15 Cool Tools for easy Expense Tracking and Budgeting

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From simple, personal and shared expense tracker to feature-filled, budget tracking tools. All free, enjoy!

(1) BillMonk (no longer online)


  • convenient for tracking expenses between friends, roommates, college students, etc.
  • track, manage, split and settle bills (via Obopay) online
  • get reminders (via email or SMS)
  • use tags to categorize your expenses
  • integrated system to keep track of stuff you lent and borrow i.e, books and DVDs

(2) BillQ


  • add, track and manage bills.
  • set ‘to pay’ reminders and deadlines
  • create groups and assign bills to them
  • Addons: Mac OS X Dashboard widget


Features: Demo

  • track personal and shared expenses
  • save reoccurring expenses (i.e., direct debits or standing orders)
  • get reminders (via email, SMS, RSS)
  • RSS feeds (for upcoming bils, reminders, etc.)
  • use tags to categorize your expenses
  • create expense graphs and charts
  • get overview reports

(4) BudgetOnWeb

Features: Demo

  • manage your budget, schedules and contracts in a Excel-like interface
  • integrates project management with contacts management and financial tools.
  • track and share budgets
  • collaborate on budgets with others

(5) BudgetTracker

Features: Demo

  • add, track and manage budget, bills and transactions
  • setup ‘due’ reminders
  • get reminders (via email, SMS or RSS)
  • access your account via mobile
  • track upcoming bills via RSS

(6) BuxFer

Features: Demo

  • manage expenses and group finances in a GMail-like interface
  • keep track of spendings and people owing you money
  • get reminders (via email or SMS)
  • import your credit card statements (.csv,.qfx,.ofx)
  • use tags to categorize your expenses
  • add bills via SMS
  • create expense graphs and charts
  • overview reports

(7) ClearCheckBook

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Features: Demo

  • track and manage transactions
  • get reminders (via email or SMS)
  • access you account via mobile
  • update your account via SMS or AIM/ICQ
  • export account data to Excel, import bank records
  • Addons: Mac OS X Dashboard widget, Google gadget

(8) ExpenseView

Features: Demo

  • track expenses, budgets and income
  • create different expense categories i.e., groceries, utilities, phone, etc.
  • create expense graphs and charts
  • OCX import capabilities
  • add transactions via mobile

(9) iOweYou

Features: Demo

  • convenient for use in a shared student house
  • add and track shared bills
  • monitor updates via RSS feed
  • instant overview reports
  • free for groups of up to five people.

(10) JustBudget


  • manage your budget and spending habits
  • add, track, categorize and manage bills
  • create expense graphs and charts
  • instant overview reports

(11) MoneyTrackin

Features: Demo

  • simple and powerful online budget management tool
  • track multiple projects
  • tag, share and collaborate on projects
  • get transaction reminders (email)
  • integrated calculator and currency converter
  • create expense graphs, charts and Excel/PDF reports
  • access you account from you mobile
  • Addons: Firefox extension, Netvibes module

(12) MySpendingPlan

Features: Demo

  • simple and easy-to use tool to track and manage your budget
  • get reminders via email
  • create expense graphs and charts

(13) Plan2Spend

Features: Demo

  • organize your bills and payments
  • track daily expenses
  • quick summary and detailed budget reports
  • get money management tips from the Plan2Spend community

(14) SpendingProfile

Features: Demo

  • track and manage your budget and expenses
  • import your bank account transactions
  • create expense graphs and charts

(15) Wesabe

Features: Demo

  • track and manage transactions
  • use tags to categorize your expenses
  • get budgeting tips from other users

Some Desktop Software for Budget/Expense Tracking

  • PearBudget (can be used by almost any spreadsheet program i.e., Excel, Word, OpenOffice, etc.)
  • Buddi (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • JGnash (Mac, Windows, Linux)

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Impressive Roundup. I’ve tried only one or two of those so far – and I like what they can do.

(submitted in queue to tweako)



i LOVE your site. read it almost daily. thank you:)



Thank you guyz
Mike, I like tweako as well, although i have difficulties finding queue section.


Mama Money

Wow–I had no idea there were so many options out there. Maybe I should try branching out from Quickbooks.



Thanks for the list. Have been looking for something to help me with my personal budgeting forever. If only I could find an add-on for it to my iCal!


Did you check all of the listed services? Maybe one of them has it. :?:

Francois Bondiguel

@cubes I recommend you give PocketSmith a try! It is a simple-to-use budgeting and cashflow forecasting application that uses a calendar for more natural interaction. You can also export your PocketSmith calendar from the iCal subscribe page!

Read more about PocketSmith in this great product review by makeuseof.com : http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/pocketsmith-forecast-your-cashflow/

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have :) Regards, Francois


John Sowder

Great list! I have tried a couple of these from your list…one that I am using now that is working great is the expense tracker. http://www.theexpensetracker.com
I saw them on good morning america…it is the easiest I have found so far.
You guys are doing a great job!.



Have you checked our receiptfarm?

Expenses mail-in service in the UK. Great for freelancers and super easy to use.
We have launched the BETA so it’s still free to use


Check it out and give us your feedback



Am I the only one to feel uncomfortable having this information on the internet? I love having stuff on the cloud, but to me this is taking things a step too far.

Would prefer a similar programmes to download and have it on my laptop only. Any recommendations?


Found this one also: whooweswhom.net. Seems to be still experimental. There’s no help, so you have to find out the “philosophy” by yourself. But actually, I think I got it and I have to tell it’s the fastest and simpliest tool I’ve seen to solve the “who owes whom”.



Very nice and useful article! Very recently came across this another tool to track daily expenses http://mychipper.com/. It is extremely simple to use and has a very neat interface. Has lots of other small nice to have features like reminders, tracking lent and borrowed money.



Saw this too.. Nice simple…but doesn’t store info on the server…but very interesting.. Check it




Good article. Though would have liked http://www.mint.com up there.
Fully-automated application for personal expense management.
Tracks from source i.e. bank accounts and credit cards.

However for shared expenses you can give a try to http://www.beezang.com. Super easy to use. Now even personal expenses can be tracked via it.

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