2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

tablet comics intro   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]Summertime is pretty much the perfect time to indulge in reading your favorite genre or category of books. One popular these days is comic books, which make perfect sense to enjoy during your free days this summer as they are fun, addicting (for which you’ll have the time now!) and plentiful. In case you wanted any, we have plenty of recommendations for fantastic comics, including Saikat’s list of impressive HTML5 comics and comic blogs, as well as Angela’s roundup of worthwhile web comics.

Not only do we have some great recommendations, we also have a great resource to assist those who are unsure of where to get digital comic books. If that’s what you are also wondering, guess what? MUO has a thorough guide for you in the form of a free PDF manual, BAM! Your Guide To Digital Comic Books by Lachlan Roy.

MUO guide comics   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

For tablet-owning users, we have further goodies: recommendations to highly rated comic viewers, which you can use to read the great comics you encounter in the aforementioned articles, as well the online stores that we also briefly discuss.

Komik Reader, Free & $1.99 (Android 3.0+)

komik   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]There are many comic viewer apps for Android-powered smartphones, but how about a few for tablets? Komik Reader is a tablet-optimized app that lets you view your downloaded comics and manga. It might sound simple, but Komik Reader also includes lots of features that will make your comic-reading experience a lot smoother.

komik settings   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

From multi-touch features to dual-spread pages, this app is obviously the work of someone who has used it and thus, improved it upon knowing potential and handy extras (probably from reader suggestions or the like) without the need for addons. At 779k, it’s a seriously lightweight application that still displays images (in my case, the screenshots are showing Flashback Universe) in crisp condition. This free, ad-supported viewer supports comic book compressed files like CBR and CBZ, and image directories. Find ads annoying or want to support the developer? The $1.99 version will delight you with no ads and basically let you send virtual hugs to the app’s creators.

For more tablet-optimized Android comic viewers, check out ComiQ and the open-source A Comic Viewer. For comics that are released straight from the publishers, check out the apps for Marvel Comics, ComiXology Comics (and the related DC Comics), and Archie Comics.

ComicBookLover for iPad, Free

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert in iPad comic book-viewing apps because I don’t own an iPad, so I will rely on our trusty Simon, who reviewed ComicBookLover for Mac, iPhone and iPad .

   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

Simon highlights this app specifically because it doesn’t just work on both Mac and iDevices. It actually works like iTunes (without the sluggishness) in that you can synchronize the content on your desktop ComicBookLover library with that of your iDevice. The desktop client also has some extremely useful tagging features to more easily organize your comics wherever you are. For the full review, check out the original ComicBookLover article on both the desktop client and the iPad app.

You can also check out this review of 8 (talk about comic book galore!) apps released by comic publishers. Each of these apps feature stores, like Marvel, where you can obtain the store’s official comics. Many of them have a few comics that are completely free. The 8 apps reviewed by Steve include:

ipad comic viewers   2+ Excellent Apps For Reading Comics On Your Tablet [Android & iPad]

Make sure to check out the original article with details on these 8 comic-viewing apps for the iPad.

For additional reader apps that can let you view comics, there’s the Kindle App for Android and iPad that recently made headlines for being updated to better support graphic-heavy books, and the Nook app for Android and iPad that also has comics and graphic novels for purchase (though there are some for free). Both are one-stop shops for many of your reading needs, whether it be for books, magazines, newspapers, and you guessed it, graphic-oriented books, like comic books.

Got any recommendations for tablet-friendly comic readers? We are all ears.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Flashback Universe Web Comics

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Jessica Cam Wong

James, I don’t have an iPad so I appreciate the iPad app suggestion! Comic Zeal seems like a very full-featured reader. The high ratings in the App Store make me think that a lot of users agree with you. Perhaps you can talk about it in a future article!

Tanguy Djokovic

that’s real nice, since I love the walking dead (the comic) I’ll finally be able to keep it with me on the go. :)


I prefer ComicRack

Jessica Cam Wong

It’s got pretty high ratings in Google Play so it indeed seems like a great app. Thanks for the suggestion!


I have been using Bookman pro for my iPad. It is $2.99, and works like a charm.

Jessica Cam Wong

What are some of its unique features? Perhaps it might enlighten potential Bookman pro users.

John Nguyen

Jessica Cam Wong

I wish I had an iPad to try Comic Express out, but thanks for the suggestion anyway! It also has pretty high ratings and a smaller price tag than most other highly-rated iOS comic reader apps.

Kannon Y

Thanks for the great article Jessica!

Out of the half dozen readers I’ve used prior to Komik Reader, only ComicRack seems decently functional on a full tablet. Even so, Komik Reader blows the daylights out of the Rack. It has more fluid pages changes and a far easier to use file navigator. Thanks for the mention!

By the way, do you know what comic is in the Komik Reader screencap? I noticed the filename, but when I Googled “Butterfly” + comic not much came up. There was a manga by the same title – but it err… seemed to be more than a little Yaoi related.

Kannon Y

Oops, it was Flashback Universe. My reading skills suck!

Jessica Cam Wong

I’m glad you found the comic title (I still haven’t actually read it all) and that you like Komik Reader. Also, thanks for giving some input as to why you found it better than other reader apps. It’s always helpful to have some evidence-backed arguments, especially to users who are deciding between several similar apps like comic readers.


Hi Jessica,
Have you tried myComics for Android? It was recently voted one of the 5 best apps for reading comic books on android devices!
Give it a try.


ComiCat is another comic reader with great performance and lots of features. It is in active development and has frantic customer support. I had been using it on my kindle fire and loved it so much that when I bought a non Amazon tablet I installed Amazon app store just to get this app. At that time it was not available on Google play store.