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Do you need to find out your IP address? Or do you need to shorten a URL? Perhaps you want to paste something on a webpage to use it later. These and many other handy web services are offered on the impressive website

handy web services is a free to use website that contains a collection of popularly used web tools. These tools are categorized under different tabs on the site.

When you visit the site, the tab opened by default is titled “Info”.  On this tab, the site will list most of your system’s information such as the operating system, screen resolution and the version of Flash your browser is running.

Other tabs correspond to a chat interface, a paste-bin, URL shortener, and picture uploader. The password utility tab is also present; it judges the strength of passwords you enter and helps you generate new passwords.

handy web services

The site also gives you a temporary email address and contains an email reader that refreshes every 60 seconds.


  • A user friendly website.
  • A collection of most popular web tools.
  • Provides you with a temporary email address.
  • Contains a URL shortener, along with many other web tools.
  • Contains a password strength calculator and a password generator.
  • Gives you access to some basic information about your computer.

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