12Vid: Watch The Day’s Top 12 Videos

The Internet is a great source of entertainment. Countless websites share entertaining videos and their links with you. Digg, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter”¦.the list is long. You cannot visit all of these websites every day to get your daily dose of entertainment. That purpose is served remarkably well by a site called 12Vid.

12vid   12Vid: Watch The Days Top 12 Videos

12Vid is a great website with a simple purpose: to bring you the day’s best 12 videos. All you do is visit the site’s homepage and see the top 12 videos for the day. Clicking on a video thumbnail plays it within the site; videos you like can be shared on Facebook through a share button located right there on the site.

12vid1   12Vid: Watch The Days Top 12 Videos

Apart from the 12 main videos, the site also gathers countless other top videos and categorizes for your viewing. From TV commercials to science-related videos, you will find all of them on 12Vid.

12vid2   12Vid: Watch The Days Top 12 Videos

You can also view all of the top 12 videos. For this simply visit the previous entries on the homepage using links under the 12th video of the day.

12vid3   12Vid: Watch The Days Top 12 Videos


Check out 12Vid @ www.12vid.com

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