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free musicYour typical edition of Sound Sunday lulls you in with easy to digest albums and gradually eases you into more challenging and unconventional material. This week we turn the order upside down and start close to where we left last week; with metal and hard rock. A great edition to let off some steam and then drift into calmer rock genres; with alternative, indie rock and post rock.

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You are welcome to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres I haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina @ this domain.

EP: THE DEADSTATION. – Episode 01: Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss.

Genre: progressive rock, hard rock, power metal, progressive metal

Picking up where we left last week, we are starting into this edition with a progressive metal band from Boston. From their Facebook page: “THE DEADSTATION is a finely-tuned mixture of heart-stopping vocals, progressive riffing/drumming, epic orchestral elements, and pitch-black ambiance. (…) They present their work to listeners as “episodes” from a fictional dystopian TV channel called “The Deadstation”, with each song title representing a different scene from that episode.”


Episode 01: Like Peering Into The Deepest Ocean Abyss. is a free download from Bandcamp.

EP: Tetrafusion – Horizons EP

Genre: alternative rock, progressive rock, avant-garde, metal, progressive metal, jazz

From their Bandcamp profile: “Tetrafusion is a Louisiana-based progressive metal band established in 2006. The band’s mix of complex, technical metal blended with a highly-intellectual melodic structure offers an eclectic brand of progressive rock and metal pushing the edge of contemporary music today.”

Horizons EP is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

EndAnd – Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running

Genre: alternative, rock, experimental rock, hard rock, hardcore punk, noise rock

From their Facebook page: “Disarmingly human and emotionally charged noise/garage rock from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, EndAnd have been gaining feverish word-of-mouth lately thanks to the release of the uncompromising Adventures of Fi in Space, which saw the band getting recommended by publications such as Large Hearted Boy and Those Who Dig.”

Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

EP: Totem Provoc – Selftitled

Genre: punk, rock

The members of Totem Provoc discovered each other at a cultural center in Piracicaba, Brazil. Clandestino was the space where they started to experiment and founded Totem Provoc. The band band seeks a universal sound that gives rise to a gloomy and sensual energy. Mission accomplished.

Totem Provoc is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The Dead Ends – Mind Your Head

Genre: alternative, indie, rock, emo, grunge

This three piece alternative rock band formed in 2009. With roots in Auburn, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee, they currently reside in College Park, Maryland.

Mind Your Head is a free download from Bandcamp.

Beaumont Livingston – Heavens & Fantasies

Genre: rock, desert rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

Stoner Rock straight from Italy. “Brilliant fuzzy guitar tones buzz around your head like a swarm of bees angry because you fucked with their hive. The cymbals crash and ride as the underlying rhythm spews you into the psychedelic vortex of riff-filled glory.”

Heavens & Fantasies is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Across Tundras – Electric Relics

Genre: americana, drone, rock, psychedelic rock, blues, progressive rock

From the album page: “Electric Relics is our humble offering placed at the crossroads of past, present, and future tense. Age-old energies and 3 phase electric power intersect to reveal hidden truths of bygone times, modern mysticisms, and sound the alarm for uncertain days to come. We walk through this shadowy land in search of a spark to light the fire and illuminate the depths of consciousness.”

Electric Relics is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Grey Gordon – Sleepless

Genre: indie, acoustic, folk, pop, punk, emo

From Grey’s Facebook page: “I picked up a guitar and wrote some songs. Demoed them. They weren’t bad. I’m still playing them, plus some others.”

Sleepless is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The Stormalongs – …they call me Destruction

Genre: alternative, rock, rock & roll, garage rock

From their Bandcamp profile: “The Stormalongs began like a mythical tale: they came from deep within the woods, and learned to forge their rock from pure inspiration. Years later, these talented young men convened in the urban sprawl and laid their fire down. The sound of human thunder slamming against the walls of modern life.”

.?.?.?they call me Destruction is a free download from Bandcamp.

EP: LAMBS – Selftitled

Genre: rock, rock & roll, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze

LABS is a summer psych rock band from Cambridge, Ontario. LAMBS is their remastered 2013 demo EP. From their Facebook page: “For those of you who have already downloaded, thank you for the love and support! It means so much when you go for something different and people respond to your creative vision. Download the professionally mixed and mastered version by Kevin Carafa (Recording Engineer) now. What a difference a separate set of ears can make, it definitely has a larger, warmer feel with improved clarity. (…) Thanks for sharing & thanks for listening!”

LAMBS is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

EP: The Blue Stones – Selftitled EP

Genre: alternative, blues, rock, soul, garage rock

From their Facebook page: “The Blue Stones are a blues/rock/alternative duo from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. (…) Our goal is simple: To provide accessible material to a large demographic while continuously striving to create innovative, original, and enjoyable music that we are passionate about.”

The Blue Stones EP is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Deep Elm – Sample Our Bands

Genre: alternative, indie, emo, rock, post rock, punk rock

From their Bandcamp profile: “With nearly 200 releases in its discography, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records continues to build a better label – one that operates for glory, not gold. We see our label being about people coming together, meeting, singing and sharing that experience with each other…those are the times that we remember forever. It’s about the power of music and the bands that create it. Indie ’til death…”

Sample Our Bands is a free download from Bandcamp.

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  1. macwitty
    May 13, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Across Tundras – Electric Relics was my favorite this week. Think I will buy their vinyl LP even if I then have to set up the old record player again

  2. David Moreira
    May 13, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Listened to Grey Gordon, I kind of like it! Thanks!

  3. Steve From Ferndale
    May 13, 2013 at 1:15 am

    Wow! 42 tracks on the Deep Elm sampler and 150 on their website... I got some listening to do. Not to mention the other great stuff. Thanx Tina - You're the best!