11 Fascinating Android Live Wallpapers to Animate Your Home Screen

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android live wallpapersWallpapers are an expression of yourself. Whether it’s the wallpaper on your physical wall at home or your desktop wallpaper, it reveals a little bit about yourself. Or at least it shows you are not boring.

Personally, I love to switch my digital wallpapers often as I quickly get bored. Recently, I discovered live wallpapers for Google Android and have been playing around with them. In this article I will share with you the 11 most useful, beautiful, and cool wallpapers I have come across during my explorations.


Bubbleator actually is more like an app that runs as a live wallpaper. You can stream content from Facebook, Twitter, your calendar and other sources across your home screen. You can remove items you have seen from the stream or scroll back and forth to view what you are most interested in.

android live wallpapers

The default wallpaper is pretty plain, but you can replace it with any image from your gallery.

aniPet Aquarium

Aquarium live wallpapers have a strange appeal and this one is an especially fascinating one. This free version is limited to two fish an no settings. However, you get a two day trial of all features offered in the full version.

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free android wallpapers

In the paid version you can add up to 15 fish from 142 different species to your tank, adjust the fish growth speed, change the background image, make the fish react to touch, feed them, and let them die without food, although that one is a bit of a pointless detail. What’s more interesting is that mature fish can have offspring and the background moves when you switch from one screen to the next.


If you think aquariums are boring and would rather see some more interesting pets populate your tablet, try SwampWater. It will let little worms, bacteria, and various other microscopic organisms float, crawl, and creep across your screen. Your female friends will love it, provided they are not biologists because then they will really love it! You can change the color of the wallpaper to suit your preferences.

free android wallpapers


With Photile you can turn any of your pictures into a grid of tiles that float, fade, slide, and react to your touch.

free android wallpapers

The PRO version unlocks different tile shapes and you can save your themes.

We have also featured Photile in the MakeUseOf Directory.

Light Grid

This live wallpaper is highly customizable, although the free version is very limited. You can change the color, speed, and touch-reaction of the tiles.

android phone wallpapers

To change the shape of the tiles, add advanced animations, and save your various themes, you have to invest into the PRO version.

Rays of Light

Rays of light in all the colors of the rainbow beam across your screen with this live wallpaper. A simple but stylish background choice.

android phone wallpapers


Lightning flashing up between passing dark clouds and heavy rain is what this live wallpaper will give you.

android phone wallpapers

There is a paid version called Thunderstorm Donation, which gives you access to settings, such as ambient light color, wind speed, bolt frequency, and more.


Nightfall is a very beautiful and serene live wallpaper of a nightly garden scene with trees, bushes, a picket fence, and a swing at night time with the sky, stars, and the moon passing by in the background.

free android wallpapers

In the full version you can control the stars and moon in the background, as well as the silhouette in the foreground.


The starlight vista and the floating clouds in this live wallpaper were hand painted by Anne Paetzke.

free android wallpapers

The full version features shooting stars, twinkling stars in the background, and full control over cloud layer and background animations.

Blue Skies

The free version of this live wallpaper uses OpenGL to send you on a home screen journey above the clouds.

blue sky and clouds

Celtic Garden

This enchanting little Celtic garden scene features a fountain sitting in a beam of light, surrounded by mushrooms and with a wall of shamrocks in the back.

android live wallpapers

The full HD version of this live wallpaper comes with interactive fireflies, day and night settings, more flowers, and pixies.

If you cannot make up your mind and need a way to switch between wallpapers, try these 3 Great Apps That Will Change Your Smartphone’s Wallpaper on your Android device.

What is your favorite Android live wallpaper and do you prefer interactive ones over simply animated background images?

Image credits: Michal Bednarek

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