13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBay

Looking for a place to find some good deals or bargain discounts while shopping online for electronics, clothing, accessories, etc? Well, there are a good number of sites out there other than Fatwallet, which everyone in the world knows about. I’m going to list as many really good deal-finding shopping sites that I can, so check them out and see what you think!

dealighted   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayA very cool site that’s a mashup of deals from other sites like Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Gottadeal and lots more. Mostly tech-related stuff, but there are other things also.
paaswird   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayA site created by a University of California student that lists out a bunch of great deals on everything from tech to shoes daily. This site is very simple and is addicting.
bens bargains   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayThe nice thing about this site (and others) is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed to quickly find deals. Also, pictures of the items are included in the feed. This site also gives you info on rebates and coupons in addition to just deals.
dealdump   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayDealDump is an aggregate of multiple deal sites, covering everything from Woot.com to DealOverFlow. There are a lot of sites on here I had never even heard of before, so you might find something good here.
deal news   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayFind the hottest deals on gadgets, computers, electronics, cameras, and lots more. The cool thing about this site is that you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the specific item you’re looking for.
dealsplus   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayTakes the same concept of Digg.com and does it for deals. Users vote for the best deals and the ones with the most votes get on to the front page. Also once you join you can enter to win free stuff, etc.
tech deals net   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayAs you can probably tell from the name of the site, Techdeals.net is all about tech stuff likes games, MP3 players, digital cameras, computers and more. It’s updated daily and has a good number of items.
cybuys deals   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayAn online service that helps shoppers find coupons and hot deals for tons of online stores. It has a very clean interface and is one of the best sites for just finding coupons! Definitely check it out.
jellyfish deals   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayNot your normal deal-finding site! This site is basically a social shopping deals site, complete with a game show host and a good number of great products. You’ll have to check it out yourself to find out.
deal item bargains   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBay DealItem is another deal site for mostly tech stuff. It works best when you’re searching for something by model # or by make and features. If you know what you’re looking for, check out DealItem.
dealigg   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayA social bargain hunting site that changes frequently during the day, so you’re looking at new stuff all the time. Again, its based on a peer voting system that brings the best deals to the front page.
slickdeals   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBaySlickDeals is one of the better known deal sites and includes everything from tech gadgets to men’s shirts. They also have over 800 coupons that you can use at your favorite stores. Very clean interface and easy to use web site.
gotta deal   13 Bargain Websites That are Cheaper than eBayFinally, GottaDeal.com is very popular site for finding deals and coupons online. Has a bunch of categories and brings in deals from many of the major retailers such as Apple, AT&T, and CompUSA.

So that’s about 13 deal sites that I could think of that have gained some popularity over the last couple of years. If you know of more that you think are good or better, go ahead and post it in the comments! Enjoy!

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I’ve been on the look out for similar UK/European bargain sites but so far have only found iBood and Hot UK Deals.

Anybody found any other useful sites?


If you’re in the UK market be sure to keep an eye on http://www.bargainspy.co.uk which aggregates most (if not all!) the UK bargain forums where the very latest deals are posted.

It gets around having to wait for a site admin to post / authorise deals, and cuts out all the affiliate banner advertising.


I love http://www.dealio.com it makes my life easy by putting everything in one spot for me. With it, I can search websites, eBay, community deals to coupons and more all listed on one page. How often can you buy something online in under five minutes and still feel like you got the best deal? I know I can and it is thanks to Dealio.


You should check out cafedeal.com.


try http://www.boffer.co.uk. Boffer is a site that sells bankrupt consumer electronics products on a deal a day basis.


Hi! Ive recently come across a site for the UK mylocalbargains.com whihc may be a good one to check out, anybody seen any more out there??

Brad Marstick

DealTaker.com is great!

Ken Smith

I found one recently called FreshBargains.net. I used to frequent a lot of the sites mentioned above searching for deals. Not anymore! I just search using FreshBargains.

I love this site!


Specifically for gaming is gamingdealz.com

Nick B.

Hey, have you guys ever seen AtomicDeals.com? Some pretty cool stuff on there, at a pretty good price!

Mike Panic

I’ve found really good deals on http://www.ilikecheapstuff.com.


http://www.woot.com- A new deal every day (today’s is a $80 zune)


Don’t forget http://www.redflagdeals.com for Canadian deals!


gamingdealz.com specializes in games


These aren’t auction sites though… ?


I like http://www.mrcheapstuff.com. Quality over quantity.


Ken —

Wow. I’m wondering why I haven’t heard of FreshBargains before; I had been looking for alert notification across all deals sites for a while. The only one I found so far charges $ for it.

Thanks for sharing.
– j


Looking for deals on house dresses, my wife likes to wear those, plus size preferred. If you see any deals on them, please post it. Thanks


I’d have to say that Boddit is the best. It combines many of these sites and more.


Hi – does boddit have alerts too? Can’t seem to find it on their website… tnx.


Not entirely true. It depends on what you’re looking for. Currently found that eBay is cheaper than all 13 sites for Samsung 204B (non-widescreen).


I use a deal crawler at http://www.focusdeals.com. It problaby has the most deals compared to the one you listed.




Not so good for Europeans though.


Great site for video game deals – Gamerdeals.net


Don’t forget

http://www.AddictiveCoupons.com and
http://www.Boupons.com (Bargain + coupons)

coming to the browser near you in Nov. 07


There are many sites similar to woot, here’s a site that shows you what each one has every day:



You might be interested in a more detailed list of such sites on an Australian forum.

A popular bargain site in Australia is http://www.topbargains.com.au/



My favorite website for deals and bargain discounts is jangle.net. Shoppers can sort amazon products by price, popularity, discount amount, user rating and more.



What no mention of http://www.retailmenot.com ?


Cool, very useful post, thanks a lot.


You missed http://www.lootpig.com
even get points for siging in every day for discounts etc.


http://www.gotapex.com – great deals, and a great community!


This article featured Slickdeals.net as one of the main savings sites, But for the Real Deals combined with awesome community driven submitted savings void of the popularity contest, Fatwallet.com is the way to go. Fatwallet is clean and un-overloaded of animated pics, artsy avatars, billion of animated smileys like slickdeals. If a user is looking for sensational savings, they don’t need the image hoopla similar to MySpace. Fatwallet.com is where seasoned bargain hunters go. At Fatwallet.com all you do is “Pocket the Difference”!


I created my very own bargain site which grabs the latest deals from slickdeals.net, techbargains.com, fatwallet.com, and stealdeals.net.

Let me kmow what you guys think! Thanks.



There is another deal site (http://deals.hardkap.com) that pulls deals from deals2buy.com, edealinfo.com, xpbargains.com, dealnews.com (claims that more sites will soon be added).
The cool feature of this site is that it enables “EXTREMELY FAST SEARCH”. The search completes when you end typing. :)


I just go to SearchAllDeals.com


StealDeals.net is my favorite.



Wow – I am amazed at how many bargain sites there are! Many good sites have been mentioned, and I also like Coupon Heaven.


Wow I have shopped through all these sites plus CouponAlbum site (http://www.couponalbum.com). Its a wonderful coupons site.


How about fatwallet.com


Too bad Bountii wasn’t listed on TechCrunch sooner or else they’d be on this list… For electronics bargain hunting, I always luck out with them – http://www.bountii.com


MyCoupons.com ROCKS!

John Paul

I usually check out http://www.dealfilter.com for some pretty sweet deals.

They do Canada US and everyone else.


I’m a total bargain hunter when i shop online and i’ve seen most of these sites u’ve mentioned but you’ve happened to have left out my favorite one http://www.dealplumber.com Its a social shopping site for deal savvy consumers to find save and share deals!


I recommend checking out http://www.dealscans.com

It features an automatic price scanner that checks for price changes and discounts on over 7 million items! Lots of deals that aren’t found elsewhere.


How did you miss one of the oldest deal sites around :) MyCoupons

We’ve got some great exclusives that allow you to save more money right away versus waiting for a site like FatWallet to give you a “rebate.”


http://www.fusedeals.com puts these and more all on one page to browse


What about OnlineStoreCoupon.com? They have great coupons as well as helpful shopping tips.


Looking for some advice.
I “borrowed” Aseem’s original list of 13, read the early recommendations above, did some Net searching, and then created the site listed above. Today, there are more recommendations. This is an example of distributed knowledge–no one person can have all the information.
What we need, I believe, is a way for readers to vote on the best bargain sites and also those they did not like for some reason. Given a few thousand reliable (eliminate duplicate voting) votes, the list would be more valuable. I don’t have those skills, so any suggestions?
Thanks, George


You didn’t do a good job. There many top sites that are missing here. While you are promoting some unknow and new sites that have no viewership and nothing new.
dealdump, dealigg, passwird fall into that category. Never heard of jellyfish or other like dealitem.
Gottadeal is black friday only site.


Lot of my friends visit dealitem.com constantly.


Then do a better job, ass


hi just take a look at this site Dealce.com


To find the best deals and discounts all we need is often a single url; SaleGrab.com
Sales and discounts from 300 US largest retailers.


IMHO, the best filtered list of deals and sales is at Markdown Monkey.

James Bond

Check out http://www.foojii.com …tracks all the top deal sites and the number of deals they post daily.


I’d like to share my deal site with everyone http://www.bargainburner.com

Pete Freitag

Checkout http://spendfish.com/ searches amazon’s API to find best deals, lists them, and supports rss.

Eileen Bauer

A good one is http://www.couponcowgirl.com I’ve seen some exclusive codes here.


Good information, I will bookmark this article :-)


another great deal & coupon site is http://www.dealsneaker.com


i need sites that have good food coupons, need to save money, have a
big family

Rakesh mehra

Another neat looking site DealGurus.com


I put in my vote for dealdump and slickdeals along with rather-be-shopping.com – Great coupons that always save me on my online orders.


If you live in the UK you should check this site out.


It’s social shopping site designed with a clean interface but highly addictive!


pikaba.com Social Shopping Community where you can request ANY product you want and if you are lucky get great price. I got car just for 500 USD :-).


If you really want to save money and time!. I prefer elivedeals.com. Easy to find great dealson the net.


Yeah SaleShout.com has just been released too. I think this is the best social shopping network for 2008 myself. I mean they have a simple easy to understand interface and after you register you can start postings right away. Put your affiliate link in for urls and get paid too !!


Yes these are all great sites and have added to the online shopping experience :)


Yes I agree, we need to visit multiple deals sites to get the best deals as not all sites can list all deals. One I visit regularly which I do not see listed here is UnoDeals.com.


Its so hard to compile a list of the best deal sites because they all have something unique about each of them. One that I started visiting, is SusieSays.com


Hey Honey! You should see all the $$$$ i just SAVED us!!!

That’s a lot folks! I wonder if someone could set up a site where these could be aggregated by a vote system based on % of actual savings experienced. ???


Thanks for the Unodeals.com link DanSol. It is a really cool site, worth checking out everyday – I just saved $150 on a digital camera through it.


the best website in the world for this kinda thing is dealextreme.com – its chinese based or something (but in english with dollar currency) and legitimate free delivery too ridiculously cheap gadgets and stuff


ambiedeals.com is another. Less clutter than the others listed above. You can also find some free items too.


Deal Filter is another good one. They have a good variety of deals and good commentary.


There is suppose to be a new auction website called thebidpit.com that is suppose to be a lot cheaper than ebay coming out soon. My friend said he was part of their pilot and said the website is better than ebay and is not going to charge any listing fees and only 1-3% final sale valuation fee. I tried to go to their website but its not up yet.


Another great site for online coupons is franklinsfinds.com. They have free coupons, coupon codes and deals and do not require registration.


There is a relatively new site 123bargains.com that I’ve been using which is pretty good also. They have some nice deals with good details on rebates, expirations, and also have price comparison features on a lot of the deals.

Jack Johnson

You actually forgot about KeepCash.com. They have been around forever (5-6 years?) and are one of the better hot deals and coupon sites, although not as well known.


I am a huge fan of this store called Susie’s Deals!

They carry clothes for everyone, men’s, women’s, and kids too. I always know that I can walk in to one of their stores a come out with a big bag of really cute stylish stuff for $25! Everything in the store is sold for $5.99 or less and you can even find things that are 2 for $5.99!

I have bought some really nice name brand things at this store and given them to friends and family for Christmas. People have NO idea that these nice items only cost me $5.99 each .. It’s Awesome!

I urge you to check them out, because you only have one store on your site that carries clothing and this store appeals to everyone! And they have a web site where you can also shop online or snatch an e-coupon to use at the store, and if you spend $50 the shipping is FREE which is a definite plus!

Their web site is susiesdeals.com they have store in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah too.


Hello…we are quite addicted to looking for good incredible bargains on the web. We also enjoy watching comedy and laugh and giggle as we browse our way to the best bargains we can find. Won’t you come and join us for a laugh and a bargain or two? =)



I love the site outletbabe.com !

They provide links to online outlets and sales/clearances of top name stores. They have categories such as mall store, online clothing, electronics, home decor, plus sizes, sporting goods, etc.

And the direct links make it so easy to go right to the sale sections of numerous sites!

Complex Search

Also try to do your search on http://www.half.com, and http://www.bargainist.com . Both are great deal websites.


For hot deals and bargains yearnews.com is great

Daily Steals

Hi everyone – we just launched a new deal of the day site. dailysteals.com. We’re offering great deals on technology, electronics, and cool stuff we can sell you for cheap. New deals daily!


Have you found any auction or online store sites better than Ebay?


StealDeals.net recently rebranded to it’s new home at DealStop.com. Its a kickbutt new site with some great features. As always, lots of great new deals and coupons each and every day.


chekc out the lady coupon site: ladycoupon.com
it collects many coupon that a lady may interested in.


I use Auction Alfie to search the main auction websites.


Just found an auction website which is online now for testing, and according to the auction sites staff, is almost ready to go live. This auction website can be seen at http://www.thedeadskunk.com , the fees on the deadskunk look very fair with free listing and photographs.Buy the looks of things you can list an item for almost 6 months.


My favorite deal site is the Bargain Hunter at blogs.dailynews.com/bargain. The site will help you save a buck in everyday life, from groceries to Gucci. Check it out!


i have also found a site just like ebay! i uploaded 2 items already! looks neat too! 2made.co.uk apparentley its completely free. not sure how but it is.


Good list but missing a good site http://www.dealsglobe.com/


I use this site gadgets4yourlife.com/ and so far their service has been second to none.

they carry lots of stuff from cell phones to computer gadgets and also lots of iphone stuff like cases and screen protectors.

just a heads up for you guys.


Thanks for sharing useful infomation!


Check out hotdealsdigest.com too. Combines deals from over 20 websites. The front page is made up of all the deals on 3 of the best sites.


Checkout Techotica.com (techotica.com) – for Canadian Deals on Computers and Consumer Electronics.


Checkout sodeal.net too. Latest deals and coupons updated 24×7.


Access-interactive.com or Systime.com also provides great deal.


Surprised that Techbargains.com wasn’t mentioned. Larger than most of them and have been around longer. In my opinion, you can’t get a better list of dell coupons.


With all the sites that have been listed No One should end up paying nowhere close to retail! Thank you everyone!!!!!


John Donahoe, ebay’s new CEO, has created a huge uproar with an enormous number of new detrimental policies, including forcing ebay members to use Paypal, while banning the use of paper payments, like money orders and checks. By the way, Paypal can now withhold users funds for 21-180 days at their “sole discretion” with NO RECOURSE for it’s users! There is a movement on to oust the CEO because of all of the new policies, which are killing the businesses of small sellers. Donahoe has said he wants to turn ebay into a “strip mall”. At a time in our economy, when people are desperately trying to make ends meet, ebay has RAISED sellers fees TWICE this year!

PLEASE search for this title on the internet to read the comments from ebay & Paypal users:

“Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO”

Please share this information with your friends, family and other internet users. Thank you!


AMEN on that, Ebay is a rip -off, bias, and not user friendly-now that they are rich, they do not care about the folks that made them!! Let’s find another place to do our business and let EBAY just DIE!!


Shameless plug, yes, but I suggest you take a look at mattsdeals.co.uk and pricealerter.co.uk


Checkout Techotica.com – for Canadian Deals on Computers and Consumer Electronics.


I like Dealdump. Nice list.


Definitely check out Anandtech.com’s forums, especially the Hot Deals forum.


This site offers online coupon codes, grocery coupons and freebies and is updated daily.


Richard Hartman

here’s the link for your free movie fix


Check out http://www.bargainscent.com a new site that aggregates data from many different bargain sites and you can quickly find the best deal on many items. You can sort by price as well as date.

Christine Tanner

One site you forgot to mention is http://www.bargainfinds.net

It is a fairly new site, but already has climbed the google rank, and in my opinion a great resource for the best bargain finds on the net!


Wow, there are some good sites listed by people here. One I have used lately (and it has made into a couple of news stories), is below:

I was able to get my shopping done under budget for the first time this year. It’s nice that people got expensive gifts from me and I didn’t pay as much as they think. :)


If you’re looking for new and used car parts, you can also lookup Just Parts at justparts.com. they’re a marketplace strictly for parts. They’ve got awesome customer service and low seller fees for those looking to sell their parts, plus an awesome collection of parts for sale.


For shopping in Australia, I always go with Ezy Electronics. Check them out for pretty much everything they deliver on time and their staff are really helpful! http://www.ezyelectronics.com.au


This page is an excellent resource for eBay alternatives.

Although very much in it’s infancy, having only launched on the 5th January 2009, along with a regular online store of muliple new products, TripleClicks also has a Private Seller Program for selling unwanted items on a fixed price basis

As the name suggests, at the moment this is for the private seller only but I understand a program for commercial sellers will be launched at some future date.

Anyway, do keep in mind that TripleClicks is new, but certainly worth a try. A FREE listing is available from this link: mytripleclicks.com


yea i know ebay is a rip off tycromedia.com


You can also check: http://www.coupons2grab.com/


Check out: couponpundits.com, You can post, share and use coupons right hers


I just came across this simple site called The Bargain Gnome – bargaingnome.com. It looks new, but they have some great finds.

Susan Goodwin

I recommend ebates.com Ebates – Coupons, Rebates, and Cash Back because they partner with more than 1000 different stores and brands. It’s a great way to earn money for shopping you’re planning to do already.


Andrew Marc

Nice List of bargain websites. Please also check: bargainsonbrands.com


I just found another site that is absolutely awesome of you are looking for cheap clothes. kohlsbargains.com

Ever since using that, I have been able to dress my husband for about $8 and my kids for about $4 total. They constantly scan Kohls for clearance deals and up date the site so you do have to check the site frequently. Most items they find are hidden on Kohls website and can only be found by scanning like they are doing.

Absolutely AWESOME!!


Hi Christine, just saw your comment, thought you should know there’s another site that has even more deals!!! They also have a massive community of people (women and men both even) that A) find and post the best Kohls deals, called “hidden” , and B) tell everyone how they can do it themselves. It’s so fun to get in on great deals AND hunt for them and give back!!! My family has saved thousands of $$$ over the past seven months. Here is the exact site… http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=901593


what do you all think of fovorder.com? ever heard of it? i want to find feedback before i order. sounds too good to be true


Webcouponcodes is a favorite one of mine, since you can add submit your own coupons. webcouponcodes.com


I agree with Christine. I stumbled across Kohlsbargains.com a little over a week ago…. It is a great site and very easy to navigate.


Hi Amanda, see my comment to Christine. You’re really missing out if you’re not a part of slickdeals. Here’s the link again: http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=901593 . You should say hi if you join in, it’s such a warm, welcoming group of helpful folks!


Joan, SD does not even come close to kohlsbargains. That thread is mostly a chat thread, with very few deals posted. Kohlsbargains on the other hand ONLY posts deals. Fabulous site!


Oh Crystal, I have to disagree with you there. There are over 100 hard-working deal contributors at SD as opposed to one or two people from kohlsbargains (and that’s just in the kohls section…there are thousands to hundreds of thousands of contributors site-wide). You’re right though about the SD forum being a community where everyone collaborates, but here’s the thing: It’s not a chat thread with deals. It’s a deals thread with chat, which includes life tips, advice, prayers when someone could use them and so muich more. I’ve never met such a delightful group of people that are so warm, welcoming, and selfless in finding deals for us. And unlike kohlsbargains, I can always find great items in stock on SD by checking the most recent posts. It’s great to have choices, but I have yet to see a deal on kohlsbargains.com that hasn’t already been posted on SD.


I checked out kohls bargains but was not impressed, I can find better deals myself / elsewhere or on the Kohls site direct. As far as chat, I welcome some. I felt lonely on the site, no one was there.


I usually start with Google shopping and go from there. It’s true. eBay takes too much time. And you don’t necessarily get the stuff. Many other sites have much better deals.

Chris Paul


Really great sites though few are not well known, but yes new sites should be included in list as well. you can add some good sites


A lot of discussion about this http://www.kohlsbargains.com site prompted me to check it out. Nothing like a controversy to get my interest piqued. I have to say I agree with those who say it is a good site that gets right to the bottom of things. Clean, straightforward, to the point. Will send my wife to slickdeals, she might enjoy the chitchat there (reminds me of twitter a little?). For me, I rather get the info I need, and move on.


I agree about the hubbub, only the opposite. I used to visit kohlsbargains when they first started (3-4 weeks ago). Checked out the http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=901593 site and found that the deals are showing up on slickdeals before they ever hit kohlsbargains. That probably explains why everything I click is always out of stock on kohlsbargains. I checked into the slickdeals history and those kohls threads there have been going on for over a year!

You know, you and your wife should have a shopping competition where you use kohlsbargains and your wife uses http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?t=901593!! I have a strong feeling your wife is gonna stomp you hahaha!


I just found some great coupons on slickdeals for food and retail. I also found some great deals listed on their Kohls thread with some codes to discount it further. I saw all the talk about Kohliesbargains so I took a look, while you can quickly scan the deals I went back to slickdeals. I like the idea of having everything all there – kind of like visiting a great discount mall full of deals. Yes, there is some chat, but at least I know some real people go there to get deals so it must be a good place!


I’m a huge fan of bargn


So everybody here should go to followsales.com, cos most stores’ bargains, like Kohls, mentioned here could find there easily. Items there could show as discount percent and updating date. I like its deals’ pictures rather than links or abstract description.


Thank you for the link, Jude. You’re completely right. I much prefer this to the kohliesbargain site. Between the two, this has staying power.


Another site to look at is http://www.befrugal.com.


this site is cheaper than ebay and amazon! they sell all brand name stuff. brand-name-bargains.com


Hi all! I shop online all the time and have used most sites out there, its good to find a site that only provides current discounts, for this i’d highly recommend yayvouchercodes.com/


Has anyone tried brand-name-bargains.com? They seem to have the best deals in terms of price that I have seen anywhere. I just need some feedback as to how good the company is. Anybody?


Lots of great sites to check out – but I usually find the best deals at slickdeals or fatwallet. They have everything right there for on-line, B&M, coupons, freebies, chat for all kinds of things – not just clothes!


but I still vote on followsales, fatwallet is better for getting cash back


Check out DealFollow – what makes DealFollow different is in scouring and mashing up all deal sources across the web and Twitter to find ALL the best deals and coupons from deal sites, shopping destinations such as eBay, bargain hunters, comparison price search, and more.


Another good one is dealpi.com. They put deals in easy categories and there are a lot of community features and ease of finding deals.


you could use, techdeals.net


You illuminate many websites for selling other than ebay – at least that’s what I searched Google for and ended up here. The websites you have shown are geared toward buyers looking for a bargain, and sellers who have a warehouse type inventory of average, everyday, run of the mill, if all else fails you can go to the store and buy it, stuff. Nothing unique, collectible or antique and only a smattering of weak vintage. That was ebay’s BIGGEST market and by squeezing out sellers who offer these items they squeezed out hundreds of thousands of BUYERS as well as millions of dollars in sellers fee income.
I am disappointed as hell that in looking for a unique stuff venue, your website is first in results and does not even come close to listing web sites that are NOT like ebay is now and are NOT like overstock.com – which is who ebay was trying to become and then balked at the millions in losses and the sudden realization of “why would we, ebay, want to turn away from the niche that we created and own the market on and indeed have a monopoly to become just another competitor in the world of been there done that, reinventing the wheel with no improvements thereby going from #1 in the market place to #100,900,767,021 in the market place.” Yeah that was about as stupid as it gets. Too bad, it was an incredible thing for what, 11 years or so. But that’s over now. Ebay is done for. It’s too late to make amends (not just speaking for myself – I am still hanging in there, but my 4K+ per month income from ebay has dwindled down to MAYBE $100! No one is there.


wow ! I’ve seen many advertisement like this on every site, how about logging on
Bargain Deals


I use Spoofee.com, I think it’s better than many of these.


Great List

But you for got the best one of them all Tripleclicks.com/8051555

Sophie Romm

Another good bargain shopping site that’s usually cheaper than ebay is become.com. Check it out.


Just had my coupon site completely redesigned, http://www.247coupon.com
Simple design and no “clutter”. Visitors and merchants can register as users to submit and share coupons.

Ghid de Frumusete

thanks for sharing

dealnews.com/ is my favorite


Just stumbled upon this. Two more good ones are:

LookLookBuy and TicketStumbler


Dont forget, http://www.edealinfo.com – USA , UK – http://www.edealinfo.co.uk & for Canada – http://www.edealinfoca.com – Best online Site


I didn’t even realize there were so many shopping sites! Be sure to check out become.com for deals and comparison shopping as well.


This is a very cheap website: dotcomsavings.com.


Sorry forgot to say, Deal Swipe will be selling all sorts, gadgets, electronics, sports equipment, toys games, clothes, jewellery, kitchen stuff, home stuff, garden stuff and loads more. Daily Deal Site, UK Deal Per Day coming soon!


Hi all,

Another great site to checkout is bmvclassifieds.com – It’s a Below Market Value Classified Site…enjoy!


Check out http://www.bargaincarnival.com for coupons, and easy shopping.


The Bargain Warehouse is a specialist discount store with many sale clearance bargains from leading household names (thebargainswarehouse.co.uk) Bargains


Found a killer deal on Ipods, gift cards and tons of other stuff on nitrobids.com. Check it out.

Ian Hassard

I use amerdeals.com to find the best Canadian or US deals.


Better than E-bay and all these sites…
funner too, if funner is grammatically correct :P

The only thing though is that its not fully up yet.


Another comparison shopping that is catching on lately is http://www.onewayshopping.com

main street fair

Don’t forget about http://www.mainstreetfair.com not only are they cheaper but are easy to use.


Hey, check out http://www.DealSwipe.com you will love it we promise :)

Zane Prichard

For Amazon products try this website


Its new and its good


I just purchase tons of T-shirts from this site, great!! http://www.outfitspirit.com, women section seems not finished yet, but maybe seller is under construction

Prashanth Gopalan

Love this site! Thank you guys so much!

That being said, have you guys heard of Wishabi Inc? They’re a shopping platform working out of Canada, and the great thing is that they have this kick-ass value comparison formula embedded in each deal. This way, they can compare prices from over 350 merchants from both the US and Canada, and include all hidden fees up front in the displayed price.

Go ahead, check them out. I’m sure they won’t disappoint you.

Keep up the good work.



There’s a website called http://www.getmysize.com that lets users create a body profile with their unique measurements and compare side by side with clothing posted on their site. Businesses are encouraged to post items from their site since GetMySize.com allows a URL link to be placed in the item description.


unlike most of the sites on here, http://www.pricedropblog.com has unique deals not found anywhere else


I would definitely add http://www.salecamel.com to the list. It has the same deals as the sites mentioned, plus more, and additionally you can search and filter them so its much easier to find what you are looking for.


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Please take a look on this and i am sure you will find very cheap product on our site.

Hope you will help.

Thanks & Regards


Looked at many an alternative to ebay.Found one here:
The value a seller receives on this auction website is absolutely blindingly brilliant! You can sell 3000 items per month, if I’ve read the blurb correctly, for only £20 per month with no catches that I can see.This is the store fee, so it works out at £5 a week, and even all the image uploads max of 6 are free.The site is great to look at also, none of the in-yer-face shiny sh– that you see too often nowadays , as all the others try to compete with ebay and just end up getting the look and feel all wrong.


I agree… it depends on the product. But in most cases (I think) bargain websites offer a better deal. Btw, regarding Samsung 204B, you checked for brand new, right? Or Refurbished?


Agreed. I just checked out OnlineStoreCoupon.com website, and save $30.00 and I got some free samples of products that I always wanted to try.


Jellyfish is a reverse auction site. The price starts at a normal retail price and counts down every few seconds. You don’t know how many there are, usually one, but sometimes more, anbd when the price reaches what you are comfortable paying, you buy it. Don’t wait too long because when it’s gone, it’s gone.