2 Greasemonkey Scripts to Permanently Highlight Websites in Google Search Results

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highlight search resultsGreasemonkey is a great FireFox addon that lets you add and manage various user scripts to improve your browsing experience.

We have already seen a few examples of how the addon can enhance your Google searching experience: there are a number of user scripts that let you remove redirects from Google search results; there are at least 9 scripts that make your Google searching more productive and there’s also a cool script that lets you highlight Google search results on the target page.

This post shares another useful Google search hack: two Greasemonkey scripts allowing you to highlight any specified website in Google search. With these tools, you can quickly find (and even switch between) your favorite websites you trust and want to find.

1. Highlight Multiple Domains

Locate Multiple Domains in Search Results is a Greasemonkey script based on this one that allows to highlight multiple domains in Google search engine results page.

You can set the domains to highlight as well as the colors by editing the script. To edit the script, go Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts, select this one and click “Edit” button. The script should open in your preferred editor where you need to scroll down to this lines to edit and add your domains and colors:

highlight search results

Note: For less clutter, consider setting same color for all your favorite domains if you don’t really need to differentiate between them.

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I selected three different colors and here’s what I saw for my choices in Google search engine results:

highlight google search

Known issues:

  • From my experience, the script doesn’t work with Google Instant enabled. But since I have Google Instant disabled most of the time, it doesn’t matter too much to me.
  • URLs that have the domain name in them, but are not the primary domain of the site are also highlighted.

2. Tuned Google Results

Tunes Google Results is another very interesting script that, among other features, can highlight several domains in Google results. Besides that, the script also:

  • Numbers Google results
  • Adds a link to Google “Text-only” cache.

The most interesting feature of this script is that it allows to easily jump between your chosen domain in Google results using the navigation links to the right:

highlight google search

I found that it’s a very handy way to click among your favorite domains while navigating through Google’s results pages.

As mentioned above, to specify your favorite websites, you need to edit the script in your preferred HTML editor:

highlight search results

Also, the script adds new search operators, which you can use in queries:

  • co:us – set your location (good if you want to check your site positions for country different than your current
  • lang:en – set language of web pages in results
  • loc:uk – set physical location of websites in results
  • num:30 – set number of pages in results

Known issues:

  • The script doesn’t work with Google Instant enabled (though the developer says he is working on that);
  • The script doesn’t work with Google Anonymizer, so (as I loved both) I had to choose between the two;
  • URLs that have the domain name in them, but are not the primary domain of the site are also highlighted.

Do you think these scripts add something new to your Google searching experience? Can you think of the ways these tools might turn really useful? Let’s discuss!

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Will this work only on my system ????


what kind of system do you have?



Could have been better, if it has been working in Google Instant

Ann Smarty

Yes, sadly, they don’t. But I hope they will eventually update the scripts.

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