11 Free MP3 Music Albums [Sound Sunday]

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free musicSound Sunday is a weekly feature promoting free album downloads. Every Sunday we invite you to explore various genres and artists from around the world. This edition is very much on the emotional and partly on the quiet side of music.

Note that name your price albums can be downloaded for free by entering 0 in the prize field. That said, we strongly recommend you to donate a few dollars for music you enjoy!

We welcome you to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres we haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Smoothiesforme – New Beginnings

Genre: indie, acoustic, pop, rock, singer-songwriter

From her Facebook page: “I’m a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Edinburgh. My music is inspired by many different genres of music ranging from acoustic to rock to electronic. In 2010 I made it to the finals of The Forth One To Watch Award in Edinburgh and then in June 2011 I won The Burnsong Under 25 Singer/Songwriter competition. I write, play and produce all my music myself.

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New Beginnings is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

VESTA – Daylight’s Coming

Genre: alternative, indie, emo, rock

From their Facebook page: “After massive touring, sharing stages with notable bands and performing at several national festivals in their former band The Juliana Theory, Josh Fiedler, Chad Monticue, and Josh Kosker would eventually disband, so that the band members could devote time to families, college and the everyday work force.
Vesta officially started to take form out of the ashes of The Juliana Theory back in 2006. Josh Fiedler started the project as a solo outlet to release songs he had been writing and was searching for a four piece to write and complete the sound and perform live. In the fall of 2008 Josh Fiedler, Chad Monticue, and Josh Kosker were plugged into the equation and began working on music with Josh’s longtime friend Justin Niedzwecki.
Although their future is uncertain, the quartet is anxious to jump into the ring on their own terms. There are no record labels involved and no touring schedules to fulfill, just four friends writing and playing music they enjoy.

Daylight’s Coming is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Cootie Catcher – Selftitled

Genre: indie, pop, emo, rock

Cootie Catcher is the solo project of Brad Rhoades from Provo, Uath. His music is set in the same vein as the 90s emo rock, with the addition of some punk rock and pop music.

The selftitled EP Cootie Catcher is a free download from Bandcamp.

Scoundrel – Bad Advice From Shady People

Genre: electronic, bass, dance, glitch hop

From the album page: “Formulated in the crystal pyramids of Ashelantis, this release was actualized using a special engineering technique developed by Scoundrel known as “Scoundreling”. Part black magick, part booty bass, and entirely scoundrely, this process ensures that listeners are exposed to transmuted sonics both familiar and strange. Let the sweaty grit accumulate all over your body until the kitties come home!

Bad Advice From Shady People is a free download from Bandcamp.

Everymen – Two Each His Own

Genre: funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, rap

From the album page: “Mykes & Beattrix give you [teir] debut collaborative project as the duo Everymen with “Two Each His Own”. A 7-track album with a firm foot in Hip Hop with a bit of Soul, Funk and plenty of Boom Bap in the mix. Everymen is somewhat of a different vein from what either Mykes or Beattrix have done with [their] solo projects to date. Trying new approaches to the way they make music, something a bit more finger snapping but relatable. Beattrix coming with his signature boom bap funky hip hop heaviness, and Mykes dropping some intricate everyman tales and fables….You know its sure to be a special union of styles.

Two Each His Own is a free download from Bandcamp.

Super Beats – The Other Half

Genre: experimental, rhythm’n’blues, soul, hip hop

Super Beats, also known as Super B, is a producer and songwriter from Nottingham, UK. Born as Sheridan Bennett, he grew up with passion and love for music, leading him to join the school choir and play various instruments. He soon began using Music Maker and a PlayStation to make beats, which was the foundation of his career in creating music.

The Other Half is a free download from Bandcamp.

Chris Lylez – Me. You. & my iPhone

Genre: gospel, pop, rock, rhythm’n’blues, hip hop

From the album page: “Chris Lylez is a pre-destined forthcoming music artist, model, musician and actor. Chris is preparing to launch a full-force career in the music industry. He has worked with various artist such as Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Jazmine Sullivan, Flo’ Rida, Dorinda Clark-Cole and others.

Me. You. & my iPhone is a free download from Bandcamp.

Kia Bennett – Duet of Daffodils

Genre: electronica, rhythm’n’blues, neo, soul, nu-jazz, funk

From the album page: “I want you to feel high without the feeling of a superficial one. Through my music, I want to create and redefine an atmosphere of love and beauty in all forms and on all levels, embracing you as you embark upon a new but classic feeling. It’s all about the beauty of elevation. My music is universal and for all seasons. You can make love, clean the house, cook, dance, entertain, drive, sleep, relax, get motivated, be vulnerable, and even get lost in it! The gimmick here… is to not have one. Just be true, be able to relate, and know that there is someone out there who feels the way you do.

Duet of Daffodils is a free download from Bandcamp.

Broke For Free – Layers

Genre: instrumental, electronic, chillwave, midtempo, glitch, trip hop, glitch hop

Broke For Free is the solo project of Tom Cascino from Santa Cruz, California. On the album page he writes: “Layers is a midtempo chillwave album with heavy hip hop influences
Kick back and enjoy the free beats!

Layers is a free download from Bandcamp.

Glowbug – Mr. Plastic

Genre: experimental, ambient, electronic, dance

From the album page: “As a sign of my love and appreciation for those who care to support the music that I make, this album is available to for absolutely nothing. Enjoy it, share it, burn it. Give it to whomever you want and hopefully they will like it as well. In the meantime, if you really must pay me for this record I would love for you to chose one of the fine charities below [see album page for details and links] and donate a little something. Pick something close to your heart and send the 10$ or so that you would spend on my album over [their] way. Or don’t, the choice is yours. Enjoy the record and thanks for listening.

Mr. Plastic is a free download from Bandcamp.

Two Quiet Suns – Kepler Mission

Genre: ambient, electronic, bass, breaks, idm, beats

From the album page: “Lovingly recorded using many synths owned and borrowed. Recorded to multitrack tape and mastered to two track tape. Inspired by a film that never was, a journey to the edge of our solar system to install a telescope, with which to better see the Universe.

Kepler Mission is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material, suggestions, and feedback or simply add your comments below.

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