14+ YouTube Playlists To Watch & Learn Computer Programming Quickly

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learn computer programmingFor a lot of students, summer vacation has arrived and it’s an ideal time to stretch out and relax, or alternatively, catch up in your favorite hobbies and perfect your skills. With the advent and growth of YouTube and plenty of other high-quality video-sharing websites and tools like flashcard software, learning new things visually by yourself has never been easier. Even though YouTube is used regularly to share comedic clips, it’s without a doubt, a rich pool of educational videos . You’ve seen many articles on our site listing some amazing YouTube channels to become more educated in a variety of general topics, to learn cool dance moves, even some channels for non-native speakers to learn and perfect their English, and dedicated channels for Linux enthusiasts that learn about Linux news and issues.

Since it never hurts to learn something new, especially a skill set like computer programming in different languages, we will go over some of the best channels that will introduce you to the world of programming. Let’s look at which channels made the cut.


thenewboston is a truly great channel with an immense collection of programming tutorials. The official website contains a list of all the tutorials made so far, which are well into the thousands (about 1500 videos as of this writing). Not only does it have tutorials for various programming languages, but it also has videos on building computers, tutorials for software like Dreamweaver and After Effects, as well as 3D-modeling software. The website now also has plans to present tutorials for a variety of other topics, like Math and Biology. Since all these tutorials are free, thenewboston is probably the greatest source of video tutorials for people interested in beginning programming languages. Bucky, the instructor behind most of the videos, explains concepts like a peer, so his tutorials are definitely very easy to follow and catch up to.

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To jump into thenewboston’s tutorials for different computer programming languages, check out:

So you can get a taste of thenewboston’s teaching style, here’s a video from this Java series where Bucky explains polymorphism:

thenewboston also has a number of tutorials for different Adobe Products:

There’s a an impressive number of additional topics that thenewboston has covered already. You can check out all his videos sorted by series at the official website’s Tutorials page here.

Xoaxdotnet (For C++ Tutorials)

Xoaxdotnet has a variety of tutorials (almost 200 videos) on literature, Algebra, and even neural networks and more general Computer Science concepts (such as sorting and searching algorithms, as well as big O notation), but for the most part, this channel has focused on and produced lots of C++ tutorials:

Here’s the first video of this series:

Those are probably the most distinctive ones, but be sure to check out the complete list of videos he has produced, sorted by topic here.

phpacademy (For PHP Tutorials)

Like the channel name suggests, phpacademy focuses on teaching PHP, and some MySQL. With over 200 videos, phpacademy is one of the most subscribed guru channels of the United Kingdom so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re interested in creating more dynamic websites.

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Thanks for that. I never knew about xoax.net. 


Dom Chester

I have been following The New Boston’s tutorials for ages and I must say they are great.
If you are interested in leraning PHP I watch, along with PHPAcademy, BetterPHP (www.youtube.com/betterphp) both of which are great.
Dom Chester

Jessica Cam W.

Thanks for the suggestion! BetterPHP looks pretty neat. 

By the way, the URL has a parenthesis at the end so for anyone who’s going to click it, just remove it from the end of the URL, or click this link.


James Bruce

I would add that during the videos, you really need to pause and try the code out for yourself, even the stupid stuff that you think you dont need to practice. watching videos alone is no substitute for physical and mental repetition. Use the videos as you would a teacher, but always set yourself the assignments. 

Jessica Cam W.

That’s absolutely true.

Julius Leachman III

Indeed! Hands on practice is ALWAYS the best experience…


Ben Davolls

Our channel is pretty useful if I do say so myself, if you are interested in learning about bada, Samsung’s smartphone OS – http://www.youtube.com/badadevelopers

We try to cover everything from UI design to Augmented Reality! 

(great article btw)



Jessica Cam W.

That’s a nice channel! Thanks for the input!


Rahul Deshmukhpatil

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQM4kpUxUPk for ruby . I dont know whether it is good to learn or not but yes it covers basics in well manne

Jessica Cam W.

Thanks for the tip! 

Another good resource (though not in video format) for learning Ruby is TryRuby.


Mladen Uzelac

Let’s play TDD is also a great tutorial on YT



I want to learn Assembly 8086 programming language. It would be nice to know any tutorial on that. :|



if you don’t receive a suggestion here, you can also ask whether anyone knows good tutorials for Assembly 8086 on MakeUseOf Answers.


Thanks Jessica. That looks like a good playlist. :)
Btw, for the record, I also found another playlist, its for beginners: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=24A96ADA54E75109


Jessica Cam W.

I didn’t know about his other channel. Thanks!

Tony Cerda

You’re welcome ;-)

Jessica Cam W.

Bucky is hilarious in that channel!

Tony Cerda

I’m glad you liked it. He is hilarious!


Parag Shah

for listing all these wonderful programming and technology resources. I
have used several online resources to learn and teach programming. I
think it is great way to learn, because you can learn at your own pace
and at a suitable time.

Recently I started an online community where people can learn many
computer science topics online within a supportive community.

The website is hosted at http://diycomputerscience.com



What I really miss is a playlist for .NET/WPF/WCF/Silverlight tutorials. Anyone has ever seen a good one ?

Jessica Cam W.

Lynda.com’s Youtube channel has some Silverlight tutorials. Just search for that term in the search box in the Uploads tab.


Ă–yku Erten

nice list thanks you we need more php tuts



Nice information, any android programming tutorial link?

Jessica Cam W.

I’m pretty sure Android apps are made in Java so you’re good to start with the Java tutorials above. I’ve also found edu4java to be a good channel for Android programming tutorials.


Solapurkar Tejas

I think  tutorials should be improvise to make good understandability to new commer’s.



Really help full video. thank u sooo much..



suggestion for ASP.Net



thanks for sharing your idea……

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