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Sound Sunday is a weekly column featuring legal free music downloads since 2010.

This week we’ll tune in to the incredibly diverse field of ambient electronic beat music. From chillout and chillwave to dubstep and trip hop, jazz, instrumental hip hop, and elements of funk and soul, this genre unites many musical impulses and we cover a significant area of its soundscape below.

Would you like to see something radically different next week? Point me into the right direction by sharing your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, message me @TinaSieber, or send an email to Tina @ this domain.

EP: Claviq – Chill EP

Genre: experimental, downtempo, beats, chillout

Claviq Valetudinarian is a young producer from the Czech Republic’s capital city Prague.


EP: DXEyes – Antimidi EP

Genre: ambient, electro, house, dubstep, glitch

From his Bandcamp profile: “I started out as a MIDI composer, so that explains half the sounds. At some point I discovered the analog synthesizer, and that’s the other half.”

mdusu – Des Chansons Sur Les Filles

Genre: electronic, beats, future beats, glitch-hop

From his Facebook page: “First tings first – it’s pronounced muh-DOO-soo, & it’s spelled M-D-U-S-U (probs easier to just call me Duse, or MD). I’m an MC/producer from Hobart, with occasion sojourns up to the Gold Coast.”

EP: Somepling – Finally Lost

Genre: instrumental, electro, beats, jazz

From the album page: “Consider this short album as an experiment. After the two ‘self-released’ vinyl projects i did this year, i wanted to escape… Just try new things, work freely without restrictions. I truly think the MPC sampler is ‘Only Built For Escaping’. It’s not about the trip or the destination, it’s about getting lost…
‘Finally Lost’.”

Space Heathens – The Jorge Novoa Tape

Genre: ambient, beats, instrumental, hip hop

Space Heathens are refugees from outer space. After accidentally destroying their home planet, they brought their cosmic hip-hop jams to Earth.

Tymekz – d g a f

Genre: ambient, electronic, beats, downtempo, bass, glitch, industrial, jazz, triphop

From the album page: “My sole goal when writing and recording a song is to catch a unique vibe with dynamics and tension. I worked hard on this album to catch as visceral a performance one can working alone using software and controllers.
As usual, I approached the songs with instinct and openness as opposed to any academic methods beyond a lot of experimentation and listening. I added vocals into the fray and was happily surprised by how they made my usual abstract beats sound more punk, indie and industrial. I approached the vocals in an old school jazz way where I often used the first take and did no more than 2 or 3 total.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the album and appreciate you sharing it with others who might dig the tymekz sound.”

Daniel Scenery – Just Landed

Genre: experimental, instrumental, beat tape, hip hop

From the album page: “My debut beat tape! I started making beats in July 2012 and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come until now.”

NoNDescript – NoNDescription

Genre: indie, instrumental, hip hop

NoNDescript is one half of the production duo JMProductions based in Newport News, Virginia. NoNDescription is his solo instrumental album.

All These Fingers – Grinners

Genre: electronic, beats, lo-fi- jazz, soul, funk, instrumental, hip hop

From the album page: “GRINNERS is a new collection of lo-fi beats by ATF. Compiled over the course of 2013, these tracks were hand picked for one another, chasing the all-encompassing fuzzy feel. That frown doesn’t suit you well.”

EP: DEUS X – Dream Emulator

Genre: experimental, beats, chillout, chillwave, triphop

DEUS X is the moniker of Nick D’Andrea, an electronic music composer from Coral Springs.

Sc4mmer – Post-Apocalyptic Synthesis

Genre: ambient, electronic, beats, instrumental, chillwave, dark ambient

Final Question

Once more, any thoughts regarding a potential Sound Sunday podcast? Good idea, bad idea, gotta try it first? Do you listen to podcasts at all? Let’s hear!

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