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19Pencils is an amazing online website for finding educational material. The material found on the website is partly taken from many different parts of the Internet while various users also present some on the website. Users can find and create custom quizzes, discover and share educational websites with other users and more.

share educational content

To use the service, just visit the website and search for the thing you are looking for, for example “history” and the website will provide you with different websites that provide you with information about that subject. You can choose to view the website and check the information out, or even save the website to your favorites to view later.

Users can even create small websites for their classes regarding different subjects, and custom quizzes to test the skills of their students or readers.


  • Discover and share educational material the easy way.
  • Ability to create custom quizzes and websites for students.
  • Create class websites.
  • Free and easy to use.

Check out 19Pencils @


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  1. Anonymous
    January 17, 2012 at 1:15 am

    19Pencils is the Easiest Way to Discover and Share Educational Content

    Search From 1,000s of Topics
    Don't waste time fighting traditional search engines. Save time and energy and search for content used by teachers just like you. Resources include websites, videos, quizzes and more. Each presented in a very visual way with a description and even indications of previous use by other teachers. Save to your class page, or to your favorites for easy access later in a single click. Even filter searches by grade, school, or district to see what your colleagues have discovered.

    Save Your Favorite Web Resources
    No more losing the address of your favorite web sites. Save your favorite resources to your Favorites list in your Teacher Dashboard where you may share it with your students on your Class Page at any time with only a single click. Keep your favorites year after year, class after class.

    Add Your Own Web Site Links Easily
    Want to add a link to your favorite website? Easily save new links from your Teacher Dashboard where a thumbnail is automatically generated in seconds. You can even save a custom title and description, adding it to your class page in a single click. Best of all your new link is immediately available for other teachers to discover.

    Create A Unique Class Page
    Easily create your own class page with thumbnail links to all of your favorite resources in just a few minutes. Thumbnails of your sites make it easy for students of all ages to click on the correct item. And when your students click on a link you will be confident knowing that they will remain on your class page with content presented within a frame.

    Create Custom Quizzes For Your Class
    Easily create unique quizzes for your class, or leverage a quiz that already exists and add your additional content, saving time. Single question or multiple choice. Even view quizzes in full screen for easy in-class review.

    Track Student Progress & Access
    Track how your students perform on quizzes and even track which websites on your class page are the most popular. See which students accessed which website and when.

    Already Have a Class Blog?
    You can easily place a widget onto your existing website or class page to point your students, parents and colleagues to your 19Pencils link page. You can also add an educational focused search widget to your existing site or blog to make discovering new content even easier.