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Steve CampbellPeople spend a LOT of time on social media sites like Twitter, chatting with fellow friends and colleagues, reading the latest trending topics, and sharing links to popular blog posts and news articles. Likewise, these same individuals also spend a lot of time surfing the web for interesting content, often sharing their thoughts, ideas, and links on Twitter.

But what if you want to access all of those tweets days later? The more Twitter followers you have the more quickly these tweets get lost in the shuffle, and unless you’re looking for them specifically they are unlikely to ever find you.

Luckily there are web apps for just that. In this article, we will be discussing two of the best options for Twitter commenting that are available right now in the form of Twitter addons for your browser, as well as how they allow you to add to the conversation and create your own Twitter comments.


Kutano is one of the better Twitter addons for “weaving” Twitter discussions into your browsing. We mentioned Kutano briefly in our article 10 Firefox Add-ons To Find Friends On Social Networks 10 Firefox Add-ons To Find Friends On Social Networks 10 Firefox Add-ons To Find Friends On Social Networks Read More . It is available as a browser extension for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome (Beta builds) and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Kutano is a sidebar Twitter addon and docks to the side of your browser. When you surf the web, it updates with all of the tweets that took place about that particular page. You can see who tweeted about the page, what they said, and how popular it is on Twitter. If there are tweets that are similar (like re-tweets) you can see that too!



By switching to the “˜website’ tab, you can see what other pages are being tweeted about on the website you are viewing. This is a good way to find other articles you might be interested in from the same website.


While viewing the tweets of a particular page, the Kutano Twitter addon allows you to view the person’s Twitter profile, follow them, reply to their tweet, and re-tweet their tweet, all from within the application.

Need more than 140 characters to comment on a webpage? No problem. Kutano has a “˜discussions’ tab where you can write your comments and engage multiple people simultaneously in a discussion about the webpage.

If you sign up for a Kutano account you can login with your Twitter credentials and see your timeline, along with your @mentions, direct messages, and followers. If you don’t want to keep the sidebar visible you can minimize it and view tweet and discussion counts down in your browser’s status bar.



AddATweet is another good Twitter addon for viewing/creating Twitter comments on a page. Although it is strictly featured as an extension for Firefox at the moment, its simplicity and integration with Twitter is what sets it apart from other commenting and web annotation apps.


Like Kutano, AddATweet is a sidebar that allows you to see all of the tweets that were made about a specific webpage. There is a box at the top that allows you to add comments and tweet them out to your followers. Clicking the “˜tweet this‘ box adds your comments to the webpage as well as your public timeline on Twitter.

You can reply to tweets, re-tweet them, @ mention the person, and even mark them as spam. When you re-tweet or reply from within AddATweet, your comments are posted right under those that you were responding to, making it a threaded conversation.

You can sort comments by “˜everyone’, those who you are “˜following’, and those based on “˜authority’. Authority means that only comments made by people who have the most followers will be seen first. This sorting ability is useful if a page has a lot of comments and you want to see those made by popular Twitterers or if you simply want to see what your followers have written.

Like Leaving Comments Yet?

Reading and leaving comments directly on the pages you find interesting is yet another great way to utilize the power of Twitter. Even those that don’t understand Twitter all that well can find Twitter addons like Kutano and AddATweet useful because they allow you to find like-minded people and converse with them about popular topics on the web.

If you’re in the commenting mood, why not leave a comment on this page? Let’s start a discussion!

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