15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience

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Facebook is so huge that millions of users think it is the Internet itself. At this point, almost everyone has a presence on the social network. If you access it from a computer and not your mobile, then the desktop Facebook experience can be made better.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer a bunch of “extensions” or “add-ons” that can change how you interact with Facebook, whether in the form of additional features or by removing unwanted elements.

From finding out who unfriended you to keeping to removing those annoying boxes in the sidebar, here are the 15 best extensions for a better Facebook.

Social Fixer

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari


Of all the Facebook extensions, Social Fixer is the most popular and the most comprehensive solution. This one add-on enables a wide list of features that let you customize your News Feed to your heart’s content. Here’s a quick list of what you can do with it:

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  • Filter your feed by keywords and authors.
  • Sort posts into different tabs (Games, Applications, etc.).
  • Hide posts you have read.
  • Hover over a photo to see it in full size.
  • Apply new themes, like a dark view.
  • Increase the font size.
  • Sort News Feed by Most Recent and keep it that way.
  • Change the appearance of hashtags, or hide them completely.

There’s plenty more that Social Fixer can do once you dig around through its Settings. Apart from the aforementioned browsers, it is available as a Greasemonkey user script on any browser that supports it.

Download: Social Fixer for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari

F.B. Purity

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Maxthon


Like Social Fixer, F.B. Purity is another all-in-one tool to fix or change several aspects of Facebook. Many of the features of these two add-ons overlap, but they have plenty of exclusive abilities to make both worth downloading. Here are some of F.B. Purity’s salient features:

  • Disable autoplaying videos.
  • Hide all photos and videos from the feed.
  • Hide posts by keywords and phrases.
  • Expand the width of the News Feed column.
  • Hide trending topics and hashtags.
  • Freeze the left sidebar so all your navigation elements are available even when you scroll down.
  • Change the font, font size, background colors.
  • Block certain apps from your News Feed.
  • Import and export settings.

There are lots of other features too. F.B. Purity has been around since 2009, and has a community of users who are happy to help you adjust and tweak your Facebook to your liking.

Download: F.B. Purity for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Maxthon

Facebook Adblock Plus

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer


Look, we don’t condone ad-blocking and urge you to whitelist MakeUseOf, but the makers of one of the biggest such blockers has a fantastic tool for Facebook users. Facebook Adblock Plus lets you get rid of Facebook’s biggest annoyances in the easiest of ways.

You can either choose to block annoying elements in Facebook’s sidebars, in the News Feed, or both. There are individual lists for all three options. You can check out the blocked elements before you decide, but here’s a brief list of items:

  • Trending
  • People You May Know
  • Entertainment Pages You May Like
  • Music You May Like
  • Upcoming Events
  • Most Shared on Page
  • Like Your Favorite Pages
  • Nearby Feeds

Keep in mind, Facebook Adblock Plus specifically states that it blocks only non-advert annoyances and Facebook’s ads, which are part of its revenue model, are left untouched.

All you need to do is click the “add” button on the Facebook Adblock Plus page for one of the three options and it will prompt you to install the relevant extension that powers it. You don’t need to use all of the features of that extension.

Download: Facebook Adblock Plus

Facebook One

Available on: Google Chrome


Having a Facebook tab open all the time isn’t in your best interest. It can be a bit too tempting to switch to that tab and one of the best ways to deal with Facebook procrastination is to close it.

But the fear of missing out on an important notification might make you start Facebook again. The Facebook One extension for Chrome is a simple way to know if you have updates waiting for you, without actually opening the site itself. The quick six-tile view will show any major notifications, and take you directly to that page of Facebook if something is waiting for you.

Download: Facebook One for Google Chrome

Facebook Demetricator

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Maxthon

Scientific research suggests that Facebook is making you sad, and a part of the reason is that we tend to quantify our self-worth with the number of Likes or Shares our posts get. Developer Ben Grosser decided to take these harmful numbers out of the equation.

Facebook Demetricator removes numbers from the social network. So under a post, you’ll see “People liked this”, not the actual number of people; and similarly, “View all comments”, not “View all 14 comments”. And you can choose to easily toggle this “demetricator” on and off, in case you need a number in one instance.

Download: Facebook Demetricator for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Facebook Flat

Available on: Google Chrome


Facebook has never looked prettier and more inviting than after I installed the Facebook Flat extension for Chrome. It’s a complete makeover for the social network, which incorporates a flat design and adds a splash of color to the otherwise vanilla look.

Facebook Flat also has some other neat features, like blocking ads in Facebook and a revamped left-side navigation bar which provides shortcuts to useful links like your photos, likes, friends list, and so on.

Everything about Facebook Flat is better than the default look. Once you install it, you’ll never want to go back.

Download: Facebook Flat for Chrome

Privacy Badger

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


There’s always a suspicion that Facebook knows a bit too much about us. Well, the social network actually is tracking you everywhere you go, which is half the purpose of those “Like” and “Social” buttons. How do you stop that?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) developed an add-on called Privacy Badger that blocks third-party trackers and advertisers from mining information about you. It also smartly replaces social media widgets, such as the Facebook Like button, with a harmless version of it that doesn’t track you.

Download: Privacy Badger for Chrome or Firefox

Facebook Chat Privacy and Facebook Chat Seen Blocker

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


If someone sent you a message on Facebook Messenger, they can see when you have read it. Unless you choose to appear offline, that “Seen at” prompt lets the other person know, and then there’s the pressure of having to reply even if you don’t want to, or be seen as ruse.

So in case you want to stop that “Seen” message, a couple of extensions can do that. On Google Chrome, Facebook Chat Privacy will block the “Seen” status and also remove the “XYZ is typing” message when you are composing a reply. Firefox’s Facebook Chat Seen Blocker add-on similarly lets you read your messages without letting the other person know.

Download: Facebook Chat Privacy for Chrome

Download: Facebook Chat Seen Blocker for Firefox

Facebook Invite All

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


When you are creating an event on Facebook or making a new Page, you want to invite your friends and family to Like it or find out if they’re attending or not. Unfortunately, Facebook’s default interface makes it difficult to add everyone from your Friends list in one ago.

The Invite All extensions for Chrome and Firefox (made by two different developers) enable this function by adding a simple button in the Invite screen where you add Friends. Click it to select everyone and send out your invitation. Simple and easy, almost like something Facebook should already have.

Of course, this might mean that others who read this article will endlessly invite you to things as well, and if that’s annoying, here’s our guide to blocking Facebook invites.

Download: Facebook Invite All for Chrome

Download: Facebook Invite All for Firefox

Photo Zoom for Facebook

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari


When you see a photo on Facebook, it’s shrunk. From a profile picture to a group of images shared in a single post, your only option to see the full-sized photo is to click on it and open it in a new lightbox or window. It’s a disruptive process.

With Photo Zoom for Facebook, just hover your mouse cursor over any image and it’ll show you the full-sized image in a frame—no need to click, no going away from the screen that you are seeing right now. It’s simple and efficient.

Download: Photo Zoom for Facebook for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Friends Feed

Available on: Google Chrome, Apple Safari


Do you get sick and tired of seeing posts in your timeline that you have zero interest in, just because “X friend liked this” or “3 friends shared this article”? Facebook aggressively shares this even when you might not want them in your News Feed.

The Friends Feed extension gets rid of them so that the only updates you see are either by your friends or from Pages and People you actively follow. You won’t see irrelevant rubbish on your screen just because a friend commented on some post!

Download: Friends Feed for Chrome or Safari

Detox for Facebook

Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari


At times, the social network can be a time sink and derail your productivity. Resistance is difficult, so instead of switching off that Facebook tab, get Detox to turn it into a useful feed of information.

Detox will replace your News Feed with information from specific sites that you want to hear from, like The Verge, Dribbble, DeviantArt, Mashable, Medium, and others. You can even set it to automatically switch on at a scheduled time on specific days. And just like that, instead of silly updates about your friend’s baby, you’ll get helpful inspiration for your design or find out what’s happening in the world of tech.

Download: Detox for Facebook for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari


Available on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox


One of the many non-text ways you can post, message or comment on the social network is in the form of Facebook stickers. Personally, I find them incredibly annoying. If you’d rather not see them either, then Unsticker.me is the extension you’ve been waiting for.

Install it and it simply turns all stickers into a little note that says “[sticker]”, saving your eyes from the garish and unrealistic representations of human emotions and events. Yes, you might not always know what your friends are saying, but it’s better to teach them to use words!

Download: Unsticker.me for Chrome

Download: Unsticker.me for Firefox


Available on: Google Chrome


One of the best extensions for Facebook is unfortunately available only on Chrome. Rather, formerly known as Unbaby.me, replaces any unwanted content from your timeline with something you’d rather see instead.

For example, you can ask Rather to monitor the word “baby” and replace it with Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed. Or you could avoid Game of Thrones spoilers by replacing all posts about that with an RSS feed of MakeUseOf. If you’d rather not replace it, you can choose to entirely mute such keywords too.

Rather does a better job of scanning and replacing these keywords than other extensions like Social Fixer, so if you’re sick and tired of Donald Trump, it’s the best way to get rid of him from your timeline.

Download: Rather for Chrome

Ensky Album Downloader

Available on: Google Chrome


Facebook only lets you download one photo at a time to your hard drive. If you want to save an entire album, you’re out of luck.

Third-party apps and extensions have tried to solve this problem for a long time, but there still isn’t a perfect solution. The closest one I found was Ensky Album Downloader for Chrome; and there was no extension for other browsers which did a good job.

With Ensky, you will be able to download an entire album to your hard drive, either as a zip file or as separate photos in your default Chrome downloads folder. It’s really simple to use too. Just browse to an album, click the Ensky extension icon, and it’ll get to work. In a minute, you should see a screen with the option to download the pictures.

Download: Ensky Album Downloader for Chrome

Your Recommendations!

None of the extensions for Firefox or Safari worked well in my tests, so I wouldn’t want to recommend them. But if you know of a good add-on to download all photos from a Facebook album, please share it in the comments below.

Additionally, if you use any other Facebook-related extension that isn’t mentioned in this list, mention it in the comments. We’re always keen to discover new tools to make our Facebook experience better!

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