2 FireFox Addons To Extract And View Multiple Web Images

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firefox multiple imagesLet’s face it: FireFox’s default image viewing options are quite limited. You can’t click through multiple images in one tab and you can’t zoom effectively (you can only zoom in / out once at most).

Luckily there are two addons that do a great job fixing that issue. In fact, I am so in love with both of these addons that I now have FireFox as my default image viewing software.

So let me try to explain why I find them so awesome:

1. Image Tools

(Compatible: Firefox 3.6 – 4.0.*)

Image Tools is a fun addon that boosts the default image-viewing screen adding plenty of options and lets you view all images from the current page (or from the current local folder). The addon works from the right-click menu that lets you view all images on the current page (To see a local image just drag it into Firefox):

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firefox multiple images

The image viewing panel lets you:

  • View all the images from the current page one by one;
  • Zoom the image in and out (and reset to the actual size);
  • Zoom the image to fit the window;
  • Rotate the current image right or left;
  • Set the background and frame color;
  • Save the image;
  • Copy image address;
  • Edit image online on Pixlr.com

firefox image viewer

The addon also supports and adds the range of useful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Save image: CTRL+S;
  • Copy image address to clipboard: CTRL+C;
  • List images: RIGHT and LEFT ARROW;
  • Fit image to window: Q – fit to window
  • View the original size: E
  • Zoom image in / out: W / S (respectively)
  • Rotate left / right: A / D (respectively)

Web Slide Show

Web Slide Show grabs all the images linked from the current page and creates a beautiful slide show using them. Like the above one, it works from the right-click menu:

firefox image viewer

The great thing about it is that (unlike the above one), it shows all linked images in their full size (replacing thumbnails).

The slideshow has all the necessary options to customize your viewing experience. You can:

  • Save all images from the current page (which os a great extra option);
  • Zoom images to fit the screen,
  • Make the slide show faster or slower;
  • Repeat as well as play / stop the slideshow;
  • View all images by clicking through them manually – there are buttons for that but you can also use standard shortcuts:
  • Home / End keys – view the first / last image in the slide show;
  • Page up / Page down keys – view previous / next image respectively

firefox image viewer

(To stop slideshow and close window press ESC or double click).

The addon also offers special support for popular web services including Flickr, Google Picasa Web and Google Image Search, Wikimedia and Wikipedia, Deviantart.com, Facebook.com, Imageshack.us, Photobucket.com, etc

The tool has a number of settings which can customize your viewing experience:

  • Loop all the slideshow for endless viewing (in case you just want to lean back and enjoy);
  • Adjust the time out (mind that it also depend on your Internet connection);
  • Minimum image width for it to appear in the slide show (to skip all icons and thumbnails);
  • Set it to shrink or zoom images to fit the screen, etc.

firefox multiple images

Are you aware of any more options to supercharge viewing of multiple images in FireFox? Have you had any experience with those listed here? Please share your thoughts!

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