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This weekend was scary for 1.5 million Visa and Mastercard account holders who may have had their card numbers stolen from Global Payments. They first announced the theft late Friday night and said that although the credit card numbers may have been compromised, all addresses, names and social security numbers are believed to be safe. If your data was compromised, you should have received notice.

As a result of this breach, Visa removed Global Payments from their list of approved service providers. This shows that Visa cares about the security of their customers’ data, and they will not tolerate lackluster security measures. They also said that Global Payments is welcome to apply again once they are up to Visa’s standards.

It seems that Global Payments has contained the issue “to the best of their ability.” They plan to investigate the problem further and carry out any changes that are necessary to improve their security. They said that the “diligent work” will take some time, but they plan to have everything up and running again as soon as possible.

Global Payments also plans to quickly abide by Visa’s guidelines so they can start processing payments again. At some point between January 21 and February 25 is when the hackers broke in to their system, so it seems as though they will have a lot of work ahead of them to find out exactly where the breach came from.

Source: Cnet
Image Credit: Shutterstuck


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