123People: Find A Person You’re Looking For

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With 123people, you can find out most of the information about a person that has been posted on the internet. Type in a name of a person you want to find and know more about, and you get results from social websites, image sites, video sites, blogs, news sites, and many more sources.

123people1   123People: Find A Person Youre Looking For

The 123People site aggregates all these different websites together to provide you with a webpage that gives as much information about someone as you will need. Great for those interested in their internet fame as well as reuniting with old friends.


  • Ability to filter returned profiles by ZIP/State and Country.
  • Get E-mail updates about a certain name.
  • Sort results by restricting information from certain search sites.
  • Includes e-mail addresses, IM, phone numbers of people you;re interested in.
  • Includes large index of names.
  • For more people search websites see Cool Identity Search Tools For Social web.

Check out 123People @ www.123people.com

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