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Sound Sunday presents an edition full of original soundtracks. Free music from films and video games, including rock, ambient, 8-bit, dubstep, and classical music. It’s the soundtrack for your week!

How did you like this edition? Please share your thoughts or ideas! I’m listening @TinaSieber on Twitter or email to Tina @ this domain.

What Is A Soundtrack?

A soundtrack is the music composed for a TV program, short film, movie, video game, and sometimes even a book. The term originates from a time when the different parts of a movie — the dialogue, sound effects, and music — were recorded on separate tracks, which were later mixed together to produce the composite track. A soundtrack can fall into any or even multiple music genres and doesn’t constitute its own genre; it’s a more general music category. Soundtracks do, however, tend to be instrumental.

Single: A Shell in the Pit – I Used to be a Planet (w/ Mitch Vinet)

Genre: electronic, folk, progressive, rock

Lots of great material on his Bandcamp page. Check it out!


Awake! Awake! – Pop Rocket

Genre: alternative, pop, rock

Pop Rocket is the soundtrack for a science fiction series of the same name.

You can watch further episodes on Olan Rogers’s YouTube page.

Dexter Britain – Light of Life

Genre: electronic, ambient, contemporary, classical

Check out our recent interview with Dexter: You’ve Heard This Man’s Music Before, You Just Don’t Know It You've Heard This Man's Music Before, You Just Don't Know It: Interviewing Dexter Britain You've Heard This Man's Music Before, You Just Don't Know It: Interviewing Dexter Britain Soundtrack composer and multi-disciplined creative director. Read an interesting interview and meet the the man behind the music you might have listened to, but just didn't know. Read More

Austin Wintory – Majid

Genre: electronic, orchestral, chamber music, film music, video game music

The composer writes: “It was a wonderful experience writing music for Nassim Abassi’s film MAJID. The story concerns two young boys on a quest across Morocco, and so my goal was to be the voice of charm and innocence in their otherwise gritty and difficult journey.”

100% of the proceeds of this album will go to support Austin’s non-profit, Education Through Music – Los Angeles (!

Theophany – Time’s End: Majora’s Mask Remixed

Genre: electronic, ambient

Download the album for free via one of the sources listed on the Bandcamp album page.

anosou & C418 – Catacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack

Genre: electronic, ambient, drum & bass, idm, dubstep

C418 is the independent musician behind the Minecraft OST. The Catacomb Snatch OST was created for the Mojam of March 2012.

Jason Koohi – Heaven Variant

Genre: electronic, retro, arcade, chiptune, 16-bit

From the album page: “Heaven Variant is an unreleased indie shoot ’em up video game that had a wealth of music left behind. The album now functions as a tribute to the “shmup” scene of yesteryear, fully embracing the classic shoot ’em up sound popular from the 1990s. The music combines many genres including rock, metal, funk, orchestral, electronica, chiptune, and pop all of which blend into an unapologetic retro homage to the golden age of Japanese shoot ’em ups.”

100% free downloads of this album are available via the game’s page on Zanrai Interactive, an independent game studio based in Dallas, Texas.

Emile van Krieken – The Aether

Genre: electronic, ambient, game music, new age, orechstral

Emile is a 17 year old Dutch composer and producer or melodic and electronic music. He is best known for his work on the Aether soundtrack. Aether is a mod for Minecraft.

Disasterpeace – 360º Sharks

Genre: synth, chiptune, 8-bit

From the album page: “Explore and hunt the living ocean through the eyes of a shark! MY3D 360° SHARKS immerses you in an underwater shark adventure. Choose your shark and then roam underwater, exploring and hunting for new species of prey. Search for treasure, shipwrecks and other surprises, and learn about the species around you. You can even break the surface to see the upper world. With six unique environments, there is always a new adventure!”

Jake Kaufman – Mighty Switch Force OST

Genre: electro, house, funk, game music, chiptunes

From the album page: “The complete funky-fresh musical score from the brand new action-puzzle masterpiece from WayForward, Mighty Switch Force, now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop! (…) All proceeds go toward SHINY NEW GEAR for the WayForward music studio, so you can directly pitch in to help us put better-sounding music into each new game.”

Blaz1222 – Cat Girl Without Salad! OST

Genre: electronic, jazz-funk, beat box, dubstep, chiptunes, video game music

From the album page: “April 1st marked the announcement of Wayforward’s “Cat Girl Without Salad.” Suspicious, right? To save you the trouble, the game was deemed, “Non-existent” which was a catastrophe (get it?) for many fans who had high hopes for such a title. (…) Mark Soto A.K.A Blaz1222 has taken the liberty into entertaining and inspiring his fans even more. By producing a soundtrack out of thin air, Blaz has managed to take a non-existent idea, and breath life into it with catchy rhythms, funky beats and mesmerizing and even bizarre melodies, all of which you will find within this original and unofficial soundtrack!”

flashygoodness – A Cake for Cherry OST

Genre: electronic, chiptune, 8-bit, orechstral

From the album page: “This is the soundtrack of A Cake For Cherry, a short animated film directed by Betty Kwong. Follow our protagonist Bendi through the busy streets of Vancouver as he struggles to deliver a cake for his date before it’s too late!”

A Cake for Cherry from Betty Kwong on Vimeo.

zircon – Free ReMix Collection

Genre: electronic, progressive, breakbeat, trance, video game, remix

From the album page: “This includes every video game ReMix I’ve created to date, going back to 2004! Many of these are collaborations as well (check the parenthesis for details).”

Final Question

When you do download an album, where do you listen to it? Do you store it on your hard drive, load it to an mp3 player, carry it on your iPod or smartphone, or do you burn a disc? I’m curious to hear what you do with free music downloads from Sound Sunday!

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  1. Prith
    October 15, 2013 at 10:36 am

    nice share tina pina
    i like zircon – Free ReMix Collection

  2. Pratyush R
    October 14, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Light of Life !! wow!

  3. Kevin
    October 14, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    I put the music on my hard drive which gets indexed by the house system. I will also drop stuff onto my phone for walking.

  4. Robert
    October 13, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I love MakeUseOf and the Sunday Sounds! They are a great way to hear new music. I typically load them on my phone to listen to at work. Great music on a website full of great articles.