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Who doesn’t fancy a shortcut? Life hacks are ingenious tricks that can make your life easier, whether it’s as simple as fitting two bowls in a microwave oven or making a DIY stand for your phone.

There are plenty of sites that life hackers should subscribe to Four Best Inspiring Blogs Every Life Hacker Should Subscribe To Four Best Inspiring Blogs Every Life Hacker Should Subscribe To Read More and forums to discuss and learn cool stuff 5 Best Subreddits To Learn Cool Stuff 5 Best Subreddits To Learn Cool Stuff Reddit is more than just a time sink where you can look at pretty girls, read about nerdy stuff, and procrastinate as you build a memory of random trivia. Reddit can be used to learn... Read More . But social networks are usually the best places to get and share such life hacks. And since we all know pictures are worth a thousand words, Instagram is an amazing place to find new ideas.

Turn A Popcorn Bag Into A Popcorn Bowl

Why dip your hand and rummage around in that greasy bag for a few kernels? There’s a better way to do it. Once your bag is out of the microwave, shake it well, place it on its side, grab a pair of scissors and cut a square out of the front. Instant popcorn bowl!


By @daniestraub

Fit Two Bowls At Once In Microwave

If your microwave oven is too small to fit two bowls side-by-side, then here’s how to do it. Place one bowl, and keep an inverted glass next to it. Now, just put the second bowl on top of the inverted glass. Voila!



By @hi_im_arielle

Use A Screw And Fork To Uncork A Bottle

Don’t have a bottle opener handy? Don’t worry. All you need is a screw, a fork and a little ingenuity. Twist the screw into the cork, as deep as you can go, while letting it jut out a bit. Use the fork to grab a hold of the screw, and then start pulling upwards. Cheers!


By @megmegasaur

Polka Dot Fingernail Paint With Pencil And Nail

To paint your fingernails in a chic polka-dotted design, grab a pencil and a nail. Push the nail through the pencil’s eraser at the top. Then, holding the pencil, just dip the nail into paint and onto your fingernail.


By @jenifer_lovesyouall

Use A Spoon As A Wire Rack Stopper

If you have a bottle in your fridge, or any other wire rack, that seems like it might roll off, grab a spoon and slide it through the rack. It will act as a stopper for whatever object is threatening to roll out.


By @lightninghugz

Make A Moat To Keep Ants Away From Food

Baked a sugary delight and want to keep the ants from getting at it? Ants can’t handle water, so this hack goes medieval and suggests making a moat. Just place your item on a plate or saucer with water in it and you’ll be guaranteed an ants-free zone.


By @gillianhugh

Use A Pen Spring To Protect Charger Cables

Over time, charger cables start to fray or detach with continuous usage, especially at the connector’s end. This is mainly because of a frequent change in shape, as the cable coils and uncoils. One way to keep that from happening is to use the spring from a pen. Coil it around your cable and slide it up to the point of your connector. That part will stay firm and your cables will last longer.


By @marilululuwho

Use Bread Or Milk Tabs As Cord Holders On Desks

The next time you buy bread or milk, don’t throw away the tab. You know that unruly mess of charger cables, USB cables and other cords on your desk? The easiest way to manage those is to stick those plastic tabs at the edge of your desk (using glue or sticky tape). Now, just slide the cord in — perfect cable management.


By @dasootas

Empty Tissue Rolls As Cord Holders

When you run out of tissues, instead of trashing the cardboard roll, repurpose it as a cord holder. Packing a coiled up cord into a roll can not only keep it from unravelling, but also help you label it by writing what it’s for on the roll with a marker pen. Your cords will stay neat and organized.


By @lifehacks_funfacts

Mark Your Serrated Knives With Nail Polish

Do you hate having to pick knives out of your knife stand one by one to find the serrated blade? Grab a bottle of nail polish and mark the top of the serrated blade’s handle with a colour. You could even use different colours for different knives to instantly tell which blade to pick up. You don’t have to paint the entire thing as seen below, even a small dot would suffice.


By @claireackley

The Easiest, Cleanest Way To Pit Cherries

Removing the seeds from cherries can be a messy and tedious job. To simplify it, grab a bottle with a mouth smaller than cherries, and a chopstick. Place the bottle on a table, put the cherry on the mouth and push the chopstick through. Pit falls into the bottle and you have a perfectly pitted cherry.


By @yenlinchung

Turn A Cigarette Pack Into A Phone Stand

Smoking is injurious to your health, but ingenious for your smartphone. Flip open the pack and use the top as a stand for your smartphone, resting against the pack. If the speakers and the pack align, the hollow will also double up as a makeshift volume amplifier.


By @niniallamas

Put Ice Cubes In Dryer To De-wrinkle T-Shirt

This could be the quickest and laziest way to remove wrinkles from a t-shirt. Throw your shirt into the dryer and chuck a few ice cubes with it. Run the dryer for 5 minutes and you’re done! The combination of moisture and heat works perfectly to get rid of those wrinkles.


By @br_14

Repurpose Paper Clips As Key Hangers

Got a few, large paper clips handy? Bend the free side outwards, and use scotch tape to stick the rest of the clip to a counter. And there you go, you just got yourself a handy hanger for your keys, scissors, kitchen towel and anything else you might want.


By @therickandrews

Cut Soda Bottle Tops For Resealable Cans

Don’t want to finish that soda can in one go? Grab an old plastic bottle and cut the top off. Then, slide the top onto your can, pushing it as far down as it can go. While the hack doesn’t mention it, a rubber band is a good added measure to seal it tight. And there you go, you now have a resealable can with a twisty cap.


By @maxjbishop

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This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Instagram hacks, and I’m sure there are many, many more on the social photo network. Looking for more? Here are 10 great geeky hacks 10 Great Geek Hacks: Repurpose Everyday Objects & Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics 10 Great Geek Hacks: Repurpose Everyday Objects & Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics If you're looking for a way to get the most out of old everyday objects that have become obsolete, like cassette tapes and CD's, or want to put everyday objects like binder clips, bread clips... Read More you should definitely get to know.

Tell us about your favourite life hacks and life hackers on Instagram. Do you think a photo/video and a short description is enough to tell you everything you need to know, or is there a better venue for such things?

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