser.

xleaner5   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

Xleaner also includes many settings specific to the application itself. You can set it to start with Windows, check for updates automatically, and more. There are several tabs under Settings for you to check through.

When you’re all done configuring the application, simply clicking Run Cleaner will run the operations.


On the face of DriveTidy, it couldn’t get any more straightforward.

dt1   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

Of course there is more to the application than only that, as you can tell by clicking to show the advanced options. Not nearly as full in features as Xleaner, it still manages to includes most of the common areas to clean.

dt2   2 Lesser Known & Portable Alternatives To CCleaner [Windows]

Further down that list is the thumbnail cache, Windows installation files, sample videos, temporary files from applications like iTunes and Steam, and junk file extensions such as LOG and DMP. It’s on you to decide what you’d prefer to have cleaned.

Clicking the question mark directly to the right of the header in the application will allow you to quickly check for updates. It’s not automatic, but it’s easy.

Which of these two applications comes closest to replacing CCleaner for you? Let me know in the comments!

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This is a really nice program


William Smaling

Drive Tidy looks good. Nice and simple interface does basically what you want, but truthfully, I’ve been using CCleaner for a long while now and haven’t had a reason to change over. There is a portable version of CCleaner available too.


Lisa Santika Onggrid

Problems with CCleaner is sometimes it’s too powerful for basic computer users. DriveTidy sounds like something safer. I can just tell them to press Quick Cleanup and don’t bother with anything else.


Henk van Setten

This article suffers from the same basic shortcoming as many articles of this kind (meaning many of the articles discussing lesser known alternatives to well-known software). This shortcoming can be defined simply like this: the author of this article is lazy.
The author will superficially describe the alternative software, but he is simply too lazy to tell us to two basic and essential things: (a) exactly what are the main DIFFERENCES between this alternative software and the reference software; and (b) are there any specific reasons why we should PREFER this alternative software over the known one, and if so, what are those reasons?
Completely failing to answer these basic questions leaves an article like this mainly useless. After reading it, we still don’t have a clue why we should be supposed this alternative software a try…
In short: dear Craig, in writing this you’ve been just plain lazy. Sorry!

Craig Snyder

It’s a criticism that I’ll try to carry with me into similar articles, but you may be reading a little too much between the lines. As others in these comments seem to have acknowledged, there are definite and obvious differences between CCleaner and the alternatives that I’m comparing, and I feel that the article does its job in pointing towards them.

I reference screenshots very often in my articles. Often times, things that are not plainly stated are expected to be noticed in those screenshots. As you’ll notice in the first two paragraphs beneath the DriveTidy header, points are made that are then supported by screenshots.

Rather than state “Not nearly as full in features as Xleaner, it still manages to includes most of the common areas to clean,” I surely could have listed some of the areas where DriveTidy is effective, but I feel like providing a screenshot accomplishes that same goal and is a little lighter and easier on the casual reader.

I try to do my best to write articles in a way that that helps introduce applications or services both textually and visually, and in neither direction too heavy on the reader.



You could also mention Disk Clean (http://dclean.sourceforge.net/).
It is small but efficient freeware app that supports more than 70 programs that leave various traces/temps on a disk.
It can operate in “silent” mode, so you hardly notice it’s there, and yet the unnecessary garbage is purged from your PC.



Xleaner portable is not portable. It puts its hands into the registry!

Craig Snyder

You’re correct, but at this point we’d be challenging the true definition of “portable.” I, like you, swing more towards applications that leave no fingerprint at all. However, there are many that would argue that any application that requires no hard installation process should be considered “portable.” It’s good material for a future article.


Nikhil Chandak

amazing softwares like CCcleaner
I downloaded both of them
they were just above amazing


Efi Dreyshner

Thanks :D
I will try it on the next few days.


kumar raja

nice article very useful stuff


More Than A Cleaner.de – Support

Hello Ladies& Gents of MUO, Thanks for the walkthrough/review of Xleaner!
It is really appreciated :)


Optimus Dildo



Igor Rizvi?

Alo try SystemNinja or pc decrapifaer from syngular labs


Jake Thompson

I’m definitely gonna check out DriveTidy. Xleaner’s GUI looks really similar to CCleaner’s :P


Rigoberto Garcia

Great article Craig: very detailed. Thanks…

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