5 Tracking Apps to Help You Out in 2008

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Five highly-automated online services to help you out with your daily life and new year resolutions. Nothing complicated or time-consuming, only apps that truly deliver.


Mint – Get control of your budget and finances with minimal effort. Mint is a fully-automated, all-in-one online personal finance tracker.

Mint - Personal Finance Tracker

Here are some of the things that Mint can do without your intervention:

  • Track and organize your spendings by category (utilities, grocery shopping, entertainment, etc.).
  • Alert you about the account payment due dates.
  • Analyze your credit card and bank accounts and tell you if there are any better (more rewarding) alternatives.

It’s also quite secure. You can read a detailed Mint review here.


Spokeo – One tool to keep track of all your friends from over 30 major networks. No matter whether they are on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr or Myspace, Spokeo will find and monitor their profiles for you. As soon as there is something new on their accounts you will see it.

Again, Spokeo is fully automatic and takes about a minute to setup. More on Spokeo.

Spokeo - Keep Track of your friends


RescueTime – Ever wonder how do you spend your PC time? How much time do you spend checking your email account, socializin’ on Facebook, watching movies, etc.? RescueTime can help you find it out. Once installed, it tracks all running programs and logs all visited websites, and afterwards presents that information in an easy-to-digest graphs. Available both for Mac and Windows PCs.

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RescueTime - Track your Time


43Things – It’s a new year, so probably you made some resolutions and set a number of new goals. Regardless of how big or small your goals are, 43things can make it easier to get there. It’s a very active online community where you can set, track and share your goals. For instance, if you set your mind to pay off your credit card debt by the end of the year, 43things will not only connect you with other folks who plan to do the same but also with people who did it. It’s simple, fun, and most importantly it works.

43Things- Track your Goals

On the other hand, if you need something less social than check out our jumbo comparison of To-Do managers.


iRateMyDay – Find out how happy you are and measure overall well-being by rating your days for a certain period of time. Just select most suitable mood face for the day (from Great to Worst) and add an optional comment. Do it for a couple of month and you’ll be able to see how many days on average you felt great, terrible, indifferent and so on.

By looking at points that are well below or above the average you can also get a summary of ups and downs of the month. What went wrong? What was great? and What can I possibly change to improve it?

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Syahid A.

RescueTime is awesome. I am a fan. Others should try it too!


Caleb White

Spokeo freaks me out. I don’t think I want to use my regular email address to log in to social networking sites anymore!

Linda Martin-Peoples

LOL Caleb! After playing around with Spokeo for a few minutes, I have to admit it
sort of freaks me out, too! It pulled up a Bratz game that a friend of mine ordered
from Amazon one or two Christmases ago! Weird, don’t you think?…..(kinda scary!)

Caleb White

Yeah, I found out all the books and movies my friends have ordered in the last five years without even trying. Nothing weird came up, but imagine if something did…

“So, Tommy, about that DVD you ordered on Amazon last February…how’s that been treatin’ ya?”



Just tried Spokeo. It’s amazing, and it’s probably going to be a 2008 hit.



Spokeo is a nice idea with poor execution. I tried it several times and it just doesn’t seem to work properly.
I use 8hands for my social management, and it’s much better- not only it has better features (IM with friends and live notifications) but they actually work.


I don’t know I like Spokeo with it’s current feature set. All I need is a simple and highly-automated friends tracking utility and Spokeo is just that, nothing extra.


Ray R.

I tried both Mint, Spokeo, and 43things earlier, and I love them!

Spokeo works perfectly for me, and they found all my friends within minutes. I would say it’s not only a nice idea, but also very good execution.


I tried both Mint, Spokeo, and 43things earlier, and I love them! – Good choice!

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