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Rock is the ultimate music genre. It’s one of the most diverse and influential styles ever seen. It has shaped generations on many more levels than just their musical taste. Rock is a state of mind and a way of life.

This edition of Sound Sunday is dedicated to no other than Classic Rock.

A Quiet Intro

Genre: alternative, indie, classic rock

Over the past 15 years Jeff has recorded and released 8 solo albums (…) He’s had multiple TV placements with his music including songs used on CBS and Comedy Central. Mallon studied guitar (technique & theory) at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, and also with world-renowned guitarist Richie Kotzen.

Right On Track

Genre: indie, classic rock, garage rock

After the mellow start, an indie band from Calgary takes us further into this edition of Sound Sunday, and it’s not a detour. Enjoy 12 minutes of fine rock.

Groovy Classic Rock

Genre: funk, classic rock, hard rock


What the fans say: This style of rock music is exactly what’s missing from commercial radio these days. – This is a nice change of pace if you’re in the mood for some classic rock with a funky blues rock groove. No frills, just easy listening feel good music that is done really well!
Source: Bandcamp

Toronto’s Rock Superhero

Genre: acoustic, rock, classic rock

Toronto based musician Will Black is taking it up with the big rock stars. This free EP contains tracks from his 2008 debut album Dancing With The Dead and a Bon Jovi cover.

Energetic UK Rock

Genre: alternative, classic rock, grunge

One of Southampton’s longest serving original unsigned rock n’ roll bands, we are delighted to offer 2 of our studio albums for free download.
Source: Bandcamp

The Sound of the 80s

Genre: classic rock, hard rock

Drysill are an Icelandic hard rock band. This album was originally released in 1985. On Bandcamp, this record is brought to you by Deathcrush Records.

Retro Rock From Georgia

Genre: alternative, hard rock, classic rock

With intricate, sweeping guitar solos, bombastic bass lines, elegant vocal harmonies, and a deluge of beautifully articulated drum fills, Breathing Kansas is developing into a musical powerhouse destined to reshape the music industry.
Source: Bandcamp

Hand Made Rock

Genre: alternative, hard rock, classic rock

Original Hard Rock and Alternative Rock from Lincoln, NE. We are a band that has sounds and roots from 70’s and 80’s rock, with some modern influences and styles. We like to combine our favorite music genres and create our own sound, and we believe that music shouldn’t be processed over computers or digitally, but made the old fashioned way; Guitars, Tube Amps, Drums, and Loud Sound.
Source: Bandcamp

Gina Rocking The Lead Vocals

Genre: classic rock, stoner

Formed in Monterrey, Mexico by siblings Miguel & Gina Ríos. Spacegoat play a blend of classic rock with influences spanning from early Sabbath to Janis Joplin.
Source: Bandcamp

Southern Cali Rock

Genre: alternative, rock & roll, classic rock

Wicked Tongues are a rock band from San Diego, California.

Real Hard Rock

Genre: classic rock, hard rock, metal rock

4 piece Hard Rock band hailing from Birmingham, England. Inspired by the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Soundgarden & Black Label Society, GlassBullet have developed their own huge, unique sound, making their mark on Birmingham Music Scene.
Source: Bandcamp

Classic Stoner Rock

Genre: classic rock, riff rock, stoner rock

A fan says: On this EP Yellabird have decided to generally inject a little more muscle into their guitars, creating a heavier, more riff-driven style, still with the southern rock twang that adds character! I’d personally prefer to hear gruffer, edgier vocals as well, though.
Source: Bandcamp

Heavy Blues Rock

Genre: hard rock, classic rock, space rock, heavy rock, metal

In Borås, the most rainy city in Sweden, a band like no other is slowly beginning to rise from the fountains of boredom. Mixing metal, blues and classic rock they sound truly unique. This is their 2013 debut album and the fans think it rocks!
Source: Bandcamp

Long Live Polka Rock It Is!

Genre: hard rock, classic rock, desert rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

ER began in 2012 as an a capella polka outfit. Quickly becoming embittered by the politics of polka they chose to move on to greyer pastures. But grazing those grey, mushroom covered pastures resulted in a 7 day hallucinatory nightmare; relentlessly pursued by a 10′ tall, purple, snarling, three-headed tuba player. “No one leaves Polka!” But after extensive plastic surgery and new names, they did.
Source: Bandcamp

Pure Strong Heart Pounding Rock & Roll

Genre: americana, classic rock, hard rock, blues

Their sound is based on the Classic Rock of the 60’s and 70’s, Blues/Rock and Southern Rock with strong melodies and meaningful lyrics.
Source: Bandcamp

Rock On

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